Pelosi’s Unapologetic Left

“Historians of the future will have a hard time figuring out how so many organized groups of strident jackasses succeeded in leading us around by the nose and morally intimidating the majority into silence.” Dr. Thomas Sowell

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in her usual sententious manner, is digging a real hole for herself, and specifically, for the Jewish members of the Congress, who are digging their own. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) said that thinking about the Holocaust gave her “kind of a calming feeling” and that she “loves the fact” that her “Palestinian ancestors” were part of an attempt “to create a safe haven for Jews” after the Holocaust. Six hundred rockets is a “Safe Haven!” This goes hand in hand with the Muslim cleric who gave the opening “peaceful” prayer during a session of the House, yet spews anti-Semitic and anti-Israel words of hatred. Not one word of condemnation from any Democratic Jewish member of the Congress. For example, Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) didn’t said one word. Senator Chuckles Schumer (D-NY) didn’t open his mouth. The left is more interested in Presidential harassment, covering for Hillary Clinton and pushing the ridiculous idea of impeachment, as the door for open anti-Semitism was kicked open during the Obama administration.

During World War II, Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, which is prestate Palestine, opposed all immigration of Jews into Palestine. He campaigned against the transfer of Jewish refugees to Palestine. He also reportedly worked with the Nazis to prevent the establishment of a Jewish homeland. After the war ended, the Palestinian-Arab residents revolted against the British, which led to restrictions on Jewish immigration to British Mandate Palestine. This obviously deprived Jews of a “safe haven” the Minnesota representative so proudly speaks of. Apparently Tlaib, like an overwhelming majority of Democrats, fail to research or acknowledge the history of events they state are important to them. What a shock!!

I have to say that Pelosi is a real piece of work as she is continually pushing back against the orthodox, extremist progressive left in the House. She is willing to say and do anything to placate the members of the Democratic Obstructionist National Socialist People’s Party in order to hold onto her position of power, no matter how bizarre and nonsensical those positions, stances, criticisms and words that dribble from her mouth portend to be. And this is without mentioning Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who not only supports the two unprepossessing Muslim anti-Semites, but would, in fact, require her own rather large blog entry to describe her brainless and objectionably aggressive anti-American exceptionalist beliefs. As a case in point, Ocasio-Cortez recently proposed that the IRS do peoples’ tax returns in order to save time. SAVE TIME? She would once again be killing jobs in the private sector as thousands of accountants and tax specialist companies, H&R Block for example, would not be needed. Sounds like the Amazon fiasco, more big government, and more of a move towards socialism.

Moreover, Pelosi has denounced GOP criticism of the anti-Semite Tlaib, who drew backlash over her comments about the creation of Israel. Pelosi joined Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md), who called on Republicans to apologize.

By the way, it’s not too difficult to figure out how, why and whom is responsible for Omar getting elected. During the Obama administration, thousands of Somalis immigrated to the United States, will 12% relocated to Omar’s congressional district in Michigan. Also, don’t forget that she condoned the terror attacks on September 11th, by referring to the terrorists as “some people.”

In Brooklyn, Hasidic Jews were viciously, violently attacked on the streets in Williamsburg and Boro Park. Recently, there were two such violent acts, plus a couple of verbal incidents, including one in which a traffic officer reportedly called a driver a “stupid Jew.”

To that end, many elected officials, especially Jewish members of the Congress, rarely speak up, if at all, to condemn these acts of violence against Jewish people. They may register mild disapproval, but there is no one sounding the alarm about rising anti-Semitism, mainly targeting the Orthodox community in its own sections in New York City.

Again, with the aforementioned increase in Anti-Semitism, and with violence targeting Jewish people, buildings and neighborhoods, the orthodox, unhinged, extremists of far left have ignored the obvious rise of anti-Semitism within the Democratic Obstructionist National People’s Socialist Party, especially with accusing POTUSDJT of being a National Socialist. Where the hell is Schumer (D-NY)? Where is New York Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY)? Where is the aforementioned Nadler? Where is Nita Lowey (D-NY)? Where is Representative Deborah Wasserman-Schultz (D-FLA)? Where is Adam “I got evidence!” Schiff (D-CA)? As for Grandpa Bernie (I-VT), well he is anti-Israel to start with. Not one single word of condemnation, NOT ONE!

The question that must be asked is why hasn’t a word been said to condemn the name calling and comparisons. There are a plethora of famous and influential people who are Jewish, who haven’t said word one about the President Donald John Trump being called a Nazi, yet compare him to Hitler. They all should be ashamed and absolutely surrender their chai’s, mezuzahs, Torahs and yarmulkes, as that word is being thrown around without due cause or, more sadly, pushback. Or say anything about the rise and support of anti-Semitism in the United States.

Therefore, this question is directed towards each of the liberal Jewish members of the Congress. This question is directed towards the liberal Jewish members of the self centered, self serving, elitist, hypocritical, malignant narcissists of the entertainment industry. This question is directed towards the Jewish members of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist, dishonest, bootlicking corporate mainstream media. This question is directed to all Jewish-Americans: Why are you turning your backs and not fiercely condemning the hideous anti-Semitic commentary spewed by Omar and Tlaib? And holding Pelosi responsible for pandering for votes. Cowards!

Instead of constant presidential harassment, why aren’t these unhinged, orthodox extremist liberal socialist, phony Jewish leftists in the Congress doing their elected jobs of governance? Why do these buffoons have the time to sit and threaten the very people WHO are governing the country? They have nothing to campaign on for 2020. Their hatred of the President, while keeping their mouths shut, is very simple, Hillary lost, as they pander for votes. Therefore, logic is the left’s enemy and truth is a menace to their goal.

Yet, it does appear that Jewish Democrats are terrified to criticize someone in fear of being called a racist, just as Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is being called for properly criticizing Omar. He’s standing tall as others cower. They should be ashamed. And if the Jewish members of the Congress continue to fail to condemn those who compare President Donald John Trump to Hitler, along with not challenging the words and actions of anti-Semitism and condemning Israel regurgitated by Omar and Tlaib, history does have a frightening way of repeating itself. May G-d have mercy on their souls.

Lastly, being a member of The Tribe, I am disappointed, and absolutely disgusted, in saying that their guilty and misguided liberalism can end up pushing Judeo-Christian followers in cattle cars. You can’t fix stupid. But in this case, these people better get their heads out of their rear orifice as religious freedom is attacked.