New York: Whacky Gov, Whacky State!

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute.

“The Andrew Cuomo New Yorkers know and mostly tolerate, the snarling attack dog who gaslights fellow Democrats and deploys staff to call his female critics ‘f—-g idiots,’ dropped down to Earth. It was a hard landing after a long-distance love affair with a fanbase in a galaxy far, far away,” said Alexis Grenell. She was Cuomo’s deputy director of intergovernmental affairs when he was state attorney general and is currently a media and political consultant. “St. Andrew, our savior of the spring, is now milking his 15 minutes of fame for an extra 30,” Grenell said. She reminded everyone that Cuomo threw a tantrum during a recent presser…see the introductory paragraph. And don’t forget that “The Turk” is hawking a book about how wonderful he is.

During the 2018 midterms, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) morphed into a shapeshifter as he became everyone and nobody all at. “I am a Muslim,” he proposed as he was jonesing for votes, which provoked widespread consternation. During the same speech he also became “Jewish,” “Black,” “gay,” “disabled,” and “a woman seeking to control her health and her choices.” Stunningly, what was missing from his wish list was the one major accurate description that explained his overzealous schizophrenia: “I am a white guy running for office in the radical, liberal Democratic party.” Welcome to the whackiest state in Union, with the ultimate professional thrower of exaggeration in command.

Cuomo has been the Governor of New York State since January 1, 2011. In the nine years as New York’s Chief Executive, he is responsible for driving New York into a $6.1 billion dollar deficit, primarily through failed liberal and progressive programs, as taxes spiraled skyward to fund these entitlements, with plenty of misspending. Father Mario Cuomo, was a liberal, but was respected, had style and worked in a bipartisan manner. Then there’s the despised, neuroimage challenged Fredo Cuomo on the Clown News Network, AKA CNN…enough said on that one.

There’s an old saying that history has a tendency to repeat itself. There’s a story that goes as the Continental Congress was meeting in Philadelphia in 1776, each referendum voted on was by majority rule. Each time the New York delegates were asked to vote, they abstained. Finally, when asked about how their directions were decided, Francis Lewis reportedly said that with all the yelling, screaming and complaining in the New York Legislature, nothing got done. In 2020, the ultra-liberal NY Legislature continues to only make things worse, with no cash bail as a prime example.

In August, 2019 State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli began conducting an in-depth audit of New York’s high-tech programs that included an in-depth review of the taxpayer costs/investments of Tesla’s controversial SolarCity plant in Buffalo, NY. The Cuomo administration authorized spending a whopping $750M into the research, development and construction of a solar factory, which was part of his controversial “Buffalo Billion” program. The program was intended to rebuild the upstate economy. With just 750 jobs created at the plant that would come to $1M per job. Even when factoring in thousands of other jobs created by Tesla, the subsidy would still be well into six figures per job. He wasted $750 million on a failed solar panel company in Buffalo. This paralleled Obama’s multimillion dollar failure with California solar panel company Solyndra. The GSA advised against wasting our money, but Obama did not listen…no shock there!

Cuomo, along with Mayor Putz, have decided to close New York City due to an alleged rise in COVID-19 cases at 10PM. Despite restaurants, bars and gyms, for example, who have been meeting the guidelines set forth by the CDC, they are fighting for their very survival . For months there was a sense of normalcy that people had not seen since March. So, to squash the mental and financial recovery, “The Turk” ordered bars to serve food items with alcoholic beverages. So, some very creative saloons responded by adding “Cuomo chips” at the cost of $1.00. Apparently, Cuomo did not find humor in this. So, he put on a further squeeze by demanding that the food ordered be “similar in quality and substance to sandwiches and soups.” Man has no sense of humor, or social grace for that matter, yet continually feeds his thirst for power as he bullies his constituents.

On March 1, 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was gaining strength throughout the world, New York City was identified as an epicenter, due to NYC being a real “melting pot,” in order words, a sanctuary city. Cuomo, during one of a multitude of pressers….with lots of face time, with hearing him drone on and on, was talking to his constituents like they were children, yet insisted that the virus was under control.

Don’t forget that he continuously raised his voice like an angry parent as he reprimanded New Yorkers like mischievous children.

Furthermore, Cuomo firmly in his governor’s tone and manner, told everybody not to worry about the virus… it’s under control. Then miraculously, Cuomo flipped his tune, shut down New York State and then demanded that he needed 30,000 ventilators from FEMA during this pandemic and only used 5,000. In addition, the United Stated Army Corps of Engineers turned The Javits Center, located on the west side of Manhattan, into a fully operational hospital in a few short weeks…was underutilized. That number was 2,500 beds.

The USNS Comfort was deployed to New York City by POTUSDJT’s administration, the epicenter of the virus outbreak in the United States, in order to free up space in the city’s hospitals so that they can focus on treating coronavirus patients. The ship was only treating 22 patients, despite having a 1,000 bed capacity to treat non-coronavirus patients, according to a US Navy official. Navy officials were informed that they should expect the number of patients being treated to increase significantly as the process of referring patients to the ship is refined. The boat? Final tally? Underutilized!

In March, 2020, Cuomo had asked for volunteer nurses and other frontline healthcare workers to come help in NY. So Reverend Franklin Graham through his Christian charity organization, Samaratin’s Purse, established a fully operational field hospital in Central Park. He sent nurses to New York City. Amazingly, after assisting for over a month, Cuomo’s progressive, liberal side came out and demanded that Samaritan’s Purse, who sent volunteers from other states, pay New York state employee taxes! I wonder if Cuomo actually heard what he said. Not Mayor, but Governor Putz.

An epidemic in 2013 depleted the stockpile of masks and ventilators. They were never replaced. In 2015 Cuomo was told that NYS needed 16,000 ventilators to handle a crisis and purchased zero.

According to the Washington Examiner, the national shortage of N95 respirator masks can be traced back to 2009 after the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. The Obama administration was advised to replenish a national stockpile but did not, according to reports from Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times. Not reported by the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media in 2020.

In the spring of 2009, the H1N1 virus was detected in the United States and spread quickly across the country and the world. This outbreak made headlines as the swine flu. The CDC estimated that there were 60.8 million cases, 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths in the United States. Globally, 80 percent of this outbreak’s deaths were estimated to have occurred in people younger than 65.

And more to the local flavor, and what is more interesting, Governor Cuomo and NYC’s progressive, socialist idiot Mayor Putz DeBlasio (D) continuously fight through the media, instead of working together. However, Mayor Putz did thank POTUSDJT and the administration for funneling supplies to NYC hospitals.

The NY Post’s Michael Goodwin wrote a far more eloquent description of Cuomo. In writing about the ongoing feud that exists between Cuomo and DeBlasio, Goodwin wrote that is where the governor asserts maximum power and accepts minimum responsibility. Cuomo had the National Guard on standby, believing that he had the legal authority to remove the mayor, but doesn’t have the onions do it. Ineffectiveness defined on all counts.

Finally Cuomo had the onions to admit that his coronavirus projections from his experts were all wrong, and that he getting out of the business of speculating because of it. As reported by Fox News during a presser earlier , Cuomo said he couldn’t “predict” when the hospitalization and death rate numbers will drop to the necessary threshold required for reopening certain regions because as he put it, “we all failed” at predicting. “Now, people can speculate. People can guess. I think next week, I think two weeks, I think a month,” Cuomo told reporters on Memorial Day. “I’m out of that business because we all failed at that business. Right? All the early national experts. Here’s my projection model. They were all wrong.” It’s amazing how he tries to extricate himself, while blaming others, as his ship founders.

Moreover, the biggest blunder of all is that Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, which has been devastating for New York as 25 percent of all CORONAVIRUS deaths in New York are now from nursing homes. He has blood on his hands from over 11,000+ people who quite possibly didn’t have to die. And Cuomo passed the blame to the nursing homes.

And now with various pharmaceutical companies on the verge of developing a COVID-19 vaccine, “The Turk” is sticking to his anti-POTUSDJT stance by stating that no one in NYS will receive the vaccine until his “people” examine it. Additionally, Cuomo said that it’s too bad that the vaccine was not developed after Biden becomes POTUS…which is still up in the air. So, NYS’s governor is planning on adding more notches on his belt.

As the Governor of NYS, Cuomo has to see what is going on in New York City, his hometown. Under the Democratic thumb, NYC, like many other cities run by Democrats, has morphed into a crime ridden, mob ruled, anti-law enforcement horror show, with thousands evacuating NYC. As reported by the NYPD, the recent surge of shootings, along with an ineffective court system, can’t keep repeat offenders off the streets, most of which were recently released from Rikers Island. There has been a spike in crime. Without one sound of alarm or support from Cuomo and the NY Legislature, the NYPD has repeatedly sounded the alarm for months. Members of the City Council are headed in the opposite direction, slashing the department’s budget by over $1B. “I hope I’m not the only one, it takes a long time to turn the ship that sees the iceberg directly in front of us,” NYPD Commissioner Dermont Shea told NY1. Lastly, I am of the mind to wonder if Mayor Putz and the City Council would surrender their personal security to put additional law enforcement on the streets.

The problem is the result of multiple compounding factors, according to former NYPD Commissioners Ray Kelly and Bernard Kerick. First, the NYS Legislature passed a bail reform law that allowed more criminals to immediately get back on the streets. Then Cuomo locked down NYS, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the shutdown of the court system, which then created a sizable backlog of cases. Mayor Putz, and the City Council, authorized the release of hundreds of people who were incarcerated. They thought it would mitigate the spread of the virus among inmates. And they were wrong. Again!

Furthermore, DeBlasio has the audacity to blame school and business closings for the uptick in violence. This from arguably the worst mayor who got the city council to cut $1 billion from the police budget, leading to hundreds of officers being taken off the job. With a marked lack of enforcement for minor offenses hasn’t reduced the violence. The number of shootings has doubled since last year and the number of people shot went from 828 during all of 2019 to 1,667 this year through Nov. 15. There were 295 murders in all of 2019. There have been 405 so far this year. Over 300,000 residents have literally escaped the city and have moved out since the first of the year, with the general consensus stating that crime is exactly why they are leaving. And not a single word from “The Turk” from his throne in Albany.

The NYPD reported that there was a major uptick in victims of shootings across the city after Mayor Putz disbanded the anti-crime units, cut $1B from the NYPD’s budget and Cuomo went along with the state Legislature passing no-cash bail and placing ridiculous restrictions on placing a reprobate under arrest. Besides literally placing the public in the line of fire, there was an increase of nearly 160 percent from the same period last year, and the largest number for that four-week time frame since 1996. On the Fourth of July weekend, 39 people were shot across the city, including two men in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. A 20-year-old died after a dispute during a party that spilled out into the street ended with bullets flying. And not a single word from Cuomo or Mayor Putz.

“The Turk” is receiving a meaningless Emmy that comes directly from the self-centered, hypocritical, radical, elitists of the misogynistic entertainment industry. Cuomo was lots of empty words and worthless numbers. And if Cuomo receives a worthless Emmy, it makes one reflect just how many Nobel Peace Prizes President Donald John Trump really deserves after bring together Israel and her neighbors with peace treaties that the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left could never have done.

In reality, Governor Andrew Cuomo is not well liked, especially in his own state. He’s arrogant and self-centered, but who also gave himself a nice healthy $70,000 annual raise for the next 3 years, plus another $25,000 on top of that, as he arbitrarily shuts down people’s businesses, which will tank the economy. Shame on him. And should “Hidin’Joe”Biden actually cross the finish line, despite massive amounts of alleged voter fraud on the part of the left, New York state, and California, will be the blueprints with how the country will be governed in a Biden presidency. And don’t forget that the Biden campaign bailed out criminal anarchists in various Democratic run cities. Scary!!

On a side note, the only positive thing Cuomo has done was get the New York Islanders’ the UBS Arena at Belmont Park approved for construction. LGFI!

Victor “The Turk” Sollozzo/Andrew “The Turk”Cuomo