Israel & The Radical Liberal Left…

This is a copy of emails that I sent to the two clown radical extremists of the socialist liberal left, United States Senators Chuckles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, who represent New York State. Additionally, I forwarded the same email to Representative Kathleen Rice, who represents my district on Long Island. I usually don’t write to any of them because I expect nothing from them, except for a generic response. For what it’s worth, write to your US Senators and members of The House. I really tried not to insult them, they do a good enough job on their own….

“As a lifelong Democrat I must share with you that my disappointment with the Democratic Party continues to fester. For the most part I remain an ardent supporter of President Donald John Trump and the policies he successfully implemented during his tenure. North Korea was quiet. The USSR and The Ukraine were kept in check. The draconian Communist Chinese Republic faced stringent sanctions. And the Abraham Accords initiated peace in the Middle East that focused on Israel, our only true ally and democracy in the Middle East. Now along comes Biden, who said that he was a moderate. Well, that proved to be a lie, as he remains a gaffe machine, with the world laughing at us. Each of the aforementioned foreign policy agreements have collapsed. Now we have Hamas and Hezbolah firing missiles into Israel, who was put into the position of having to defend herself without the ridiculous idea of “proportional responses.” If you are in a fight for survival, you do what you need to, in order to protect your citizens, the same that I expect of our military.

Throughout the “history”of the radical socialist liberal extremists of “the squad,” now renamed “the jihad squad,” the majority of the Jewish Democrats in The Congress said nothing about their anti-Semetic and anti-Israel rhetoric. And review the horrible words of Ilan Omar, who incites attacks on Jewish Americans. Sadly, I cannot recall anything of substance from you. Now there is a movement in the Democratic Party to block any weapons sales to Israel, yet Biden sent $265M to the Palestinians, who will distribute the money to Hamas and Hezbolah to purchase additional weapons.

I could continue, but my hopes regarding you standing tall against the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left remain miniscule. And with everything that is transpiring in the Middle East and the growth of domestic anti-Semetic violence, you remain quiet. Until you take a stand with Jewish Americans and Israel, the path to a rise of another National Socialist German Workers Party is a distinct possibility.


And you know what the ultimate disgrace is? A Jew hating Jew. And I am being quite obvious that we can identify that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) fits that mold. He portends to be a socialist, but he hypocritically owns multiple houses. And where was your commentary with BLM throwing their support to the terrorists in Palestine? Are you afraid to defend Israel? Even Steny Hoyer (D-MD) came out in defense of Israel.

And 3/4 of American Jewish liberals voted in Biden, who is a doddering, old perv, who’s cognitive abilities are eroding on a public stage, along with gaffes galore. During a visit to a Ford F-150 electric truck plant, as Biden was going to test drive a pickup, a reporter shouted out a question about Israel. That putz told her to stand in front of the truck. Not a word from the bootlicking mainstream media. Imagine if President Donald John Trump had said that! Biden made a physical threat against a member of the mainstream media and nothing! You would have started another bogus impeachment! I pray that these Jewish liberals are suffering from buyers’ remorse with a career failed politician in the White House.

Take a stand. Show that you have the courage to go against the insanity that has infiltrated the Democratic Party. This is not the party I joined when I turned 18. As it stands right now, you lost my vote. And at the rate you’re going, you will need every vote you can get!

To that end, Sanders plans to introduce a resolution of disapproval against a $735 million arms sale to Israel, even as Palestinian terrorists continued to fire rockets at Israeli civilians. If Komrade Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez block the sale of additional weapons to Israel, that action will not only compromise our national security, but expose us to the import of global terrorism. The two of them, plus any other weak politician, who votes to block the sale should be charged with treason for placing us in danger. And if the block goes through, that action alone would validate the existence of Hamas and Hezbolah.

You know these two scoundrels are!

Remember these words, “If the Arabs put down their guns, there would be no more fighting. If the Israelis put down their guns, there would be no more Israel.” Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel.

For Gillibrand only:

Lastly, forget any hope of being President. You just don’t cut it.

By the way, there were zero responses to my emails. Not a big deal!

5 thoughts on “Israel & The Radical Liberal Left…

  1. Why are you a Democrat? Don’t you see yet that the Democrat Party is a cabal of evil and you enable, empower and support their evil as long as you pay allegiance to that cabal? Stop being a Democrat and stop voting for Democrats, for until you do you are part of their evil.


  2. I know exactly what they are and what they are doing. I don’t vote for them and haven’t since Reagan. Being a DINO gives me an advantage when I am in a political discussion. And I am not “part of their evil.” Just look at my writings on this website. Then come back and tell me who I support.


  3. I grew up in a household of important than our national, historic identity and our covenant with the Almighty, then we as a people are already dead, intermarriage or not. May as well not even vote if we can’t stand up for ourselves, BY GOD!


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