The MSM’s Credibility Cascade

Once again, the Clown News Network has offered a platform for another unprepossessing, malignant narcissist, President Donald John Trump hater. Except this obviously false attempt at getting attention goes beyond any bounds of civility and one, huge blowhard lie. A Dr. Allen Frances of Duke University, who makes the audacious claim of pretending to be a psychiatrist, stated that POTUSDJT was ”maybe responsible for many more million deaths” than Adolf Hitler (11M) , Joseph Stalin (20+M) and Mao Zedong (45+M). This blithering fool was actually given face time on the Brian Stetler Show, and exhibited his intellectual dishonesty. On a side note, who is Stetler and how desperate must he be to try to raise his rating numbers with such a disgusting “guest.” Moreover, CNN really had to have its collective head up its rectal passage to book this moron numerous times since 2018 …no cursing, so I don’t get suspended by FB. By the way, with CNN making the claim to be a top news network, there was one simple question any reporter, producer or executive should have asked ”Dr.” Frances of Duke University, ”Where’s your evidence?” This is another piece of evidence that demonstrates CNN’s continuing lack of credibility and unhinged, extremist, socialist liberal political activism. By the way, Frances must be censured by the American Psychiatric Association.

Furthermore, Stetler went one giant step further to destroy what little credibility CNN had as he threw more gasoline on the fire, when he started interviewing that nitwit “psychiatrist.” However, Stetler blamed “technical problems” as to why he repeated what Frances said. Moreover , they both blamed President Donald John Trump for the network’s falling ratings, accusing POTUSDJT of killing millions upon millions of people that otherwise might have tuned into CNN.”If Trump weren’t killing off most of America by the millions, we’d still have a pretty solid viewer base,” Stelter bellowed at the three viewers watching Reliable Sources. “Airports, lobbies, waiting rooms, and gas station pumps are playing CNN to absolutely no one, since Trump has killed them all.” I just shake my head at the pure hatred that CNN has regarding POTUSDJT or is Stetler making a sarcastic statement identifying CNN’s sinking to the bottom of ratings race, right next to MSNBC, CNBC and the terrestrial news shows. I believe it’s hatred. At the end of the interview, Frances railed on about climate change. Trump Derangement Syndrome defined.

To quote Joe Concha, Fox News, regarding CNN’s commenting “psychiatrist,“As reckless and disgraceful as anything you’ll hear on national television. This blindly partisan psychiatrist had no business being given any platform after saying Trump may be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions.” To that end, just permitting that evil, bellicose, windbag from Duke to pontificate on CNN to make those indescribable accusations should cost anyone connected, to be fired on the spot

One other piece of evidence that truly clarifies CNN’s lack of credibility, besides being a continuous avenue of outrageous accusations and confirmed fictitious stories from reporters, is with treasonous former Obama pathological liars. Those who publicly insult the President of the United States, include John Brennan (Director of the CIA), James Comey (Director of the FBI) and James Clapper(Director of National Intelligence), who constantly attack President Donald John Trump. They questioned POTUSDJT’s loyalty, while his successful policies repaired the repeated failures of the Obama administration, in addition to inflicting the strongest sanctions against Russia and Iran. And now we can add one more traitor to CNN’s palate of POTUSDJT haters working for that “news” channel, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is a national disgrace. He was part of the most corrupt and most partisan Federal leadership team in FBI history and was fired for repeatedly lying under oath, and for lack of candor, during four FISA Court warrant hearings and is facing an indictment by the DOJ.. We know that McCabe was deeply involved in the attempted coup d’etat targeting President Trump’s tenure, but it remains to be seen how deep the other aforementioned three are, including Comey being an admitted leaker. And McCabe gets face time? The idiots of the MSM also had the hots for a disgraced attorney who flapped his mouth about running for President, Michael Avenatti. The bellicose and nefarious CNN absolutely deserves to get left in the dust by FOX News and OAN.

A new piece of evidence recently presented itself as to how the bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media repeatedly fails to check the nonsense they “report” on their failing “news” organizations. MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell stated on Rachel Maddow’s show, another winner, that President Donald John Trump, then the civilian real estate magnate, had Russian oligarchs co-sign loans for him to build in Russia. He was told this by the infamous “unnamed source.” Interestingly, the very next day O’Donnell had to retract his “groundbreaking” information stating that he did not follow MSNBC’s “vigorous verification and standards process” for reporting stories. Well, this is just another retracted story from countless thousands that had to be retracted that were promulgating the same vicious lies targeting President Donald John Trump. By the way, the Trump Organization threatened to sue O’Donnell and MSNBC if the story was not retracted and an apology issued. O’Donnell weakly apologized as he demonstrated the unhinged extremists of the socialist left’s weaponization of the mainstream media. In other words, O’Donnell got caught lying.

In regard to the ongoing faulty reporting espoused by the MSM, POTUSDJT Tweeted: “The totally inaccurate reporting by Lawrence O’Donnell, for which he has been forced by NBC to apologize, is NO DIFFERENT than the horrible, corrupt and fraudulent Fake News that I (and many millions of GREAT supporters) have had to put up with for years. So bad for the USA!”

President Donald John Trump proceeded to slam MSNBC’s resident jackal O’Donnell on social media Thursday morning. POTUSDJT blasted O’Donnell after he apologized for the aforementioned phony report regarding the President’s financial relationship with wealthy Russians.

From the nanosecond Donald John Trump made the announcement that he was joining the race for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, to stomping the lying, cheating, scandalous, treasonous, two time loser Hillary Clinton, the vociferous attacks have not stopped. Shortly after Inauguration Day 2017, the self-centered, elitist, misogynistic narcissistic buffoons of the entertainment industry offered a variety of demented threats targeting POTUSDJT, his family, the administration and the policies that are moving us away from the horrible eight years under the failed Obama administration. For example, a number of washed up ”entertainers, ” included Madonna’s wishing to blow up the White House. An aging Robert DeNiro wanted to physically assault POTUSDJT, which herepeated many times over in public. Pathetic and extremely unfunny comedienne Kathy Griffin displayed her POTUSDJT “head, which upset the entire Trump family.” Sinking actress Ashley Judd, who pontificated to the hate filled anti-Semitic women’s march, made a comparison of President Donald John Trump to Hitler, making sarcastic references to his widely-mocked debate remarks saying: “I am a nasty woman.” Judd is so ”nasty” that her opportunities have lessened. Or maybe she wasn’t as talented as she thought she was! Losers all! Their comments are rightfully protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn’t take away their utter disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States of America. TDS.

In regards to the insults by the egotistical, self-centered trash of the entertainment industry and the dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media, there’s an unwritten rule that the First Family is off limits when it comes to verbal abuse. Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and Obama’s daughters faced little to zero scrutiny. However, the current First Family is under constant bombardment from the MSM and the fools from the entertainment industry. It’s common knowledge of the vile, evil and disgusting things that were said about FLOTUS Melania Trump, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Presidential Consigliere KellyAnn Conway. What is even more astounding is that the majority of hideous words came, and still come, from the mouths of fellow women: Sarah Silverman, Michelle Wolfe (?), Samantha Bee, for example, and the washed up magpies from “The View.” I seem to recall former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, saying during Hillary’s first failed run, that women should support one another. Empty words in 2016-2024, especially with accomplished women who are Conservative. Sadly, even former FL(?)OTUS Michelle Obama refuses to acknowledge Melania Trump as the current FLOTUS. TDS!

One more additional public demonstration of DeNiro’s psychopathic hate that cannot be avoided, or downplayed by the MSM, which happened, was of President Donald John Trump that occurred during Broadway’s 2018 Tony Awards. As he was introducing Bruce Springsteen, who took the stage to perform “My Hometown,” from his one-man show, DeNiro once again demonstrated his insane, unprofessional attempt to make a political statement. “Hey Trump — I’m talkin’ to you!” This shell of a once great actor dropped an F-bomb onstage in a vulgar diatribe aimed at POTUSDJT that got a standing ovation from the crowd at Radio City Musical Hall.“I’m gonna say one thing: F–k Trump,” De Niro shouted, raising his arms in the air as the crowd cheered for nearly half a minute. He then added, “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f–k Trump,” garnering more cheers. Maybe DeNiro was having a flashback to movies he acted in. That DeNiro is one class act. TDS!

What is interesting is that CBS ”failed” to time delay DeNiro’s irrational, venomous and unhinged diatribe, filled with threats and colorful metaphors. Can one just imagine if the same words were spoken to a national audience about Obama? The speaker of those words would be tarred and feathered, similar to Colonial Crown tax collectors in the 1760’s.

However, while POTUSDJT continued to campaign as the overwhelming underdog against the least qualified candidate the DNC was forced into nominating, the aforementioned treasonous, money laundering, cheating scoundrel Hillary Clinton. POTUSDJT repeatedly challenged the bootlicking cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media and made it loud and clear that CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post and the failing New York Times were tools of the unhinged, extremists of the socialist, liberal leftist establishment. Moreover, numerous MSM personnel, especially from the Clown News Network (CNN), admitted on film that they were ordered by their bosses to go after POTUSDJT. As the 2016 Presidential campaign season was progressing, then candidate POTUSDJT coined the term “fake news,” which is still very much in use today by the Chief Executive.

And with the 2020 Presidential Campaign now in sight, the unhinged, authoritarian, orthodox extremists of the liberal socialist left, and all its components, have long since sharpened their knives to attempt to dissuade Trump supporters, persuade independents and moderate Democrats, from voting for President Donald John Trump. Their past strategies included the failed Russian collusion; failed accusations of obstruction; tried Russian collusion a second time; questioned his sanity and if POTUSDJT was a drug addict; calling him a white supremacist, a Nazi, Putin’s puppet and then the failed attempt at a coup d’etat by Obama appointed upper echelon at the CIA, DOJ and FBI to remove a duly elected POTUS. Then take a look at the 20+, and now shrinking list unqualified socialists who want to challenge the man who will be considered one of the best Presidents in United States history. And lastly, since the 20+, and shrinking, Democratic Socialists have nothing substantial left to chew on, except kowtow to their constituents. And they are going after the best economy in 50 years. How desperate can desperate be? Besides, looking for any truth from these frauds, will be like finding an honest Democrat in the Congress.

And the Democratic National Peoples Socialist Peoples Party plays another scam is to throw their support, despite what they are saying, behind Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MICH) and their anti-Semetic attacks on the Jewish Community and Israel. It’s interesting to see and hear Senator Grandpa Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a Jewish hating Jew, stand with Omar and Tlaib. Yet they have the audacity to call POTUSDJT an anti-Semite, despite his support of the Jewish Community and Israel, along with having Jewish grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law. And it does appear that House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has lost control of the contingent known as “The Squad,” who spew their support of the Palestinians aggressiveness against Israel and support the BDS movement. The Israeli Air Force, using jet fighters supplied by the United States, destroyed Iranian drones stocked in Syria that were being armed with explosives for a large scale attack against Israel. This was the second defensive action Israel has taken against Iranian “kamikaze drones” in the past few days. And not a word of condemnation from CNN, or the other MSM outlets, regarding the continued attacks against Israel or Omar and Tlaib cheering on!

Over two years after Inauguration Day, the unhinged, extremists of the socialist left still cannot shake off Hillary Clinton’s dirt: being a poorly unqualified, treasonous, carpetbagging, cheat, who lost to a neophyte political New York real estate magnate. The American citizen was taken for a fool by the aforementioned unhinged, extremists of the socialist liberal leftist establishment and are now seeing how corrupt and self-serving they are. So as CNN continues to sink, they are searching for lifelines, even with getting knuckleheads to attack President Donald John Trump and push the unhinged, orthodox, extremists socialist platform. Remember, if the left wins, someone will have to pay for socialism…nothing is free. Oh My!!

By the way, there’s one last piece of evidence that further demonstrates how dubious the troglodytes of the mainstream media really are. In 1938, Time magazine named the Chancellor of Germany its “Man of the Year.” The editors of Time chose Adolf Hitler.