Biden Needs Help!

“We need to stop calling them liberals and begin referring to them as exactly what they are: American communists that wish to partake in the destruction of Western civilization.” Candace Owens

While the bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media continue to cover for Joe Biden’s never ending gaffes, his demonstration of the Democratic Party’s systemic racism, his inappropriate touching and scary displays of cognitive decline, here’s one thing that cannot be slid under the rug…Biden referred to ANTIFA as “a group of courageous Americans” with “the courage to stand against” hate, as ANTIFA was reportedly planning a military-style attack on the Border and Custom Protection officers on American soil. Considering months of arson, violence, looting, rioting, the destruction of private and public property and the assaults on law enforcement that is occurring in Democratic run cities, Biden must be held accountable for failing to condemn instead of condoning. This guy really needs help!

Representative “Mr Big” Jerold Nadler (D/NY), who is also The House Judiciary Committee Chairmen, needs a psychiatrist’s attention in the worst way. As reported by the NY Post, Nadler was shown a clip of the violence and destruction going on in Portland by Antifa. Unbelievably, that unprepossessing, pompous blowhard’s response was, “That’s a myth.”Then Nadler made his initial comment even more inflammatory, “That myth is being spread only in Washington, DC.” Addressing the weak Democratic government in Portland, due to months of ongoing violence, it finally was declared a riot by law enforcement. Nadler is an idiot. His answer is typical of the Democratic attitude as Rome burns.

The hateful attitude towards law enforcement began when five Dallas police officers were ambushed and murdered on July 7, 2016, as BLM’s Micah Xavier Johnson fired upon a group of police officers, killing five officers and injuring nine others. Obama said nothing! It was during his corrupt, divisive, failed and ineffective tenure that people turned on law enforcement. As a case in point, every single police department that did not support President Donald John Trump in 2016 is supporting him in 2020 and not working the DNC convention. And “Hidin’ Jor” Biden at first was going to increase law enforcement spending an additional $300M, then to defunding the police, as became they were “attacking peaceful protesters.” Another who is blind to the truth. Funny that Obama used the same words.

Once the radical, extremist Democrats made it clear that they want to defund and abolish the police, “Slow Joe” has jumped on board feet first , whether he continues to deny it or not. Never in history has law enforcement been so mistreated and not supported as they are in radical, liberal-run cities. For months the Seattle Police Department appeared to be on their own. It’s interesting that their Chief of Police finally opened her eyes to see that the mayor and their city council emasculated them, while still having to protect life, limb and property. The Chief resigned.President Donald John Trump had accurately assessed, and responded, to the volatile situations in which Federal officers were initially sent to Portland, and cities under siege, in order to assist local police, where weak, cowardly Democratic mayors has surrendered their cities to anarchists. Idiots galore. Additionally, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Albuquerque and LA law enforcement were forced quell the violence driven by radical anarchists, with governors & mayors failing to properly address the rioting, looting and destruction of property.

On June 8, 2020, Biden supported law enforcement. In fact, he proposed an increase in funding of $300M for policing programs. During the week of July 6, 2020, during an interview with the leftist publication, “The Now,” Biden stated that the police are “over militarized and become the enemy.” It’s apparently he’s bending over to placate the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left, and now is in favor of absolutely reallocating/diverting/defunding the police. It shouldn’t come as a complete shock that Biden flipped his centrist stand in order to garner votes from Ocasio-Cortez’s radical left & Komrade Bernie supporters.

The following was written by a hero, a shield against anarchy, a retired police officer in the NYPD: “Now what? Less then 20 years later after September 11. What changed? We still do the same job. We still run towards trouble when everyone is running from it. You know what? No matter what, through all the defunding, through all the bad press and through all the same athletes who loved us and now profess to hate us, we will still do our job. We will still protect and serve the public. That is who we are. We are white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Male and Female. We are American born and naturalized citizens. We are not hypocrites. We do not flop in the breeze of public opinion.”

A stack of bibles and American flags were burned outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon by what appeared to be left wing Antifa activists. The bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media call this a “peaceful protest.” And not of condemnation from Biden.

Radical Democratic extremists are actually supporting ANTIFA destroying our communities, all because they want the death and destruction that they claimed would happen when President Donald John Trump took office to actually occur. They will not rest until they have stopped POTUSDJT and all of his supporters. They hate free speech and they hate being challenged, which may not result in a presidential debate. Facts to the left are their enemy and information is a curse to them. Truth is their main enemy. They’ll say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to advance lies that fit their agenda.

Sara Carter, who is one phenomenal journalist, wrote the following: “What do these actions have to do with the horrific death of George Floyd who was murdered by a Minneapolis Police Officer? Nothing. The incident in Portland raises significant concerns about the continuing destructive actions of Neo-Marxists and young American millennials that have been indoctrinated by their university and college professors to oppose American values and establish a new form of ‘cancel culture’ socialist ideology.” No other country would tolerate the rioting, looting and the destruction of private and public property.

Yet, the Democrats of the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left would rather side with the groups that promote havoc and anarchy, in order to pander to members of the alt-left to garner their support…votes. In other words, the Democratic Party on the Federal, state and city levels will do very little to nothing, in order to assist their constituents who had been facing the looting, rioting and violence for months on end. Yet their goes support to anarchists.

So, with election day right around the corner, the entire sphere of the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left will do anything to defeat President Donald John Trump, including acting like Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned…second reference. Oh My!

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  1. It’s hard to fault Joe Biden. He isn’t sure what decade we’re in. He also can’t string a sentence together. Nadler wasn’t offered any food for thought so he would be crabby and incoherent about his response anyway… The Democraps are a mess.
    We don’t even need to talk about the riots.

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