Thank the Blue!

During the long intolerable nightmare known as the Democratic National Convention, with a 5% viewership at best, it’s quite obvious that the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left are living in their own fantasyland. With the rioting, looting and assaults on law enforcement going on for months, they are absolutely oblivious to the violence and increasing murder rates in major Democratic run cities, particularly New York and Chicago. There was not one single word of condemnation for the rioters, looters or even the murderers. And don’t forget the immortal words of Representative Jerold Nadler (D-NY), who stated that ANTIFA was a “myth.” He is out of his bloody mind! All that blinders wearing idiot has to do is look at news channels not adhering to the liberal leftist agenda. But Nadler can’t be that stupid!

One interesting side note regarding the tedious and dreadful Democratic convention was that over 100 police departments blew off the security detail, which would have meant paid overtime for the officers who worked. And don’t forget that the President of the NYS Troopers Association pulled his constituents out of NYC thanks to Mayor Putz DeBlasio.What does that tell you?

Unbelievably, former POTUS Obama, and the word former is very welcome, actually had the audacity to heap praise on the people who took to the streets to commit violence, looting, rioting and the destruction of private and public property! There was not a single a word of praise for the Police Officers who were standing between civilization and the anarchists, by putting their lives on the line each time they put on the uniform. Moreover, VPOTUS candidate Kamala Harris, who is a former San Francisco District Attorney and Attorney General of California, thanked just about everyone but law enforcement. It’s interesting that Harris would essentially ignore the job that law enforcement faces day in and day out, considering that she was an officer of the court. There were of course numerous comments supporting Black Lives Matter, which is avowedly Marxist, anti-Semitic and anti-Police.

The radical, extremist Democrats have made it clear that they want to defund and abolish the police and “Hidin’ Joe” Biden jumped right on board. Never in history has law enforcement been so mistreated and not supported as they are in radical, liberal-run cities. It took months for the Seattle Chief of Police to finally open her eyes to see that the mayor and their city council had emasculated their patrol services, while still having to protect life, limb and property. That chief resigned. President Donald John Trump had accurately assessed, and responded, to the volatile situations in which Federal officers were dispatched to assist local police, who’s weak Democratic mayors and city governments surrendered their cities to anarchists. Yet in a recent Gallop Poll, only 15% of Americans support disbanding the police, while over 81% of people living in lower socioeconomic areas demand more police presence.

It shouldn’t come as a complete shock that Biden flipped his centrist stand on defunding law enforcement in order to garner votes from Ocasio-Cortez’s radical left & Komrade Bernie supporters. “Hidin’ Joe” & Komrade Bernie teamed up for the “Biden Agenda” with “The Unity Task Force,” which is Sanders’ socialist/progressive platform word for word. If the Democrats take the White House, and Biden follows through on a nationwide initiative to defund/disband the police, we will lose the rule of law & order, with the socialist, progressive left steering the Constitutional Republic towards becoming a socialist country. This will open the door for the Soros backed radical anarchist groups to have carte blanche to attack whomever they want….without any worries of incarceration from Soros backed prosecuting attorneys. Can you imagine?

And now for a bit of history: Don’t forget that in the late 1920’s, as the National Socialist Workers’ Party gained power in the Democratic German government, Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor, or “Fuhrer,” in 1933, when President Paul Von Hindenberg died. The first orders issued in Nazi Germany, included defunding the local police departments and then funding the “Geheime Staatspolizei” or Gestapo, which was the National German secret police. Initially, the Nazis employed the “Strumabteilung,” the SA or Brownshirts to loot, riot, destroy private and public property, while intimidating political opponents (see Auntie “Impeach 45” Maxine Waters) without police interference. Also, the Reichministry outlawed the possession and ownership of private weapons, our Second Amendment. And one last little bit of history: It’s obvious that students currently in school or having recently graduated, have been indoctrinated to hate the country and our history from unhinged, radical extremist liberal educators. This is similar to the The Hitler Youth, translated into German: “Hitlerjugend” often abbreviated as HJ. It was the youth organization of the Nazi Party in Germany. Its origins dated back to 1922 and it received the name Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend, (“Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth”) in July, 1926. From 1933 until 1945, it was the sole official boys’ youth organization in Germany, which carried out the Nazi indoctrination of the children. Sound familiar?

Thomas Mungeer, The head of the New York State Troopers PBA, 4000 in number, which is a state wide law enforcement organization under the authority of “Turk” Cuomo, has stated the his union will be supporting President Donald John Trump in the upcoming election: “President Donald Trump has supported us when so many people have turned their backs on us. Joe Biden supported cops in the past, but he’s turned his back on us. This endorsement comes ten days after the New York City PBA lent their support to POTUSDJT. The anti-police sentiment goes back to the ineffective and corrupt Obama administration, when five Dallas police officers were killed in by a BLM member. Obama said nothing. Yet, during the recently completed DNC, he had the audacity to commend the anarchists. Shame on him.

“Seattle Police said demonstrations are turning into direct attacks on police. One spokesperson called it ‘attempted murder’ when rioters tried to trap officers inside the East Precinct before setting fires. New SPD surveillance video from the East Precinct shows rioters setting fires around the precinct, after trying to cement the door shut, while officers are inside,” as reported by Tammy Mutasa of KOMO News. And not a word of condemnation from Biden or Harris. And remember, the Chief of Police resigned due to a lack of support from the mayor and city council. You get what you give…a city under siege from anarchists.

To show the dedication of the men and women who pin the shield on, despite the verbal abuse from liberal run governments, despite the physical abuse from anarchists, despite the verbal abuse from the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media and the hypocritical elitists of the entertainment industry, they run towards trouble when everyone is running from it. Despite the threats of, and the actual defunding, police officers still do their job. They are trained and sworn to protect and serve the public. Police officers are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, male and female, straight and gay. They are American born and naturalized citizens who didn’t get into law enforcement to become millionaires. It’s a calling.

Therefore, when you see people protesting against law enforcement, and their local department has been defunded, or disbanded, if they are having a problem, who are they going to call? A social worker? Ghostbusters? No, they are going to want a police officer. Thank you to all law enforcement for protecting the thin blue line. Say thank you to all first responders! A word of support goes along way! Oh My!

A day in the life of a police officer.