The Democratic Tammany Hall, 2021

It is June, 2021 and here’s two questions: 1-Name the four Presidents that faced impeachment? 2-Name the two Presidents who resigned?

To begin, William Tweed (April 3, 1823 – April 12, 1878), was widely known as “Boss” Tweed. He was an American politician most notable for being the “Boss” of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party’s political machine that played a major role in both New York City and State politics during the 19th century. Tammany Hall controlled various gangs in the Five Points section of Manhattan who strong armed opponents. After Federal investigations, Tweed was charged with numerous Felonies. Desperate and broken, Tweed agreed to testify about the inner workings of the Tweed Ring to a special committee set up by the Board of Aldermen, in return for his release. After testifying, New York Governor Samuel Tilden (D) refused to abide by the agreement. Tweed remained incarcerated. He died in the Ludlow Street Jail on April 12, 1878, from severe pneumonia and was buried in the Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetery. Mayor Ely Smith would not allow the flag at City Hall to be flown at half-staff. Imagine Democrats being in positions of power in private concerns while “serving” the public with their own interests, while supporting anarchists! Can you just imagine that taking place in the 21st Century? Imagine that people in power will do anything to keep, including crashing a full plane because they don’t like the pilot. Hard to imagine, hmmm !!

History books will have to be revised once again taking into account some very interesting events in the November, 2020 Presidential election. In early 2020, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), as Speaker of the House, was threatening to update the 25th Amendment, in order to make the removal of the President of the United States easier than it was originally intended. Here is where we become a banana republic. Pelosi, along with her minion, Senate Minority Leader Chuckles Schumer (D-NY), also pushed mail-in voting. The entire sphere of the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist progressive left thought Pelosi was focusing on the removal of President Donald John Trump if he won the 2020 Presidential Election. However, Pelosi, along with her puppet minion, Chuckles Schumer, have made it their sinister “goal” not to remove POTUSDJT but President (?) “ChinaJoe”Biden, at some point, should he win.

After the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was introduced and addressed what happens to the presidency and vice-presidency if the POTUS and/or VPOTUS dies, resigns or becomes incapacitated or disabled. The amendment was passed by The Congress on July 6, 1965. The 25th Amendment was ratified by the states on February 10, 1967. Invoking the 25th Amendment has always been controversial, especially Article 4, which allows for removal of a president who is deemed incapacitated by any kind of illness—including mental illness—or injury. But as previously stated, Pelosi was attempting to doctor the books.

So, the answer to the aforementioned question one: Andrew Johnson, Bubba Clinton, Donald John Trump and Joe Biden.

The answer to aforementioned question two: Richard M. Nixon and Joe Biden.

Now no one wishes physical injury to Biden, President or not. It was, is and remains obvious that his cognitive abilities are failing. And the pressure that he will/is facing will cause a quicker decay of those aforementioned cognitive abilities. And that will present major issues and embarrassment to the United States on the world stage, much less the ongoing governance of the country. Face it, Biden was no rocket scientist to begin with, so this will serve to make things worse. Moreover, Biden can’t go hidin’ in his basement as POTUS. It’s a safe assumption that Kamala Harris, as VPOTUS, will be doing the heavy lifting until Biden is either impeached or resigns. Scared yet?

Here are a few tidbits to gnaw on and are not in any particular order of importance:

-Illegal aliens will receive entitlements that most American citizens can only dream about, and with open borders, there will a flood of the aforementioned illegals.

-The Obama era business restrictions will be re-implemented, therefore slowing down the recovering economy under President Donald John Trump.

-Rejoining the Paris Accords, which will cost us billions of dollars and millions of jobs, while American greenbacks will support India, Russia and the draconian Communist Chinese Republic. And they don’t have to adhere to the accords until 2030, if they want to.

-The promised shutdown of fracking, which will result in the loss of millions of jobs and once again see the United States going from the world leader in energy production to depending on foreign oil. And the price of oil with skyrocket.

-$4 trillion in taxes

-Just think of Biden’s possible cabinet: Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Rice, the four anti-American, anti-Israel idiots of the squad and all the recycled Obama people from his failed administration. Worse than a Freddy Kruger movie!

-The Palestinian Authority had already reached out to Biden. So there is a distinct possibility that Biden will move the American embassy back to Tel Aviv, decrease the amount of American funding Israel receives by sending it to the PA in order to placate the growing number of anti-Semites in the Democratic Party.

-American Jewish liberals should absolutely feel ashamed of themselves for voting for Biden, knowing his party’s stance towards Israel, their support of the BDS movement and his failing to condemn growing anti-Semitic violence.

-Biden will re-enter Obama’s JCPOA treaty with Iran. That $154B boondoggle was a good investment by that failed administration. And by the way, remember what John Kerry told the United States and Israel’s adversaries….”be patient.” Remember, those billions help support state sponsored international terrorism.

-Hillary Clinton will get away with her Russian collusion and treason… the investigation will disappear.

-China Joe will get away with his being an operative for the draconian Communist Chinese Republic and on their in payroll. Both Hunter and Joe’s investigation will disappear thanks to the one year cover-up by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

-While Biden has experience in foreign affairs, do not forget that Robert Gates, Obama’s Secretary of Defense, stated that Biden never got it right in four decades.

-Biden flip-flopped on defunding law enforcement. Harris, along with the rest of the radical, liberal left demand to defund police. But that just goes to demonstrate how out of touch they are. Over 81% of people living in lower socioeconomic areas want increased police presence. Nationwide studies show that more police on the streets lead to lower crime across the board. Bubba Clinton and Obama passed bills for increased police spending without any pushback. Today, the mayors in the country’s largest cities cut their police budgets and the result was that anarchists laid siege to those cities, see Portland and Mayor Putz in NYC.

-Biden will revoke the restriction on Muslim access to to United States. The radical, orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left bitched about POTUSDJT’s Muslim ban, but Obama’s covered more countries. Imagine that!

-Sadly, not one of the elitist, self-centered, misogynistic, egotistical radical knuckleheads of the entertainment industry followed through on their “threats” to leave the country when President Donald John Trump defeated the treasonous, money laundering, scoundrel Hillary Clinton in 2016. In 2020, the same people made the same threats. Hope they are packing when their taxes go through the roof.

-The national polls once again dropped the ball big time when making their predictions as they were weaponized by the DNC against POTUSDJT, including false double digit leads. The same applies to the dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media, who apparently decided the outcome of elect. Fox News gave Arizona to Biden while the votes were still being counted. Voter suppression? You bet!

-Anyone who called POTUSDJT a racist has zero knowledge of the Democratic Party’s systemic racist history that has been promulgated by Biden throughout his career. One of his beauty’s was in order to go into a 7-11, you must have an Indian accent. And look up the 1856 assault case between Senator Charles Sumner (R-MASS) and Senator Preston Brooks (D-SC). Decide which party is systemically racist!

-Biden wants the United States to rejoin the draconian Communist Chinese Republic controlled World Health Organization. Don’t forget that the WHO, in cahoots with the CCR, covered up the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, the NY Times reported newly uncovered details that show the World Health Organization didn’t just kowtow to the Chinese Communists, the UN agency actively helped Beijing whitewash its deadly deeds. POTUSDJT was right to pull us from the WHO.

-One more question to ask: In his four plus decades in Washington, can anyone cite any accomplishment by Joe Biden?

I could go on and on, but everyone knows what we face with a Harris/Biden administration, I mean Biden/Harris administration. Biden could actually out-Obama Obama because of his stature as Pinocchio for the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist progressive liberal left.

Furthermore, as reported by The NY Post, former White House physician Admiral Ronny Jackson (Ret) (R-TX), who is the Representative-elect for Texas’s 13th congressional district, told reporters that he was “convinced” Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander in chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,” Jackson said on a call organized by the Trump campaign. “As a citizen of this country, I’ve watched Joe Biden on the campaign trail and I am concerned and convinced that he does not have the mental capacity, the cognitive ability, to serve as our commander-in-chief and our head of state,” he went on. As the pressure and problems mount on “Hidin’Joe” Biden, as Commander in Chief, people will see more and more issues with his competency and it will get worse, with gaffs galore.

During numerous public appearances, Biden made gaff after gaff after gaff. For example, he stated that he was running against George Bush, not once, but twice. Biden had looked horrible and seemed to be breathing heavily, on top of it all. A majority (65%) of voters surveyed thought it was much more likely that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, while 35% thought it was less likely, wishful thinking. Moreover, groups that usually approved of President Donald John Trump’s job as president, were the most likely to believe Biden could be suffering from dementia. Thus, majorities of Republicans, a 77% -23% split believed that Biden has dementia. Independents had a 56%-44% split. A little under 33% of Democrats thought this was the case. And Kamala didn’t know that she was in Cleveland. The mainstream media has completely ignored, or absolved, Biden from his accusations of sexual assault, including incidents of “touchy-feely,” with a plethora of them on video. They magically disappeared, like POTUSDJT votes.

What is continually, and conveniently overlooked was the H1N1 pandemic, which became a disease that emerged in April, 2009, but wasn’t declared a pandemic until June by the World Health Organization. It wasn’t until six months later, October 2009, that Obama declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic. By that time, the disease, according to the CDC, in that time frame, had infected 57 million Americans, with 274,304 hospitalized and 12,469 people having died in the U.S. No Defense Production Act by the Obama administration. And the Obama administration never replenished the masks and ventilators. The bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media blamed the POTUSDJT administration for the shortage in PPE’s, but asked nothing of Biden, or Obama, who apparently got a pass from the MSM. And now with the economy recovering, Biden has promised to shut down the country as a means to deal with Communist China’s COVID-19 pandemic. And what will the Biden administration do differently that the POTUSDJT didn’t do? That remains to be seen! And what about the Biden syndicate’s involvement with the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, the Ukraine, Russia and all the other countries that paid for play, in other words, paying for direct access to the VPOTUS….Joe Biden.

A number of social media messages posted by President Donald John Trump in recent days, namely those focusing on the election results, problems and irregularities with vote counting, election observation, and lawsuits filed, have been censored by Twitter and Facebook. Members of The Congress and experts say that such activities restrict free speech and Big Tech should be reined in. I too have been suspended by Facebook for content, not for cussing or insane pictures. Others have gotten away with violating the same algorithms I was suspended for.

And here’s one last scary thought: Should Pelosi and Chuckles follow through on their insidious plans to impeach POTUS Biden, he will be impeached or forced to resign. Think of the consequences and who moves up the ladder! From a “moderate” Biden to a radical Harris, who was voted the most “liberal” member of The Congress.

One interesting dynamic resulted from this election. It appears that the Republicans will maintain the majority in the Senate, while not one Republican member of the House lost their re-election bid. As a matter of fact, the GOP gained seats in the House. So, there are many angry “moderate” Democrats who are pissed at Pelosi for the radical stance, her stiff partisan agenda, and lack of cooperation with the administration, which cost their seats. Furthermore, more Blacks and Hispanics voted for POTUSDJT than any other GOP candidate since 1960 (Richard Nixon). They saw the results of this administration’s efforts to work with minorities. Also, POTUSDJT received record numbers of Asian and First American votes. The left should be terrified for the upcoming midterms. The Democrats lost ten seats!

And here’s one truly last thought: the “hanging chad” in Florida during the 2000 Presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore resulted in six weeks of law suits and litigation. So at this point the fat lady ain’t even warming up! There are ridiculous discrepancies in the votes all over the Country.

On a side note, Judge Jeanine Piero was suspended by Fox News. Why you ask? Sources close to Fox News told Newsmax that because Judge Jeanine “made a very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the voter fraud that took place in the election,” Fox made the decision to pull her show, instead extending coverage of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. The sources didn’t indicate whether Fox plans on cancelling the show, but that it was suspended for at least this weekend. Fox New has flipped. Long live OAN and Newsmax.

And continuing with a focus on television, and here we are talking about “state television,” or the support the dregs of the mainstream media afford the left. So, on state television, Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian Jon Meacham has been outed as a Biden supporter. He endorsed Biden in March. He had a job as a contributor, for which he was paid, on POTUSDJT hating MSNBC. According to reports, Meacham no longer has a contributor job because he failed to disclose that he writes and also edits speeches for “Hidin’Joe”Biden.

William “Boss” Tweed v “Hidin’Joe” Biden? It’s presents a fascinating view as to just how nothing has changed with “ballot stuffing.” Project Veritas has numerous postal workers sharing about postal stamp date changes on the ballots. This attempted deception is far larger than originally thought. Finally, there’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!” Oh My!!!

Dan Crenshaw 2024!

The 21st Century v The 19th Century…no difference!