Biden’s Space Wars

Joe Biden remains an empty smile, an empty suit, a hollow shell, without honor and more than ever, presents a great danger to the Constitutional Republic. He’s nothing more than a puppet for the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left. That he made it to the White House was a clear demonstration that the Democrats did not have a qualified candidate, and needed a fraudulent election to defeat President Donald John Trump. Aside from the plethora of times with DementiaJoe being touchy-feely on the public stage, with females of all ages, he also is prone to use colorful metaphors on open mics and boatloads of gaffes, both stupid and dangerous. This electroencephalogram challenged oligarch has repeatedly maintained that because of his 47 years experience in Washington, he is most qualified to fix it. Well, all we have seen is Biden torpedo everything that was successful under POTUSDJT.

You got to wonder what is going on inside that noodle!

For one of the few times where he actually demonstrated some minor semblance of a president, DementiaJoe traveled to observe the damage inflicted by the Kentucky tornadoes, while visiting traumatized survivors and families. Biden was greeted by ongoing, and vociferous locals, with chants of “Let’s Go Brandon,” which translates into “Fuck Joe Biden, when the people shouted it out. Remember, that heckling is a clear reminder that Kentucky is a deep Red state. Yet, Biden did not acknowledge being serenaded and instead promised federal assistance to deal with the aftermath of the devastating weather, which is his responsibility! Maybe he was clueless about it. No shock!

And no one said anything?

However, an old, yet accurate, saying reared its ugly head, “Old habits die hard,” during Biden’s time on the ground. Once again the corporate dregs of the mainstream media covered for the old perv as they failed to report, acknowledge, or allow, Biden to grope a boy LIVE on camera and didn’t address it only because he is a Democrat. It’s long been apparent that the “see no evil” mainstream media and the orthodox, radical, extremists of the socialist liberal left will allow Biden to grope children, maybe even yours! And don’t forget his history of groping women. Some users have taken to Twitter to accuse Biden of being “creepy” with children while visiting the aforementioned survivors of the Kentucky tornadoes. I guess no one has ever seen such an open display of child abuse right in front of us. Or elder abuse for that matter.

Really? No one said anything or stopped this? And “Dr. Jill” is standing right next to him. Is she accepting or absolutely oblivious? Creepy!

Biden fumbled and stumbled through a halfhearted, apologetically nauseating speech, which in typical DementiaJoe style, was more about him than it was about the victims of the tornadoes. Moreover, he stayed true to form by blurting comments that make absolutely zero sense. “I kid and say, the best thing to ever come out of Kentucky is my sister-in-law,” Biden blabbed. What was he alluding too?

Furthermore, throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, and thankfully being elected to undo the damage done by the Obama administration, President Donald John Trump was continuously under attack from numerous women who falsely accused him of sexual harassment. Some were even former paid employees of the failed Clinton Foundation. It was just one lie after another to frame President Donald John Trump, which blew up time after time on the Democrats. I am not saying that he was perfect, but whatever adult situation was occurring, POTUSDJT was a private citizen and not on company time.

In 2020, a former aide to Biden stated that he had sexually assaulted her in 1993. In a most detailed account to date of his alleged inappropriate behavior, Tara Reade, stated that he kissed her and penetrated her with his fingers without her consent. Reade said she pushed Biden off of her and he allegedly became annoyed and said: “Come on, man! I heard you liked me.” “C’mon man” are some of Biden’s favorite words.


Furthermore, a 1996 court document revealed that Reade told her ex-husband she was sexually harassed while working in DementiaJoe’s office in 1993. The document was obtained by “The Tribune” of San Luis Obispo, California. Reade’s then-husband, Theodore Dronen, made the court declaration, writing that Reade told him about “a problem she was having at work regarding sexual harassment, in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office.”According to Dronen, Reade told him she “eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position.”

Additionally, former Nevada assemblywoman Lucy Flores (D) had accused Biden of making her feel “uneasy, gross, and confused” when he came up behind her at a campaign event in 2014 and kissed the back of her head. Additionally, he awkwardly groped the waist of The Hill’s Amie Parnes at a 2013 holiday party. During a 2012 campaign stop in Ohio, he sat so close to a biker chick that his forehead touched her temple.


After Flores accused Biden of touching her inappropriately, Reade was one of the seven other women to share their own stories about Biden. Reade told reporters about the way he would put his hands on her shoulders and go up and down her neck. Reade then considered talking about the rest of her story. However, she didn’t because her claims of sexual harassment got her doxxed and smeared as a Russian agent. The Russian operative story is consistent with the manner in which the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left attacked members of the 2016 Trump campaign team. That was April 2019. She tried again in 2020, but the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media squashed the story.


Interestingly, VPOTUS Kamala Harris (D-CA), scary thoughts abound with those words, during the 2020 campaign maintained that she believed each of the women, yet did not criticize Biden. However , she agreed to the VPOTUS position. Moreover, Harris remains the poster politician for being a swamp creature in Washington, D.C. It’s common knowledge that Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransisco. Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began. Imagine a politician misbehaving with illicit affairs!!


In July of 2021, DementiaJoe was in Virginia, pushing his budget-busting multi-trillion dollar economic plan, which is filled with massive spending and huge tax increases. As he was talking up his socialist plan, Biden served up one of his Hall of Fame creepy comments to a little girl, who turned out to be the daughter of a veteran, no less. As reported by The Post Millennial, a Canadian news organization, Biden looked at the little girl in the audience, and says “I love those barrettes in your hair. Man I’ll tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.” What??? Historically, he has a decades long track record of making inappropriate comments to young girls and women and even fondling them. It’s no wonder that the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media and the “me too” crowd remain silent. It’s because he’s a Democrat!

Well ain’t it the truth when a picture, or pictures,
are worth their weight in gold?

The girl in question, who appeared to be elementary school age, had joined her parents and two older brothers on the podium while her mother introduced Biden at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia. In February 2021, he told an Arizona nurse during a video conference that she looked “like a freshman” in college. C’mon man!

Where are the feminists who falsely attacked President Donald John Trump and Associate Justice Brent Kavanaugh?

Lastly, and there’s no need to go into great detail, but it’s been obvious for the longest while that DementiaJoe is suffering from failing cognitive abilities. Just look at the symptoms as he continues to fully demonstrate his cognitive delinquency: attention deficit problems, memory problems, inability to employ the correct words to express himself, loss of train of thought, easily getting overwhelmed (see controlled pressers), angers easily, shuffles as he walks and repeats stories…constantly. DementiaJoe should not be in the White House, but just the same, he never is. First it was the basement campaign and now the TV studio Executive Mansion.

It is impossible to make a guess as to where Biden White House is located…
CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC or the privy! All the same!

Conversely, the liberal rag NY Times writer Bret Stephens wrote, “From some of his public appearances, Biden seems … uneven. Often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent,” he wrote. “What’s the reason? I have no idea. Do his appearances, including the good ones, inspire strong confidence that the president can go the distance in his current term, to say nothing of the next? No.” Stephens added, “The man who once gave his party hope now weighs on his party’s fortunes like a pair of cement shoes,” he added, referencing Biden’s weak poll numbers and the economic and domestic challenges facing the country.“ Even The NY Times realizes that Biden has completely snafued the country in just under one calendar year.

So, how did Biden end up as #46? We all know! The James-Younger Gang could not have pulled off a better train robbery than the robbery pulled off by the Pelosi-Schumer Gang in 2020. Biden is so senselessly out of touch with reality, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing or what planet he’s on. That means Biden is an old man who’s cognitive abilities are failing to monitor his own compromised, creepy behavior. We are so screwed!

And he’s actually contemplating running in 2024!

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  1. Good help us please. He needs to leave now. I don’t know what our country will be like in 3 more years as of masks and flu viruses. I’m praying for a miracle.


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