Biden’s Unity?Biden’s Truth?

“Well, there’ll be a lot of things that will not be able to be torn apart and we need to concentrate on those. I hope people are paying very close attention because you see two very distinct philosophies on how things should be run.” Dr. Ben Carson, former Housing & Urban Development Secretary.

As the results of the 2020 Presidential Election was settled in the Senate, the unhinged, hysterical sphere of the liberal left, took on a very Orwellian notion of “deprogramming and reprogramming,” which has taken root in the Democratic Party. This has been endorsed by the dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media, with “real journalists,” such as Katie Couric, in a sneering manner, wishing that she could personally deprogram President Donald John Trump supporters and is no doubt gleeful with the impending bogus impeachment 2.0 being pushed by Pelosi, Chuckles Schumer and the rest of the socialist Democrats. Couric is quoted, “And the question is how are we going to really deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” The producers of “Jeopardy” are searching for a new host with the sad death of Alex Trebeck. They took an unusual, but entertaining, path by having noted people host. One of the scheduled guest hosts was Couric. According to the NY Post’s “Page Six,”Couric’s comments have placed her in jeopardy with “Jeopardy!” producers, who believe that Couric’s remarks offended the core audience of the legendary game show.

“The ‘Jeopardy!’ audience is very conservative. And the show has always steered clear of politics,” the source told Page Six. Let’s see if “Jeopardy’s” producers have the onions not to cave by dumping Couric. If a conservative had said something similar to Couric, the dregs of the mainstream media would have been all over it.

The word unity is defined as: The state or quality of being in accord; harmony; one and oneness. So, as President Joebama spoke nonstop about “unity,” during his campaign, the continuing attacks on former POTUSDJT with the aforementioned bogus impeachment, will serve to do just the opposite. Unity? Only publicly. In private, he adheres to progressive-leftist norms and agenda. And only from the radical, orthodox, extremist, socialist, liberal left menu. Furthermore, any chance of a Biden promoted “unity,” was essentially squashed during one of his speeches implying that POTUSDJT supporters were white nationalists and systematically racist…thoughts leftover from the Obamas. And don’t forget what Hillary called Trump supporters,”deplorable and irredeemable.”

Another “noteworthy” person, Joy Reid, if she’s noteworthy, bragged that thing the Right hates most about the Democrats is that Democrats have the culture,” Reid said. “Democrats have the culture. They have the Hollywood culture. They have the glamorous culture, and the Right hates that.” Here’s one person, me, along millions of others, who really don’t care about the Hollywood “culture,” which is filled with self-centered, egotistical, misogynistic, elitist fools, who for the most part cannot put together one coherent sentence without a cue card or teleprompter…sounds like the guy in the White House.

Additionally, in a recent poll, just one in five Americans have “a great deal of confidence” in Biden’s ability to make good on his goal to unify the country. That’s 20%…not too good! It’s quite possible that the public was sold Biden’s bill of goods, took the plug nickel, and are realizing the mistake they made. This has the makings of a true horror show.

Another member of the MSM, Principal Counsel Michael Beller of the Public Broadcasting System, which is supported by our tax money, posted demands to incite political violence through the unhinged, radical leftist agenda by saying, “Go to the White House & throw Molotov cocktails…” Moreover, this nitwit further stated, “Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters. Homeland Security will take their children away for re-education and reprogramming.” It’s not a far reach to determine which national socialist regime preached a similar policy, but actually enacted it. The Secret Service should have brought this mental case in, as they should have done with an over the hill Madonna four years ago when she threatened to blow up the White House… the actions of a domestic terrorist. Beller’s idea is similar to what is actually happening in China, as the Chinese Communist Party has been terrorizing and removing the Uighur Muslim population to supposed “re-education” camps. And that’s where Nike stuff is made…think of the hypocritical NFL and the NBA players making millions as social justice warriors, but say nothing about the Chinese Muslims. And nothing from the Biden administration. What a bloody joke!

Is Biden’s 47 year record a confidence builder? Absolutely not. Joebama, as a matter of fact, has a long history of lying about himself, about his family, about his past and about events that never took place in his Fantasyland. The unhinged, orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left wanted the 2020 Presidential campaign to be a referendum on former President Donald John Trump and possibly had to cheat, with allegations of voter fraud, to accomplish their goal. However, if we were given the opportunity to make the election based solely on a contest of character, it is only appropriate that we address Joebama’s decades long history of fabrication, deceit, plagiarism, sexual assaults and being on the Communist Chinese Republic’s payroll, along with monies from The Ukraine. The fibbing was an avenue to bolster his intellectual credentials, which was also a fabrication. Just ask the registrar at Delaware State University. And I am not saying former President Donald John Trump was anywhere near perfect, but all the great things he did for the country was never properly recognized by his angry opponents, including a number of RINO’s.

During the course of his time in the swamp, Biden had been accused numerous times of sexual assault, while he was on “company time.” However, during his time in the White House, POTUSDJT faced numerous accusations of sexual harassment, along with Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, all of which turned out to be false. As a matter of fact, two women who had accused former POTUSDJT were former employees of the Clinton Foundation. Interesting!! So, in order to distance himself from any questions of his respect for women, Joebama announced a zero-tolerance policy for those in his administration who treat others they are working with disrespectfully. A serial misogynist covering his tracks.

So, the 46th POTUS stated, “I’m not joking when I say this. But, if you’re ever working with me and I hear you treated another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise I will fire you on the spot…on the spot! No ifs, ands, or buts.” It’s fascinating that the accused will not be afforded the opportunity to defend themselves and that an investigation will not be initiated. Knowing his touchy-feely history, will Biden enforce his own policy? Let’s ask Ally Coll, Amy Lappos, Lucy Flores and Tara Reade. There is an extensive list.

Sadly, the woman who’s story was summarily dismissed by the Democrats was Reade, who was a staffer for the then Delaware senator. Reade reported that in 1993 Biden used to put his hands on her shoulders and run his fingers up her neck. In March 2020, Reade further specified that Biden had sexually assaulted her by pushing her up against the wall kissing her and sliding his hands up her shirt and her skirt, penetrating her. Furthermore, Reade tried to file a complaint, but Biden was protected by the loyalists on his staff. One last thing that I wonder about: How can VPOTUS Harris state that she supports and believed the women that Biden allegedly assaulted, yet she works with him and ignores Tara Reade? And of course, Biden lied/denied the incident.

From the birth of the country, sadly there are accepted degrees of lying throughout The Congress, in order to get things “accomplished,”that are done in a partisan context. However, when a presidential candidate blatantly lied about the ramifications of the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed 400K citizens, in order to embarrass and destroy any credibility of the former administration, no one questioned Joebama about specifics for his plan. Why? No plans existed. On October 31, 2020, Joebama Tweeted:

“President Trump still has no plan to address COVID-19. He quit on you, on your family, on America. He just wants us to grow numb to the horrors of the death toll and the pain. We cannot afford another four years of his failed leadership.”

So, throughout his campaign, as Joebama was sequestered in his basement in order to avoid the media and opportunities for being touchy-feely, he made promises that mirrored what the POTUSDJT administration already had in effect with the development of a vaccine, that he would not shut down the country, not shut down the economy, but he would “shut down the virus.” So, in a January 22, 2021 Biden Tweet, “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” So, in that one sentence, Joebama has admitted, probably without realizing his words, that his biggest campaign promise was just empty words, in order to harvest votes. Remember, during the debates, and when he exited his basement, he maintained that he would stop the virus. And the truth came out that there’s nothing that can be done. On the flip side, the POTUSDJT administration got the private sector to work with the Federal Government and got the vaccine out in nine months, instead of years.

In a recent presser, Press Secretary Jen Psaki finally admitted that Joebama’s administration is absolutely clueless regarding how many COVID-19 vaccinations the country has in reserve. So, combine Joebama also admitting that there’s nothing he can do to change the “trajectory” of the pandemic, it just goes to show that Biden gave a lot of lip service in the left’s attempt to harvest votes and demean President Donald John Trump. In other words, Joebama duped millions. Buyer remorse? Yes! It’s shocking that anything was admitted, even when she was asked about a new color scheme for Air Force One and how the White House is being cleaned. Tough questions!

Many lawmakers are calling the administration’s plans into question, saying state leaders were told these restrictions Democrats pushed on most states were meant to flatten the curve. However, in Biden’s address to the American people, he said it doesn’t appear there is anything the government can do to slow the spread and have things return to normal.

From the second Biden received the Democratic nomination for President, he targeted former President Donald John Trump on the economy, illegal immigration, the 1776 program, foreign policy, including revising the sanctions against the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, and of course his main promise was addressing the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic. Joebama stated that his campaign was going to be based on science, competency and a change in strategy fighting the coronavirus. Additionally, he claimed he had a “concrete plan” that would immediately shift the “trajectory” of the pandemic, saving thousands of lives. Former POTUSDJT was accused by Joebama, and the entire sphere of the radical, socialist left that he was holding back from doing basic things that were readily available to do. So, Biden as POTUS, was going to “shut down” the virus.

As previously stated, with Biden as the current occupant of 1600, he is completely blowing off his campaign promises and saying there’s nothing he can do. Taking into consideration that his words are as empty as his promises, even his head and heart, it’s absolutely amazing, and infuriating to witness. With acknowledging that he cannot fulfill his promises in a timely fashion, and what is pathetically obvious, is that Biden is making an absurd claim that his “100 day challenge” to wear masks will somehow save 50,000 lives. If a reporter goes off script and asks about the trajectory change of the pandemic, and the answer is not on the teleprompter, it’s a sure bet that Joebama will loose his cool and utter those famous words, “C’mon man, gimme a break!” and storm away from the presser, as he did in a recent one, leaving Harris and Dr. Fauci standing there shocked. There will be a drought of pressers with Biden.

Therefore, Biden’s goal of vaccinating 100M people during his first 100 days in office was determined by a daily average that was exceeded under the POTUSDJT administration. As reported by Bloomberg News, during Joebama’s first full day in the Oval Office saw 1.3M inoculations. However, Bloomberg News also had reported that 1.3M shots were given on January 11, 2020. And on Inauguration Day, 1.6M received inoculations under which administration’s plan? Who was still POTUS?

The COVID-19 pandemic killed thousands of businesses, as millions of people lost their jobs. So, to further kill off small businesses, the new POTUS has promised to pass a nationwide $15.00/hour minimum wage. And if wages are raised, over 3M jobs will be lost by 2025. Furthermore, the group that will take the biggest hit are Black teenagers who are entering the job market. This is just one more example of Biden’s, and the Democrats’, historical disdain for the Black Community. Don’t forget that President Donald John Trump funded “Zones of Opportunity” in lower socioeconomic areas. Enough said.

Here’s something to gnaw over regarding the proposed $15.00/hour minimum wage: This course of action will lead to law abiding business owners to hire illegal aliens off the books for half the pay, in order to stay in business. The increase will backfire and continue to drive up the unemployment rates. Socialism folks…a “redistribution of wealth.” That is the term employed again and again by the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left.

One last word about the word “unity.” For over four years the Democratic Party’s main goal was to go after President Donald John Trump any way possible. While there’s no point in reviewing their treacherous agenda, at the expense of the country and a plethora of innocent people, bipartisan cooperation was never going to happen. Now with the Democratic majority in The Congress, the only unity they want is on their terms. If not, they will once again play the race and identity cards, along with other false narratives to boost their agenda.

Former presidential wannabe, Komrade Bernie (I-VT) issued a warning to the radical, extremists of the socialist liberal left…AKA progressive Democrats. The old socialist/communist states that the Democrats could face a complete wipeout in the 2022 midterms unless they “significantly improve” the lives of Americans, now that they control the House, Senate and presidency.

On a far more personal note, and being a Type II diabetic, Joebama ordered a complete undoing anything POTUSDJT. To that end, he ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to freeze executive orders from POTUSDJT designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including the potentially-life-saving drugs, insulin, and epinephrine. As reported by “The Daily Wire,” President Donald John Trump signed four executive orders in July 2020 that directed the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “end the shadowy system of kickbacks by middlemen that lurk behind the high out-of-pocket costs many Americans face at the pharmacy counter.” During the signing ceremony, Trump said the high price of insulin and EpiPens have cut off low-income people in “desperate” need of the treatments. It makes one wonder how much money “big pharma” donated to the Biden campaign, along with big tech. I wonder how much my insulin will go up, considering there is no generic offered. I am glad that I have insurance, for now.

Lastly, it’s only less than a month into Joebama’s tenure. Already unpopular events have occurred that are making people just shake their heads. Biden enters the White House and doesn’t salute, much less acknowledge, the Marines guarding the door. Obama too ignored the White House military around the WH. Finally, we have Tara Reade, a Biden victim, saying that watching Inauguration Day was especially painful for her this year. The next four years could prove to have Obama’s wish to “fundamentally change” the country come to fruition…Oh my

Biden’s Unity?Biden’s Truth? Doesn’t Exist!

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  1. Thank you Norm! As usual, you speak the truth as do millions of “Patriots “. I will not be silenced as at my age, they can come for me all they want to! I appreciate your thoughts and find them to be honest and truthful!


    Marilyn J Smith


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