Pelosi: Not An American Patriot

“Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician.” Major General George S. Patton, Jr.

With the health crisis engulfing the United States, specifically the largest cities from the Chinese COVID-19 virus, the leadership of the House Democrats had initially and egregiously turned their backs to Americans in need. The orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left tried Russian collusion, despite knowing that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the hideous dossier that started the collusion episode. They tried obstruction and then Russia again. Mueller’s report was a waste of time and money. They tried to screw him with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. They tried with Braindead Joe Biden, the Ukraine/Burisma investigation and quid pro quo. They tried impeachment. All failed.

Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), had resorted to lying and using the country as a hostage to embarrass President Donald John Trump, as the left wouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste. Imagine an 80 year old millionaire grandmother holding up the bill designed to help the country. Traitor! Yet the unprepossessing dregs of the mainstream media remain complicit with the left by couching their stupid questions as a means to embarrass POTUSDJT and the administration, by asking, for example, “How many deaths are acceptable?” How bloody stupid are they? Did anyone ask Obama during the H1N1 epidemic? Don’t think so! Fear is the Democrats means to demean POTUSDJT. Moreover, Pelosi is the first politician to blame another politician for American deaths, other than a war, after holding up the Senate’s relief bill. History will record that Pelosi has shown, and continues to show, what a reprehensible person she is.

So, the United States Congress passed a bipartisan $2.2T stimulus bill, the largest in American history. The main focus of the bill is to keep small businesses afloat and to help families. It behooved Pelosi to work with the GOP, yet had been in California, round trip by private jet, getting her marching orders from the socialist liberal left, who “fund” her. And it’s as obvious as American Apple Pie that Pelosi would do anything to not give President Donald John Trump a win at any cost, even at the cost of Americans lives. Besides, 60% of people are on board with how POTUSDJT and the administration handled the Chinese COVID-19 virus outbreak…even Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Governor Gavin Newsome (D-CA) & Mayor Bill DeBlasio (D-NY) were pleased. Amazingly, Biden actually had an enlightened cognitive moment when he complimented POTUSDJT for implementing the Defense Production Act of 1950.

Pelosi held up the Senate bill because of her own 800+page “Relief Bill”, wish list, included a few of these ridiculous pork-barrel tack-ons:1-Wind and solar tax credits, 2-Reduction in airline emissions, 3-Increased leverage for unions, 4-Eliminate post office debt, 5-Same day voter registration, 6-$35M to the Kennedy Center, 7-Funding abortion, 8-$1B funneled to sanctuary cities, 9-Smuggling in the green new deal, 10-$75M for the Endowment for the Humanities & 11-The piece de resistance is the refunding of “Obama phones!” PELOSI OWES THE COUNTRY AN APOLOGY! Nothing but a scoundrel and Traitor!!

And the last piece of utter insanity from the extremists of the socialist liberal left, spewed from the mouth of the brainless Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), demanding to supplement illegal immigrants with checks from a system that they never paid into. Anything for political gain. In the fall, this malignant narcissist has to go back to bartendering.

By the way, Senator Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) stated that POTUSDJT wanted direct checks for Americans most affected by the coronavirus sent out in less than two weeks. No problem! And one tidbit on Chuckie, in 2009 he wanted to cut the CDC’s budget. Who was occupying the White House in 2009? The N-95 mask stock levels were never replaced, until now. Moreover, the extremists of the socialist liberal left held the process up for days by demanding that long wish list of unrelated spending.

Additionally, as the unprepossessing dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media accused POTUSDJT of making budget cuts to the CDC, it really was a realocation to the infectious disease area. Yet they ignored the fact that the Obama administration repeatedly sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the CDC’s yearly budget requests, which is contradicting Biden’s repeated baseless attacks on the Trump White House for its pandemic preparedness. Guess that he had his one functional cognitive moment citing POTUSDJT’s implementation of the DPA.

Despite the Congress passing the bipartisan bill, a Democrat Super PAC is airing $6M worth of vicious attack ads in key voting states. Right now, they’re smearing POTUSDJT and the administration on television and the Internet, which is a tool that spreads lies and half truths, as the orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left continue to use fear during this serious public health crisis for political gain, in order to defame and malign President Trump and the administration. Yet these idiots commended draconian Communist China, who caused this disaster with lies and coverups, for helping countries like Italy. As reported by Yahoo News, the majority of rapid coronavirus test kits supplied by China to Spain and the Czech Republic were faulty, local news outlets reported. Up to 80 percent of the 150,000 portable, quick coronavirus test kits Communist China delivered to the Czech Republic earlier this month were faulty, and nothing mentioned about Chinese disinformation. By the way, in 2015, real estate mogul Donald John Trump clearly stated that Communist China could not be trusted. In 2019-20 how his words ring true. And he’s touting the American spirit and American values of strength and resilience.

Pelosi’s planned delay was nothing but hurtful to America’s quality of life, and bending to to the socialist extremist left’s extortion on American exceptionalism. Pelosi is not an American patriot. She has committed treason and should face the consequences. Amazingly, no one called out Obama for the deaths of thousands of Americans from the 2009 swine flu following a six month delay! A double standard? You bet! Besides, Biden thinks he would be fighting the Spanish Flu of 1918 or the Bubonic Plague in the 1300’s. And he’s the best the Democrats have to offer.

You look at the stance that Pelosi and the orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left took during the epidemic with their absolutely absurd pork-barrel, unrelated spending provisions. So, make the call and decide who’s to blame for the delayed ratification of the bill…the Senate, who voted 96-0, with bipartisan support. Or the Pelosi lead Democratic House majority, who held up the ratification due to her attempts to include the aforementioned, self-centered provisions. And as soon as the provisions bill was ready for his signature, President Donald John Trump signed it. No issues there.

Think of the attempts at the pork-barrel add-ons, “Remember, you can’t fix stupid.”

The flags they don’t represent!