America First Health Care

“The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”— Margaret Thatcher, former UK Prime Minister

If people recall, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told, and I mean told, the country that The Congress will first pass Obamacare and then read it. That bill killed many a forest. Obamacare supporters stated that the cost was going to be $938B over ten years. Seven years into Obamacare the projected cost was going to be $1.938T, as in TRILLIONS! The promise was to cover 23M people, while in reality only 9M had insurance in the plan’s exchanges. Furthermore, the typical family’s premium was supposed to be reduced by $2,500/year, but the cost of the premiums blew up. Obamacare promised that if a family liked their health plan and physician, they would remain the same. In reality, millions of people who liked their plans lost their plans, as Obamacare effectively banned them. Many of them lost their doctors as well.

“Hidin’Joe” made the claim that under Obamacare, no one lost their insurance. Statistics and surveys indicate that 4.7M lost their insurance. Others were facing $10K deductible. So, Biden lied…again.

Obamacare’s five strikes:

1-It denied Americans choice and undermined their liberty.

2-It denied Americans affordable health insurance.

3-It raised federal spending by about $2 trillion when the country was nearly $20 trillion in debt.

4-It fueled the alliance between Big Government and Big Business, as Big Pharma and the hospital lobby pushed for Obamacare’s passage…bigger profits.

5-It consolidated and centralized power and money. Obamacare was 2,400 pages of federal largess, supplemented by a stack of federal regulations.

If you were keeping score, and tallied the results, we would be facing socialized medicine. This was part of Obama’s fundamental change of the United States, including getting rid of privatized medicine.

The unhinged radicals of the socialist liberal left have been screaming and pointing fingers at President Donald John Trump and the administration that any health plan introduced will not even come close to covering Americans in need of medical coverage. Under Obamacare, I am reminded of a story of parents that had to get their daughter new prescription eyeglasses under their exchange. This was a family just above the poverty line and were forced to be covered by Obamacare. The cost of the eye exam and the new eyeglasses was $50.00 out of pocket expenses. What is never mentioned is that their Obamacare premium was $10K, when the family had a combined income of $60K, with four children.

And the piece de resistance to the whole Obamacare fiasco was that contacting customer service was virtually impossible and the computer, and the operating program never worked properly….it was constantly crashing and kicking out information.

So, Senate Minority Leader Chuckles Schumer (D-NY) in his usual whiny manner has stood on the Senate floor, or conducting pressers, that the administration has done little to nothing to address nationwide healthcare issues. Yet, the question that begs to be asked is what has the Democratic members of The Congress offered in place of Obamacare or something that modifies Obamacare to be more economical? The answer is simple: Nothing! And Chuckles has a history of hissy fits and starting to cry if he doesn’t get his way’

So, let’s now focus on what POTUSDJT and the administration have to offer after the courts finish off Obamacare, for the good of all. And keeping privatized medicine with an individual’s control. And as a person who sees assorted doctors, I for one would not want to be subjected to Obamacare and the speed at which it doesn’t move. Just ask anyone who has had to navigate socialized medicine and the roadblocks faced time wise.

So, President Donald John Trump introduced “The America First Health Plan” during a presser at The White House. The following are some highlights of the health plan which will override Obamacare:

1-Expands affordable insurance options

2-Reduces the cost of prescription drugs

3-Will end “surprise medical billing”

4-Increase fairness through price transparency

5-Streamlines medical innovations

6-Protects Medicare

7-Protects patients with pre-existing conditions

Additionally, there’s more choice for medical care, lower cost for families and seniors, more intensive care for patients. Furthermore, POTUSDJT will be an advocate for 33M medicare users to receive $200.00 prepaid cards to help offset the cost of prescription drugs. And let’s not forget that The President signed an Executive Order to push for lowering the costs of medicine, which goes against Obamacare driving up the prices. Lastly, medicine can be imported from Canada.

Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) warned that in a democracy in which “administrative centralization” has taken root, “a more insufferable despotism will prevail than in any of the absolute monarchies of Europe.” Understand that this warning is focusing on freedom that one has historically been found in America. In simpler terms, the unhinged radical socialist progressive Democrats are pushing big government and large taxes.

According to the History Channel, de Tocqueville was French sociologist and political theorist (1805-1859) who traveled to the United States in 1831 to study its prisons and returned with a wealth of broader observations that he codified in “Democracy in America” (1835), which was one of the most influential books of the 19th century. With its trenchant observations on equality and individualism, Tocqueville’s work remains a valuable explanation of America to Europeans and of Americans to themselves. On a side note, during his travels in the United States, one of the first things that surprised de Tocqueville about American culture was how early everyone seemed to eat breakfast.

So, at the end of the day, vote for “Hidin’Joe” Biden and we get Obama 2.0+ in every sense of the word, along with the reintroduction of Obama’s minions and Komrade Bernie’s socialist agenda. Vote for President Donald John Trump and you keep free choice with your privatized medical care. The country will rebound economically and the country will continue to grow. And most importantly, remember that Biden is suffering from diminishing cognitive skills and shoots out more gaffes than a .50 caliber machine gun. OH MY!

Yeah Right!