President Lincoln, Not Kamala

The 2020 Presidential Election is right around the corner. The stakes for the survival or transformation of the country is way past the boiling point. Incumbent Republican President Donald John Trump is facing off against Democratic challenger “Hidin’Joe” Biden. During his time in office, POTUSDJT has enacted policies that saw record growth of the economy, record levels of low unemployment, the highest level of women employed, seeing the United States become number one in energy production, killed Obama’s JV ISIS, re-entered the United States into manned space flight, saw the birth of the Space Force, funded historical Black universities & colleges, established zones of opportunity in lower socioeconomic areas, enacted the USMCA treaty, reduced the ridiculous number of illegal aliens entering the country, placed tight sanctions on the Communist Chinese Republic, pulled us out of the Paris Accords and JCPOA, while brokering peace treaties between Israel, UAE and Bahrain. Then add on Kosovo and Serbia. If POTUSDJT had a cooperative House, the list of accomplishments would have been as long as your arm. All this, and much more, in 3 1/2 years. And nothing pushback and lies from the House.

Biden’s accomplishments in 47+ years……three failed presidential runs, lied about academic accomplishments, plagiarized speeches and essays, wrote two Federal acts-one focusing on law enforcement and the second on Felony narcotic convictions (both of these severely hurt the Black Community). He was involved in quid pro quo schemes with The Ukraine, is in bed with The Communist Chinese Republic, his family is under investigation for taking money from other countries, possibly involved with the attempted coup d’etat of a duly elected President, lead by Hillary Clinton, has a history of acting and speaking out against the Black Community, non-stop gaffes, allegations of sexual misconduct while holding public office and the worst, and most dangerous, is Biden’s deteriorating cognitive skills.

And speaking of “Hidin’Joe” Biden’s failing cognitive skills, here’s a two more recent gaffes:

Gaffe #1:Biden was addressing a small crowd in the swing state of Pennsylvania, where he appeared to be struggling once again with his cognitive decline. The decades long politician who is relying on the unhinged, extremists of the socialist liberal left for his talking points shared his plan to increase the minimum wage to “$15 million dollars.” When he realized his faux pas,  Biden quickly corrected himself, saying he really meant an increase in a national minimum wage to”$15 thousand” per hour. The befuddled Biden once again realized he that was blabbering, laughed at himself, and told the crowd he must be dreaming, that he really meant a “$15 minimum wage.” Gaffe#2: Biden couldn’t remember the name of Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and referred to him as “That Mormon guy.” Biden is a very sensitive buffoon.

It’s obvious why Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate: Identity politics. She has accomplished many things in her career of which she should be rightly proud of. However, her agenda and politics present a major threat to the Constitutional Republic, to the economy, and to established norms. Moreover, she stands an excellent chance of succeeding Biden at any given point of his “transitional” presidency should they unfortunately defeat President Donald John Trump in November. Harris poses a far greater danger to the Constitutional Republic than Hillary Clinton ever could have imagined. Anyone who calls himself a conservative, a moderate or a patriot. should recognize this. Pelosi is preparing to employ the 25th Amendment, but not against POTUSDJT. It’s to remove Biden after few months should he win. That is one evil, manipulating over the hill hack politician. 

In a nutshell, this is a sampling of her orthodox, radical extremist,  liberal leftist agenda, that goes hand in hand with the idiots from the squad: 

1-Will repeal each of the middle class tax instituted by POTUSDJT; 

2-Will increase taxes across the board for each American totaling  $4T

3-Wants to get rid of the Second Amendment 

4-Supports re-instating and increasing Obama’s business regulations, which strangled the mom & pop stores, while stunting business growth.

5-Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act: On July 23, 2020, HUD announced that it will terminate the Obama administration’s 2015 AFFH regulation, which the Obama administration tried to enact and now Komrade Bernie is pushing, with help. The AFFH act is meant to establish areas for “balancing housing.” In more realistic terms, Harris/Sanders/Biden’s goal is to force suburban towns, incorporated villages, and areas under the jurisdiction of chambers of commerce, etc., with single-family homes and designated lot sizes to construct high density affordable housing in the middle of neighborhoods that actually have some space between houses. This Federal proposal would supersede state, county and town laws.  

6-Wants to end fracking and cut back on domestic energy production, which will put the country back to depending of foreign oil, with sky high prices, and the loss of approximately ten million jobs. 

7-Revive Obamacare…ICK!

8-Defund all law enforcement and invest in communities 

9-Free medical care

10-Free child care

11–Millions of “green” jobs

11-Forgive all student loans 

Back to fracking for a moment, both Biden and Harris have staunchly denied eliminating the process with draws natural gas from the ground. She reiterated that stance during the debate against VPOTUS Michael Pence. Yet, on Harris’ website, she clearly champions the banning of fracking and supporting Ocasio-Cortez’s green new deal. Harris committed numerous “mistakes”…fibs, lies, etc., she made. One that really caught my attention will be addressed, in a bit.

To further demonstrate that one of their goals is to “pack” the Supreme Court of The United States, Harris insisted that President Donald John Trump should pull the Associate Justice nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett because it’s too close to the 2020 Presidential Election in November. When a Democrat needs to make point, for some reason they always choose President Lincoln. In this case Harris got egg on her face when she claimed that #16 “refrained from naming someone 27 days before the 1864 election.” President Lincoln was forced to delay any nomination because the Senate was not in session and reconvened on December 5, 1864. Harris re-wrote history to support her statement. Whomever researched this bit of history for Harris got it wrong, which made her look like a bigger fool, especially when both “Hidin’Joe” Biden and Harris refuse to answer questions about packing the court.

In June 1864, President Abraham Lincoln surprised then Secretary of The Treasury Salmon P. Chase by accepting his fourth offer of resignation. In 1860, Lincoln was running against the men for the Republican Presidential nomination that became his cabinet. There’s a great book written by Doris Kearns Goodwin titled, “A Team of Rivals,” which references President Lincoln’s relationship with his cabinet. The Republican Party had at that point already renominated Lincoln and the Treasury was in solid shape, so Lincoln no longer needed to keep Chase in the cabinet, just in case Chase wanted to unseat President Lincoln. That Lincoln was one smart cookie. But to placate the Radical wing of the party, Lincoln nominated Chase as a potential Supreme Court Justice. Chief Justice Roger Taney died in October 1864. FYI, Taney was appointed by President Andrew Jackson in March, 1836 and a staunch anti-abolitionist. Lincoln named Chase to succeed him. Chase was nominated on December 6, 1864, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on the same day. He was sworn into office on December 15, 1864, and served until his own death on May 7, 1873. Chase was a complete change from the pro-slavery Taney. One of Chase’s first acts as Chief Justice was to admit John Rock as the first Black attorney to argue cases before the Supreme Court, while Taney ruled against Dred Scott’s case for his freedom in 1857. By the way Election Day 1864 was on Tuesday, November 8, 1864 and Chief Justice Taney died on October 12, 1864. So, Taney’s seat was open for approximately six weeks. And remember, The Senate was not in session. Harris should have checked with her calendar before opening her mouth.

John Rock before the SCOTUS

In a brief review of the candidates that the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left have in their left pocket is downright pathetic. “Hidin’Joe”Biden is a career swamp dweller, who has accomplished very little in 47+ years in Washington. The odds are that he at least was a peripheral participant in the fake Russian collusion paid for by Hillary Clinton and carried by by Obama’s DOJ & FBI. There’s no point in rehashing Biden’s record of one failure after another. The two biggest negatives, and they are rather large, is Biden’s hard turn from moderate to following the radical socialist-progressive left agenda, which he swallowed hook, line and sinker. The second issue is more troubling and is absolutely being publicly ignored by the Democratic Party and the unprepossessing dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media….Biden’s propensity for racially insensitive comments and boatloads of gaffes.

The Democratic Party supports the two central anarchist groups: BLM and ANTIFA and it took months for the two Democratic candidates to “softly” condemn the violence and destruction. Two last things about Harris: 1-How can Biden determine that all 42M members of the Black Community wake up every morning worried they will be killed by a police officer? There’s not one single American citizen who has been killed just for going about their lives, unless their life is being a criminal who attacks law enforcement with deadly weapons. Biden continually says the real problem in this country is that Black  people aren’t treated with dignity, yet he says hideous things about them. Harris chimed in with their defund the police plan. “Reforming policing in this country means creating a national standard on use of force and conditioning federal funds for police departments on adoption of that standard,” said Harris. Yet 81% of people polled who live in lower socioeconomic areas want the current level or more. 2-Simply, Harris lies. Harris has a horrible temper. Harris likes to be the center of attention. Harris lied and wants defund law enforcement. Defunding or disbanding law enforcement will change criminals lives for the better. And how about those anarchists? As for rest the rest of us? Not so much.  Out of touch politicians, just got to love them!

Just by examining Harris’ career and her proposed changes, putting someone as radically extreme as Harris in a president-in-waiting position is an extremely dangerous proposition. No right-minded conservative or moderate Democrat should fail to recognize the danger and the fundamental change to the country that Obama, considered the most ineffective and divisive POTUS, had been pushing for. And for Jewish Liberals, think back to late 1920’s Germany, as Jewish Germans supported the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party and by 1933 we know how well that turned out. If one repeats history, it tends to be a very harsh teacher. 

Biden continually displays his complete disconnect from reality: “It’s about who were are, what we believe, and maybe most importantly who we want to be,” said Biden.

And both Biden and Harris need to get their facts straight…which is hard for them to do! Being the great humorist that he was, President Abraham Lincoln must be getting a good laugh from the Biden/Harris show. You can’t fix stupid.

VPOTUS Mike Pence to Candidate Kamala Harris: “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not entitled to your own facts.”