Biden: Feckless Defined!

Feckless is defined as: Careless and irresponsible; Feeble or ineffective; Spiritless; weak; worthless. These words are the perfect description of the current occupant of The White House.

“Do you take a D, C, 9 volt, AA or AAA?

As of January 21, 2021, The United States of America entered a dark, historical “crisis period” from which the country may never recover, when DementiaJoe Biden took the oath. The country, and the world, has been severely affected with the following: a festering border crisis; a destabilized Middle East, which has seen a spike in anti-Semitic violence; a dramatic rise in energy prices after American energy independence was torpedoed; various shortages of needed commodities; an educational crisis with Marxist philosophy espoused in schools through CRT, followed by USAG Merrick Garland classifying angry parents as “Domestic Terrorists.” The National School Boards Association, a left wing educational alliance, sent the letter to the DOJ over concerns that parents were upset about Critical Race Theory and maybe potential “domestic terrorists,” which has since retracted its letter. Initially, the DOJ memo in regards to the NSBA letter was held up by Garland on October 4, 2021 that announced that the FBI would be dispersed to coordinate with local law enforcement on how to handle school board meetings with parents irate about the radical CRT agenda in schools. But the damage was done!

USAG Merrick Garland’s October 4, 2021 “domestic terrorist” memo.

Historically speaking, the weaponization of the DOJ against American citizens is similar to the Obama administration having the IRS going after conservative organizations that disagreed with the Obama socialist/globalist agenda, going after reporters, such as James Rosen, formerly of FOX News and the Associated Press. This weaponization is what goes on in socialist and communist countries.

Then we have the radical socialist left’s push for the $15/hour pay, which has seen an employment crisis, which has seen a cutback in entry level positions, which affects lower socioeconomic areas. For example: McDonald’s is experimenting with artificial intelligence devices that will be able to take orders at the drive through window…right there is a loss of entry level jobs, which will affect the Black Community. But, not surprisingly, the Biden administration, and Democrats, are again turning its back on a community that they claim to support as the Democrats continue to practice systemic racism. They don’t even know their own political history! Just look at the Congressional voting records for the 13th,14th & 15th Amendments.

The numbers speak for themselves. Double check the Congressional Record.

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, DementiaJoe’s overall approval rating is at just 38%. Just 32% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing, compared to 60% who disapprove. According to the same Quinnipiac poll, Biden received his lowest marks on immigration, with just 25% approving. Since Inauguration Day, the Federal Government has seen ossification like never before. Even CNBC attested that Biden’s approval rating is “slipping sharply,” according to a recent poll, with the majority of Americans disapproving of Biden’s handling of the economy. This guy is a bloody disaster!

The sinking poll numbers are not surprising, considering that American households are feeling the squeeze directly in their pocket books. Remember folks, we’re only nine months into this presidency. Ugh!

As the indifference and the protection of the weakest POTUS in American History continues, the orthodox, radical, extremists of the socialist, liberal left & the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge each crisis Biden is responsible for. So, we have a pathetic, foul mouthed, doddering cognitively delinquent old puppet, who is a global embarrassment. The extremists of the socialist liberal left have ignored Biden’s failing cognitive abilities and short temper. It’s pathetic that he must have a handler, while the mainstream media asks puff questions, as his old habits die hard. The first nine months of Biden’s term has been an absolute disaster for America.

CalamityJoe has kept his campaign promises that served to placate the radicals of the socialist, liberal left at our expense. He promised to welcome illegal immigrants into the country and take care of their health care needs, housing needs and education needs with American taxpayer dollars. The 1.7 million illegal aliens have brought measles, tuberculosis and are super spreaders of COVID-19, without any vetting. Yet, legal entrance is checked. He’s done that. He promised to reopen JCPOA negotiations with Iran, which will them allow them to eventually develop nuclear weapons. He promised to raise taxes on all of us and that will happen. If you consider inflation as a tax, it already is happening because of the reduced purchasing power of our dollars. The current inflation rate is 6.5%, including shortages of JoeBama’s doing. He had promised to shut down our oil, gas and coal industries. CalamityJoe is now requesting that OPEC and the USSR increase their oil production. Remember, before Biden took office, gas was $2.10/gallon. Now I am paying $3.45/gallon. The last time gas was this high was during the administration prior to President Donald John Trump. So, DementiaJoe is doing a pretty good job of fulfilling his promises.

There are no words!

In regards to the Biden created disaster at the Southern Border, White House Press Secretary Jen “Peppermint Patty” Psaki recently stated that Biden visited the US-Mexico border when he “drove through it” back in 2008. “Why did President Biden say he has been to the border?” asked Fox News’ Peter Doocy. “There’s been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008,” responded Psaki. “2008?” Was that a joke? It was another failed run for the White House. Biden had refused to acknowledge the border crisis of his creation during his televised CNN Town Hall snowjob, saying he simply hasn’t had the “time” to visit the region. “I guess I should go down, but the whole point of it is I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. I’ve been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world,” said the President. And it’s not a shock that no one during the CNN coverup for DementiaJoe challenged him about “Looking at the $900B in damage and traveling around the world.” Pathetic!

One last thing, for now, about the invasion of illegal aliens is regarding the cessation of building the wall at the Southern Border. As it stands right now, there are still large gaps, which the socialist left is happy with, as sex trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking and gun trafficking goes on each day. The cartels are $14 million wealthier each day. And who is suffering? The American citizens who live near the border. And the Custom and Border Protection officers are horribly overwhelmed and overworked.

Thirty thousand (30K) on the way to the US Southern Border!

Yet, as the Southern Border with Mexico is seeing the highest levels of illegal border crossings in 35 years, the Department of Homeland Security has found one access point it can tighten up, by doling out $455,000 to a Delaware construction company for a fence around Biden’s “Summer White House,” a $2.7 million Delaware beach house. According to in September 2021, DHS awarded a contract of $456,548 to Turnstone Holdings LLC for “PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING AT 32 FARVIEW, REHOBOTH DELAWARE.” Despite the overwhelming number of illegal aliens spilling over the border, previously released data released by CBP cited that 1.7 million illegal aliens have crossed the border in FY 2021, the highest number since 1986. Simply put, this administration has FUBARED national security, facing anger over its action, or lack of action throughout the illegal aliens’ surge, with critics slamming DementiaJoe’s decision to halt construction of the border wall, which he did with one of his first Executive Orders as president. But he gets a wall, as did the Obama’s residence in Washington and as did Zuckerbuck’s home in Hawaii, which pissed off the neighbors.

Biden has a multi-million dollar summer house. So, ask yourself how does a politician becomes a millionaire while “serving” the country? President Harry S. Truman had an answer to that question. “Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.”

Interestingly, as recently reported by “Trending Politics’” journalist Jack Posobiec, Biden fell asleep at his nephew’s wedding with his “chin to chest.” After he was awakened, Biden then demanded a sandwich from Capriotti’s. “Biden fell completely asleep ‘chin-to-chest’ at his nephew’s wedding and when the staff woke him up he would only eat a sandwich from Capriotti’s, per a Pennsylvania worker at the event,” Posobiec reported. “Asleep thru entire ceremony, and kept nodding off during reception,” the source told Posobiec. “Jill takes a stern, caretaker tone with him when he’s groggy. He decided he wasn’t going to eat what the chef had prepared and only wanted Capriotti’s.” Guess he couldn’t take his afternoon nap!

The bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media are not telling the country the whole story about Biden and VPOTUS Kamala Harris, along with the constant failures that they are having as they traverse their first year in the White House, according to POTUSDJT’s former press secretary Sean Spicer, who hosts Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.,” said on the Dan Bongino show.  Instead, the media is painting a world of “rainbows and puppies and sunshine,” Spicer said.

DementiaJoeBama has clearly, and with no doubt, firmly established himself as “The Crisis POTUS.”This doddering, cognitively delinquent fool, according to Robert Gates, has been a decades long horror with foreign policy. Biden is blaming the Afghan military and people for that $86B disaster. Moreover, he claims that we were caught “off guard!” And of course, Biden had to find a way to blame President Donald John Trump. And to all the fools who voted for Biden, thank you for putting this very dangerous failure in the White House!

According to Jason Furman of the Wall Street Journal, “The ossification of unemployment could make the last phases of the recovery slower and more painful as people are unable to return to their old jobs quickly and may need to find new ones in different industries.” And let’s not excuse this unprepossessing, miscreant of a president for the shortages throughout the country and failing to properly address it. And then DementiaJoe stated that he would assign the National Guard to begin moving materials.During the CNN-White House controlled Town Hall, Biden was asked whether he would deploy the National Guard to drive trucks and the Chief Executive replied: “The answer is yes, if we can’t move to increase the number of truckers, which we’re in the process of doing.” “We are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard on a federal level,” a White House official later told Fox News. Except the National Guard is deployed by the governors of each state.

Remember, DementiaJoeBama stated that he was VPOTUS for 36 years! As his cognitive abilities decay, especially on the public stage, each American should be scared to death with a leader who’s mental health is failing. Recently, while speaking to reporters, Biden completely forgot what he was talking about, causing him to stop talking mid-sentence frozen like a statue. As Biden’s mental capabilities continue to degrade, the Democrats and the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge this fact.

One last thing…Everyone has seen that DementiaJoe ends his “pressers” without taking any questions. He turns and abruptly escapes, while mumbling he will get into trouble. Even though he had a contentious “relationship” with the MSM, President Donald John Trump stood toe-to-toe and gave it back as good as he got. One big difference, is that CalamityJoe is controlled and has a Chinese handler. Now before I get accused of being a racist, don’t forget about the Biden syndicate’s relationship with the Communist Chinese Republic and the money the family gleaned from the CCR. There is no accountability…just look at Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA). She has had a chauffeur, who is Chinese, but who for the last 20 years was a Chinese spy. It was discovered years ago by the FBI and never disclosed until Politico and The San Francisco Chronicle uncovered it and published the story in August, 2018. And let’s not forget about Representative Eric Swalwell’s side action, with Chinese secret agent Christin Fang, aka “Fang Fang.” Unbelievably, “I don’t have any concern about Mr Swalwell,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) told reporters as she slammed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for saying Swalwell should lose his House Intelligence Committee seat. The married Swalwell was involved in an illicit relationship with a spy. And no accountability. That putz, along with Pelosi, should be impeached for committing treason!!!

You really got to question her taste…no matter what!

And months ago letters were sent to USAG Garland by Congressional members of the GOP to investigate Hunter Biden and “The Big Guy!”Nothing! Yet in a matter of days, the DOJ/FBI began investigating angry parents who complained at socialist/marxist school board meetings. Just got to make one wonder about the thought process of the radical socialist liberals who voted Biden in. Well, you can’t fix stupid!!

CalamityJoe? Feckless? You bet!