A Radical Agenda, Harris Style

Despite the constant referencing of Kamala Harris as a “moderate,” that would be similar to referencing “Hidin’ Joe” Biden as a member of Mensa International. Harris was cited as the most liberal member of the Senate, while she morphs on a constant basis to placate the crowd she is attempting to please. In other words, Harris, who appears to be the lead in the Biden/Harris team because of Biden’s obvious cognitive deterioration and being sequestered (hidden) in his basement, will continue, and enhance, Obama’s socialist/globalist and anti-Israel agenda in connection with BLM, BDS and Antifa, while not one single Jewish liberal Democratic member of The Congress speaks out in anger. What should scare people down to their socks is looking at Harris’ career as an overzealous prosecutor as San Francisco’s District Attorney and Attorney General of California, this “moderate” has failed in a huge manner to not addressing the on-going rioting, looting and attacks upon law enforcement in Democratic run cities…from enforcing law and order to ignoring it.

Harris presents a major threat to the Constitutional Republic, to the economy, and to established norms. Moreover, she stands an excellent chance of succeeding Biden at any given point of his “transitional” presidency should they would unfortunately defeat President Donald John Trump in November. Harris poses a far greater danger to the Constitutional Republic than Hillary Clinton ever could have imagined. Anyone who calls himself a conservative or moderate should recognize this.

In a nutshell, this is a sampling of her orthodox, radical extremist, liberal leftist agenda:

1-Will repeal each of the middle class tax instituted by POTUSDJT;

2-Will increase taxes across the board for each American totaling $4T

3-Wants to get rid of the Second Amendment

4-Supports re-instating and increasing Obama’s business regulations, which strangled the mom & pop stores, while stunting business growth.

5-Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act: On July 23, 2020, HUD announced that it will terminate the Obama administration’s 2015 AFFH regulation, which the Obama administration tried to enact and now Komrade Bernie is pushing, with help. The AFFH act is meant to establish areas for “balancing housing.” In more realistic terms, Harris/Sanders/Biden’s goal is to force suburban towns, incorporated villages, and areas under the jurisdiction of chambers of commerce, etc., with single-family homes and designated lot sizes to construct high density affordable housing in the middle of neighborhoods that actually have some space between houses. This Federal proposal would supersede state, county and town laws.

6-Harris wants end fracking and quickly zero out carbon-based fuels, leading to catastrophic energy-price hikes and dizzying costs. One aspect of the proposal, to convert the 83 percent of the U.S. energy supply that is carbon-based to renewables, would cost $2.9 trillion all by itself , nearly a full year’s federal tax revenue. The cost of the whole package is estimated at anywhere from $18 trillion to $93 trillion , enormous sums that would require comparably enormous tax hikes. This course of action with cutting back on domestic energy production, would put the country back to depending of foreign oil, with sky high prices, and the loss of approximately ten million jobs.

Additional promises include open (poorus) borders, decriminalize illegal border crossings, disband Immigration and Customs Enforcement, entitlements for all, free college, bringing back Obamacare, defund the police, defund the military, revamp the USMCA treaty, re-enter the US in the Paris Accords, restrict religious freedom, and re-enter the US in the hideous nuclear JCPOA with Iran, while removing the successful sanctions placed on that country. Remember, Obama sent the mullahs $154B to sign the treaty. This will be Obama 2.0 and then some.

Harris gets stoked when the spotlight is shining on her. She has a record as a vociferous windbag hothead and dumped some mustard and onions on her hot dogging during the ratification hearings for SCOTUS Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She yelled. She screamed. And most likely was stomping her feet under the desk with each hissy fit. During hearings in The Congress revolving around the Department of Justice, she tried to bully former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions outsmarted and outclassed Harris, who came off as a screaming dragon lady. Embarrassing for all the education and training she has. Unprofessional!!

Demeaning Justice Kavanaugh

During the attempted character assassination of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the left focused on destroying this man with over 900+ references, along with President Donald John Trump, by framing Justice Kavanaugh with lies and accusations from CNN’s then hero, Michael Avenatti, who is currently in prison for extortion. Again, Harris attacked Justice Kavanaugh in a most distasteful and disturbing manner, exhibiting a lack of control and character as she attacked a very well respected judge. It should to be interesting when she faces the bootlicking mainstream media, who will most likely throw puff questions at her. How will she answer tough questions about illegal aliens, defunding law enforcement, reviving Obamacare, higher taxes, “reallocate” aid from Israel to Hamas and Al Queda, supporting the Marxists of BLM and the anarchists of ANTIFA. There’s plenty on the plate. On the flip side, with all the false accusations against Justice Kavanaugh, how can Harris state that while she believes the numerous women who accused Biden of sexual assault and harassment, she sided with him as Democratic nominees for the Executive Branch? A bit of hypocrisy? You bet. Moreover, Harris has her own shady past as she moved up the political ladder.

If the orthodox, extremist of the social liberal left once again try to bring up POTUSDJT’s private life as they did before stomping the treasonous Hillary, which would be wise to avoid, especially if Harris’ meretricious past becomes an issue, along with the numerous aforementioned sexual assault allegations against Biden, which the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media is hiding. Apparently, Harris has been keeping the lid on a dirty little sex secret that may come back to haunt her if she pushes POTUSDJT’s private life as a private citizen. Moreover, she has a long line of corrupt deals, especially the one with Representative Aunty Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters (D-CA), that helped her get power and stay in power. Harris is the poster politician for being a swamp creature in Washington, D.C. Since private lives were mentioned, it’s common knowledge that Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransisco. Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began. Imagine a politician misbehaving!!

Just by examining her career and her proposed changes, putting someone as radically extreme as Kamala Harris in a president-in-waiting position is an extremely dangerous proposition. No right-minded conservative or moderate Democrat should fail to recognize the danger and the fundamental change to the country that Obama, considered the most ineffective and divisive POTUS, had been pushing for, and just may get his wish. And for Jewish Liberals, think back to late 1920’s Germany, as Jewish Germans supported the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party and by 1933 we know how well that turned out. If one repeats history, it tends to be a very harsh teacher.

On a personal note, for my family and myself, I do not cherish the idea of going to sleep each night by the light of a socialist moon.