The NBA & NFL=Hypocritical Equality

“I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, but guess what, they’re not, they’re not competition for us.” “ManchurianJoeBama” Biden on China, as the draconian Chinese Communist Republic’s coverup led to a pandemic that continues to threaten the lives of people around the globe.

As the athletes in the NBA and NFL continually protest allegations of police brutality and racism in the United States, which is their First Amendment right, they will continue to kneel as the Star Spangled Banner is played for what they perceive are the ills of the country that presented them the opportunity to earn oodles of money, glory and fame. Granted, the country is not perfect, but it’s still the greatest in world history. Yet, as with the self-centered, hypocritical, elitists of the entertainment industry, these athletes are pampered in a way that an overwhelming number of people can only fantasize about and they live in an entirely different universe. However, they forget that the people who produce the things they endorse are at the bottom of the “food chain.”

They wear uniforms, promote sneakers and apparel, specifically Nike, that are made in the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, who mistreat people similar in ways to that of Nazi Germany’s SA, SS and Gestapo. The “SA,”Sturmabteilung, German for “Assault Division,” or Storm Troopers/Brownshirts, was the paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The “SS,” or Schutzstaffel, German for “Protective Echelon,” were the black-uniformed elite corps and self-described “political soldiers” of the Nazi Party. Black uniforms? Seen any lately? And lastly, the Gestapo, Geheime Staatspolizei, the Secret State Police, was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe. I don’t hear those entitled and rich athletes protesting against a source of their ungodly sums of income that flows from Communist China.

So, one NBA blowhard, windbag owner, Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, had taken it upon himself to take a stance against the playing of the national anthem before each home game. As reported by “The Athletic,” Cuban confirmed that it was his decision to no longer play the national anthem prior to home games at American Airlines Center. The Mavericks had not played the national anthem prior to home games this season, and the team didn’t plan on playing it for the foreseeable future. The Mavericks’ organization didn’t publicize the removal of the national anthem prior to games, but “The Athletic” reached out to the team after realizing that it wasn’t played before any home game this season, preseason or regular season. So, during the tenure of President Donald John Trump, Cuban brought attention to himself by criticizing POTUSDJT and the administration in hateful and boorish manners, confirming the conclusion that he (Cuban) is a buffoon.

Besides flying in his private jet to Mavericks’ road games, he is critical of fossil fuels, Cuban has failed to conduct himself as a representative of the Mavericks and the NBA, but acting as fan that he would ejected from his arena. As cases in point:

During the 2005-06 season, Cuban started a booing campaign when former Mavericks player Michael Finley returned to play against the Mavericks as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. In a playoff series between the Mavericks and Spurs, Cuban cursed Spurs forward Bruce Bowen and was fined $25,000 by the NBA for rushing onto the court and criticizing NBA officials. After the 2006 Finals, Cuban was fined $250,000 by the NBA for repeated misconduct following the Mavericks’ loss to the Miami Heat in Game Five of the Finals. In February 2007, Cuban publicly criticized NBA Finals MVP Dwayne Wade and declared that he would get fined if he made any comments about what he thought really happened in the 2006 NBA Finals. A real loose cannon.

If Mark Cuban hates this country, and what the flag and Star Spangled Banner represent, then he’s forgotten where he’s earned his fortune and the opportunity presented to him to do so. So, we have another bloody, unhinged, phony elitist who does not recognize what great luck he’s had. Then let the wealthy Mark Cuban give away all his money, sell his houses and private jet, and live like the rest of us.

Moving on, satellite images had indicated that at least three million Chinese Muslims have been interned in more than 260 identified concentration work camps located in Xinjiang, which is in Northwest China. The Communist Chinese Party is taking draconian measures to slash the birth rates among the youngest and other minorities as part of a sweeping campaign to curb its Muslim population, including rape and assault. The Communist Chinese Party is concerned that they eradicate extremist and separatist ideas and this is a way of eliminating threats to China. ABC News, amazingly, reported that the Communist Chinese government has tortured and brainwashed ethnic Uighurs, while employing a mass sterilization campaign against the Muslim minorities, which is genocide. So, where are all the protests from the Sarsours, Tlaibs and Omars, who verbally attack the country that affords them the opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of incarceration? They are more focused on the destruction of Israel, promoting anti-Semitism and “fundamentally changing” the United States.

On who’s terms?

The draconian Communist Chinese Republic has maintained that the Muslim Uighurs represent an Islamic terrorist threat to the country. To that end, it appears that the draconian Communist Chinese Party is focused on keeping the full weight of Beijing on these people in order to prevent the possibility of resistance and religious dissidence. According to reports, this is one of the most policed sections of Communist China, similar to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo. And don’t forget that the Uighurs are in forced labor camps. Auschwitz?

As reported by the New York Post, The BBC interviewed several women detained in the camps who described how one or more masked men would drag women out of their cells “every night” to rape or torture them.

I really do not care about the NBA, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had reportedly donated the maximum campaign contribution amount to then Democratic candidate Joe Biden, despite the common knowledge of the Obama/Biden stance towards anti-Semitism and how they tried (will try again) to torpedo Israel in the UN. It’s remarkable that Jewish liberals, such as Silver, remain our worst enemies. Additionally, don’t forget the billions of NBA revenue comes from Communist China, despite unleashing the COVID-19 virus on the world and the use of forced labor camps from Uighur, the aforementioned Chinese Muslims. Additionally, Chinese television terminated the broadcast of NBA games after Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey posted a Tweet in support of Hong Kong Democracy protesters. He was forced by the NBA, under pressure from the draconian Communist Chinese Party, to delete the Tweet, effectively violating his First Amendment rights.

While I am far from a basketball fan, much less a NBA fan, I find it fascinating that LeBron James, who’s net worth is $450M, has an annual average contract of $35.65M and is the second highest salaried player in the NBA, says nothing about the manner in which the Chinese Communist Republic treats its citizens. Yes, he has earned his money through hard work and good fortune, but James has exploited the free market system, as his fans funded a great life for his family for next ten generations. The question is why does James, and other professional athletes bite the American hand that feeds them so to speak, yet praise the Chinese Communist Party, who employ slaves to produce their products? James’ answer should prove to be enlightening, if he has one.

Additionally, “China had passed its new National Security Law, that effectively ended Hong Kong’s freedom and allows the draconian Communist Chinese Party to directly handle cases “in very special circumstances.”Epoch News, July 2020. Not a word from “ManchurianJoeBama” Biden.

As a point of reference, I lost all interest in basketball when the American Basketball Association merged with the NBA. The New York Nets, with Julius Erving and championships in 1974 & 1976, went the way of the dodo bird. The 1974 New York Nets would have defeated Jordan’s Bulls. The NBA game copies the ABA. The one radical difference is that today’s professional game is, “Watch me and see what I can do,” as opposed to the team game that was played by the league with the red, white and blue basketball. And I have an issue with leagues supporting BLM, who completely changed their original message and now are a self-proclaimed, ardent Marxist, anti-American and anti-Semitic organization, with intimidation in their playbook. My question is why aren’t they in Chicago and NYC helping instead of condemning and promoting violence in the cities who’s neighborhood businesses are torched?

On the flip side, former NFL star Warrick Dunn was raised in Baton Rouge, LA. He was the oldest of six to his single mother, Betty Smothers. Betty was a police officer until January 7th, 1993, when she was ambushed and killed while escorting a businesswoman to make a night deposit. Warrick was only 18 years old. The young man was faced with becoming head of the household. Warrick used his mother’s life insurance to purchase a home for his younger siblings. In the midst of the tragedy, he raised his five siblings while attending FSU. Warrick would go on to play five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, and then one final year with the Buccaneers. He retired from the NFL 14th all-time in all-purpose yards with 15,306 and 19th in rushing yards with 10,967. Upon finishing a solid career, he has built and paid for over 145 homes for lower socioeconomic families so they can have better lives. There are other athletes that have similar charities and stories, but it’s the self-centered egotistical, “me, me, me” elitists that garner the limelight.

So, we have The United States v the Draconian Communist Chinese Republic. Ask yourself, now with JoeBama in the White House, who’s going to win and think about what’s at stake. Right now it appears that the CCR is going to go full steam ahead to reclaim what they lost during POTUSDJT’s sanctions, despite the years of damage to the United States done by the Obama/Biden administration. The COVID-19 pandemic started in China, as they have exploited & lied about the coronavirus, while stealing intellectual property, while expanding their influence with infrastructure investments with many of our allies. Americans need Chinese plastic. OTC drugs are produced in China. PPE’s are made in China. People, in general, are ignorant of the CCR’s genocide of Uighur Muslims. To that end, President Donald John Trump had signed into legislation an executive order against the draconian Communist Chinese Republic that will hold that government accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong and anything directed at Taiwan. Yet, “ManchurianJoeBama” still maintains that the Communist Chinese Republic is not our competition as he, and his syndicate, had fattened their wallets on our backs. Ask yourself, if this is the right man to sit in the big chair, especially when he is nothing more than a Trojan Horse, with failing cognitive skills and openly favors the CCR over the USA. I hope that people are not dependent on the Democrats…because this ain’t your parents’ party, nor that of JFK. Oh My!