From Russia, with Love, to the Left!

“That people on the political left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is how often the opinions of those on the left are accompanied by hostility and even hatred.” Dr. Thomas Sowell

With the 2020 Presidential Election not to far off in the distant future, and with zero evidence, Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC got it rolling, along with the other self-centered, troglodyte, quacks of the radical, bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media, who are it again. What are they at again? Stating that Russia is trying to interfere in the 2020 election! Damn! Those folks are just so smart to state the obvious. The question is when aren’t Russia, and other oppositional countries, trying to plant disinformation and discord about the upcoming election.

As we found out from the 2016 Presidential election, President Donald John Trump stomped on the treasonous, unprepossessing traitorous dreams of returning to the White House, which belonged to the chosen “queen” of the Democrats, one Hillary Clinton. The entire spectrum of the orthodox, liberal left screamed to high heavens that POTUSDJT was a Russian operative, with Vladimir Putin pulling the strings. From those accusations, the deep state concocted a plan, in conjunction with numerous countries, to start a coup d’etat to actually remove a duly elected POTUS. This nefarious plot was hatched long before POTUSDJT even won the election. Briefly, as their plan started to break down and more treason was reported, we now know that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the salacious Christopher Steele dossier, which was filled with lies and disinformation regarding then candidate Donald John Trump and eventually POTUS. Those lies lead to the Radical Obama DOJ to file false FISA warrants. There’s really no need to peel back all the layers. The citizenry of the United States got a real good look just how deep the swamp is. Oh by the way, it was the Obama administration who authorized the infiltration and spying on the Trump campaign before, during and after the 2016 election. The Obama appointees in the DOJ and intelligence community are still working to screw POTUSDJT over. Spying on an oppositional candidate? This is not a banana republic. Not cool!

One last note on Clinton and the deep state, as reported by Judicial Watch. Through the Freedom of Information Act, JW received 191 pages of emails between fired FBI official Peter Strzok and fired FBI attorney Lisa Page, the FBI’s illicit romance of the century, that included an August 26, 2016 email in which Strzok says that then former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her interview with the FBI about her email controversy, with 33K bleached emails on an unsecured private server, apologized for “the work and effort” it caused the bureau and saying she chose to use it “out of convenience” and that “it proved to be anything but.” Strzok said Clinton’s apology and the “convenience” discussion were “not in” the FBI 302 report which summarized the interview. The emails also suggest that Strzok had information on an intelligence briefing for then-candidate Trump that may have been a ruse to spy on Trump.

So, it’s 2020. As previously mentioned, the unprepossessing trash of the mainstream media are not only rehashing the utter defeat of the Democrats in 2016, but breaking out the old play book of “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” for 2020. The intelligence community deep staters, who are holdovers from the failed and hideous Obama administration, shared information with House Democrats, like Pelosi, Nadler and the great Russian hunter himself, the whiny liar, one Adam Schiff, before going to 1600. I wonder if Schiff is going to con America once again that he is in possession of rock solid evidence that will impeach President Donald John Trump. For three and a half years we all saw him on a daily basis, but did not hear his words, unless you were conned. Moreover, the intelligence community finally got around to meeting with the POTUSDJT about Russia, Russia, Russia.

With Schiff once again vociferously pontificating the Russian collusion faction, POTUSDJT is once again correctly dismissing reports that American intelligence believes Russia wants Trump to win re-election. He has portrayed those reports as nothing more than evidence of a continued vendetta from Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman and who played a central role in the stupid impeachment effort against POTUSDJT. The President said Schiff should be investigated for leaking an assessment from the intelligence community that Russia will interfere in the 2020 presidential election to help Sen. Bernie Sanders win. The leaker Schiff runs to the MSM.

What truly is scary here is that one 2020 Presidential candidate, that good old Democratic-Socialist himself, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), received a briefing that the Russians were attempting to infiltrate and damage his campaign. Really, you think? The gross disrespect displayed by Obama administration holdovers directed at POTUSDJT, finally got around to meeting with him and sharing the information about Russia. It’s an interesting twist that while Sanders would be informed, POTUSDJT was spied on. As a matter of fact, the Washington Post, that bastion of leftwing trash, published that Sanders was briefed by US officials that Russia is trying to help his campaign. I seem to recall that the Russians were helping POTUSDJT get re-elected! If I was a betting man, the Russians and Bernie are more in-goose step as communists, while POTUSDJT is an avowed capitalist.

Don’t forget that Marxist Bernie honeymooned in Moscow, supported Fidel Castro, supported the Sandanistas, Venezuela , Nicaragua and supported Iran in the takeover of the 1979 embassy takeover. As for Castro, “When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?” Sanders asked during a “60 Minutes” interview. However, in the 1950’s Cuba had one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Moreover, this communist calls China a “model!” A model of what? An authoritarian, repressive government? He never held a job until he was finally elected the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, from 1981 to 1989, at age 53. He did live on a commune in Israel that favored the USSR. No shock there! Comrade Bernie lived off of welfare and four different women, making him the original American giggilo. Now the socialist is one of the wealthy that he despises.

To further illustrate just how absolutely insane the lapdogs of the liberal, orthodox, “Tolerant” left is, Jason Johnson, another MSNBC shill, referred to some of Comrade Sanders campaign staffers as “an island of misfit black girls.” During a recent interview, this angry, knucklehead spoke at great length about Sanders’ supporters and, more specifically, the demographics involved. Johnson cited that liberal whites seem to love Comrade Bernie, with consistently and always having a problem with any person of color who doesn’t want to follow the orthodoxy of their lord and savior. And this is a Democratic Party propaganda news channel attacking a candidate despised by the left. Imagine if someone from Fox News said that?

The report from WaPo and the NY Times also claimed that Trump “erupted” at Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who is being replaced by Ambassador Richard Grenell weeks before Maguire’s “acting” tenure limit is reached March 11. A source who spoke to Trump about Grenell and Maguire told Fox News last week that the president did not appear to be upset in any way with Maguire. Fake news never stops. Ambassador Grenell, who was the ambassador to Germany, is gay. No big deal? It will be interesting to see how the left attacks Grenell, when they are supposed to be tolerant. Yeah, okay! No prior administration had an openly gay man in such a high position. And Grenell is way qualified.

If one looks back at the history of the love affair between the Democratic Obstructionist National Socialist Party and the Soviet Union/Russia, just go back to the presidency of President Harry S. Truman.

The unhinged, orthodox extremists of the liberal left should be very proud of the sketchy history that has been conveniently ignored, especially with the Russians. During World War II, the Soviet Union was an American ally intent on defeating Nazi Germany. In 1943, the Russians reached out to POTUSHST’s former Vice President, Henry Wallace, to seek his help in opposing President Truman’s Soviet get-tough policy. Truman realized that the Soviets wanted to control and expand their sphere of influence into Eastern Europe after the war. Wallace had made his views clear by condemning President Truman’s “anti-Soviet bias.”

In October of 1945, while he was Secretary of Commerce, Wallace secretly met in Washington, D.C. with Anatoly Gorsky, the station chief of the NKGB (forerunner of the KGB.) Released KGB files indicated that Wallace told Gorsky that he wanted to share the secrets of the atomic bomb with the Soviets. He complained that Truman was being influenced by an “anti-Soviet group” in the Federal Government that wanted the Anglo-Saxon bloc to have dominance in the world. He hoped that the USSR would change that. Talk about Russian collusion!! Imagine that a member of the President’s Cabinet requesting the “Soviets” to interfere to help his side win an internal battle within the administration was more than indiscreet. It was the action of a willing Moscow shill. This was a clear act of treason.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected to the Office of the President by thoroughly defeating the blueprint for obama, Jimmy Carter. During Carter’s Presidency, the United States embassy in Iran had been taken over, which very well was the starting point for Islamic radical terrorism. Sound familiar? Moreover, President Reagan took a similar stance towards the USSR that mirrored that of President Truman. He referred to the USSR as the “Evil Empire,” and employed the same get tough policy. The Democratic Party, and their lapdogs in the mainstream media, slammed President Reagan up and down, just as POTUSDJT is experiencing today. They called President Reagan every name in the book, from “fascist” to “warmonger.” They even went as far to imply that he could bring about a nuclear war. Again, sound familiar?

In 1984, President Reagan was up for re-election for a second term. The Democratic Party was so outrageously crazed with their desire to defeat Reagan, that Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) turned to the USSR for help. On February 2, 1992, The London Times published an article titled, “Teddy, the KGB and the Top Secret File.” It was written by reporter Tim Sebastian, who was conducting research in Moscow, referencing the Soviet Communist Party Central Archives. In 2007, historian Paul Kengor referenced the same event in his book, “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.” Despite this, many Democratic Party members still seem not to know about it or may not want to acknowledge it.

In a 1983 KGB document, dated May 14, 1983, KGB Chief Victor Chebrikov informed General Secretary Yuri Andropov regarding an offer to be presented to the Soviet leaders by Kennedy. The headline of the message was “Special Importance.” Kennedy, Andropov stated, was “very troubled” by U.S.-Soviet relations, which he said was due to “Reagan’s belligerence.” Kennedy wanted Soviet assistance with “influencing” Americans in the pre-election year of 1983. Kennedy wanted to televise interviews with Andropov on American national television. The Massachusetts Senator wanted Andropov to make a direct appeal to the American public. Kennedy promised that his friends, Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters, for example, would assist in getting the message out. This would have been direct interference by the media. Sound familiar?

Kennedy suggested that the Soviet leader make a “direct appeal” to Americans, and wanted lower level Soviet officials, particularly from the Soviet military, of all things, to have an opportunity to appeal directly to the American people about the “peaceful intentions” of the USSR. What planet was Kennedy on? As Hillary Clinton after him, Kennedy used the early version of the bootlicking, unprepossessing scoundrels of the corporate mainstream media to deceive the American people.

Furthermore, what is sadly pathetic is that the malignant narcissists of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist dregs of the corporate mainstream media absolutely refuse to comprehend that the Russians DO NOT want POTUSDJT for another four years. One of the best pushbacks against Putin and the Russians were stiff sanctions imposed by POTUSDJT and the administration. POTUSDJT has frequently described himself as “heavy-handed” on Russia, saying in April, 2020, “probably nobody’s been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump.” He has often argued that the Russians didn’t want him to win the presidency for that reason, with some of the toughest sanctions in years falling on Russian oligarchs under the current administration. While sanctions imposed over Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 have not been lifted, POTUSDJT approved the sale of lethal Javelin missiles to Ukraine, something Obama did not, or would not do. POTUSDJT ordered missiles fired at Syrian military sites, openly targeting strategic operations and allies of Russia. On a side note, JihadBarry sent the Ukraine blankets. I didn’t know that blankets were weapons or were able to stop bullets.

So, with the economy chugging along at record numbers, with the unemployment rates of Hispanics, Blacks and Asians at historic lows, with more women employed at historic highs, with the country respected once again on the world stage, signed trade treaties with Canada and Mexico (USMCA), a phase one deal with China and with President Donald John Trump in office until 2024, why would the Russians want him as an adversary for another four years? The Russians want a similar thinking POTUS, a communist preferably, or someone weak. Therefore, make your choice from the pool of far left losers running for 1600, with Socialist Bernie Sanders…or communist Bernie Sanders in front. The Soviets know, I mean the USSR, I mean Russia, know that Sanders will destroy the safety, security and prosperity of a main adversary. He has no growth plans or prosperity plans, only with plans to institute a recession or depression in order to level out the field through overtaxing the American citizen, especially the wealthy and corporations, who create jobs and opportunities.

Lastly, an oppressive and controlling government, who adhere to socialism/communism, offers oppression and one ruling class, v capitalism, which offers prosperity, success and growth, both economically and personally. So, take your pick; Democratic-socialist Comrade Bernie and the orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left v President Donald John Trump and the free market. One last tidbit, why would the childly foolish brown-noses of the mainstream media trash Bermie? It’s a sure thing that the MSM is not only a tool of the left, but being played by the Soviet Union, I mean Russia, to move their agenda or misinformation, to influence the 2020 election.

To just cite another example just how dangerous Socialist/Communist Bernie is to our way of life and the Constitutional Republic, understand that the biggest Muslim political action committee in the US endorsed him in the race for the White House, solidifying support that the Vermont senator is receiving from Muslim and Arab advocates across the country. That means Representatives Ilan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) would be part of Bernie’s cabinet. Imagine Omar as Secretary of State. And don’t forget about Sasour. Additionally, Socialist Bernie thinks that the American dream is based in Venezuela. Does that thought send chills down your spin?

As for the knuckleheads of the Democratic controlled cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media, who missed the biggest political story in American history in 2016, now get another opportunity in 2020 to keep pushing the Russia narrative and will lose their credibility. WAIT!! Foolish me!! That already happened. You can’t fix stupid.

Comrade Bernie…

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