Biden’s Trois Faux Pas

“Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.” Giordano Bruno (January or February 1548 – February 17, 1600)…sounds like the radical, progressive liberal left!

Before we move on, “faux pas” is defined as a significant or embarrassing error or mistake…or a blunder. Furthermore, the plural for “faux pas” is faux pas, similar to sheep and fish, both singular or plural.

From the time he was unfortunately declared the “winner” of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election, DementiaJoe has been nothing but a clusterfuck of biblical proportions. From the time that I have been writing my blog, starting with the late Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) gift of the nuclear option, on through the two horror shows now occupying the Executive Branch, I was concerned that DementiaJoe would be a big nothing, which he is. However, his policies and radical, progressive liberal agenda have proved to be an orchard of topics to write about. He’s the Eveready battery that keeps on going.

“I’m not allowed to say anything or I will get into trouble.”

So, with the plethora of “wonderful” things to choose from, and we all know the Biden screwups, it was difficult narrowing the choices down. If my two choices weren’t what you would have chosen, plus a new one, please let me know. Here we go:

Faux Pas 1-From the nanosecond after taking his Oath of Office, DementiaJoe opened the borders, specifically the southern border, inviting illegal aliens to invade the country. Additionally, they were promised Federal entitlements, including debit cards from the United Nations, that should have been made available to lower socioeconomic families; First Americans…who have been historically neglected, despite Elizabeth “non-Pocahontas” Warren lying about her heritage and number three focuses on our veterans, which is addressed later on.

According to Custom and Border Protection, drug seizures have increased by more than 1000% at the Texas southern border. During calendar year 2021, under the failing Biden administration, 588 pounds of fentanyl was grabbed, which is an increase of 1066% from 2020. The 2021 combined value of the drugs seized by CBP at the Texas border totals $750 million.

The United States, to this point, has been invaded by 2.2+ million illegal aliens, including drug trafficking, gun trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, gangs and the cartels crossing the border and now terrorists from the Middle East are crossing from Mexico. But what was their path to the border and how were they financed?

The Trump administration erected a 30-foot steel bollard wall across 450 miles of the border going through numerous states, with approximately 230 miles of which was in Arizona, according to an estimate provided by Customs and Border Protection in January 2021. Then the construction of the border wall was stopped as part of the Biden agenda, with an open invitation to illegal aliens to cross the border without any level of vetting. So, we have people bringing in the measles, the chicken pox and tuberculosis, including the COVID-19 pandemic and all the variants. Furthermore, there were materials initially purchased to construct the wall, but are now rusting away because of DementiaJoe’s Executive Order, ceasing construction. Interestingly, Texas is funding the purchase, and construction, with new materials, because Biden’s DHS won’t sell the aforementioned taxpayer purchased materials. Waste of money all the way around.

What else needs to be said?

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki had actually stated that Biden visited the US-Mexico border when he “drove through it” back in 2008, when he was on the campaign trail. “2008?” Was that a joke? Of course it was during a failed run for the White House. Biden has still refused to acknowledge the border crisis, saying he simply hasn’t had the “time” to visit the region. “I guess I should go down there, but the whole point of it is I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down there.” Not only has Biden avoided the Southern Border, but so has Kamala Harris, the “Border Czar” and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Finally, according to Custom and Border Protection, who’s officers are overworked, underpaid and not supported, in December 2020, 787 illegal aliens crossed into Arizona. In December 2021, 21,623 illegal aliens crossed into Arizona. That is an increase of 2,647.5%. So, we have zero response from do-nothing DHS Secretary Mayorkas. And by the way, who was in the White House in October, 2020?

Mayorkas recently visited Arizona. He essentially stated that he would never turn his back on the officers of CBP, One officer responded: “You already did!” Mayorkas recently visited the Del Rio sector in Texas and the CBP officers turned their backs on him.

Mayorkas in Texas.

As reported by the New York Post, Pennsylvania has become the latest location where flights are filled with illegal aliens being flown under the cover of darkness. At least five secret flights were carrying the illegal aliens landed at airports in Scranton and Allentown late December,2021 from Brownsville, Texas, local outlet WFMZ reported. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have become an “unofficial travel agency” for the illegal aliens to get distributed around the country. Imagine clandestine operations by the Federal government!

Almost 50,000 illegal immigrants who were told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office between March and August have disappeared, according to newly released Homeland Security data. In a letter to Senator Ron Johnson, (R-Wis), the DHS disclosed that out of 104,171 migrants issued Notices to Report – which requires migrants released into the U.S. to report to an ICE office within 60 days – between the end of March and the end of August, 47,705 failed to report within that timeframe.

The Biden administration turned its back on states currently being invaded and overrun. So, it fell on the particular state governments to complete their section of the border wall and secure the welfare and safety of its citizens. DementiaJoe and the administration have abandoned securing the border, which imperials all of us.

Faux Pas II-The country, including our allies and adversaries, observed DementiaJoe’s dishonorable and unnecessary blotched retreat from Afghanistan, which is one of the worse foreign policy disasters in modern American history. In addition to the completely unnecessary human tragedy, we have armed the Taliban with $85 BILLION of state-of-the-art military equipment, that our troops could conceivably be facing for decades. Just look up the rather extensive list of mint equipment that was not spiked. I wonder if that was purposely done.

American Taxpayer Money!

Because of a decades long record of inept foreign policy decisions, this is one more notch on Biden’s belt. Just ask former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who sat down with the Clown News Network’s Anderson Cooper and described being physically ill upon seeing the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan back in August. “It was really tough. For a few days there, I actually wasn’t feeling very well. And I realized, it was because of what was happening in Kabul. And I was just so low about the way it had ended,” Gates said. “The other feeling that I had was that it probably did not need to have turned out that way.” And a few years ago, Gates stated that he’s known Biden for over four decades, who has not gotten anything right in regards to his “expertise” in foreign policy. Many more brave Americans will die because of the inept Biden administration.

Robert Gates

DementiaJoe blamed everyone and everything but himself for the extraordinary debacle he was responsible for in Afghanistan. This cowardly and unethical weak “world leader” had a solid withdrawal plan on the ready and his administration tossed it aside. That plan was from President Donald John Trump. This is one more crisis that this wicked, immoral, credibility challenged cognitively delinquent has thrust upon the country, our allies and the world. By permitting the Taliban to grab Afghanistan, in eleven days no less, he has given terrorist organizations…ISIS, Hamas, Al Queda for example…a base of operations.

And we cannot forget about the Afghans who helped us were left behind because of the retreat! These people are now under the jurisdiction of the Taliban!

And even more amazingly, this administration is sending over $308 million in “aid” to Afghanistan. DementiaJoe and his administration of fools have completely had the wool pulled over their eyes if they actually believe the money won’t find its way to the Taliban. DementiaJoe is a horror show…hands down. And the knuckleheads of the anti-American squad are smiling and cackling demonstrating what morons they are!

Faux Pas III-And continuing with the military, this administration, along with the orthodox, radical extremists of the progressive socialist liberal left, have turned their backs on those who honorably served to protect the country…by volunteering! By last count, there are 300,000+ homeless veterans sleeping on the streets and the numbers are rising.There are over 1.4 million veterans who are at the risk of becoming homeless, while there are more than 67% of homeless veterans who proudly served our country for at least three years, along with the estimated 460,000 veterans who are suffering from PTSD, which has the Federal government failing them. There are cutbacks on military spending, just as the Obama administration gutted the armed services. Moreover, the Veterans Administration, which is a pathetic bureaucratic failure, has only enough resources to serve a fraction of the veterans in need of assistance. And the worst part, which is never reported by the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media is the number of veterans that commit suicide each year. Additionally, the divorce rates are high among the military. And the Biden administration has done nothing…nothing…but to hurt our armed services at the behest of the anti-military radical, liberal socialist left.

Over 100 members of the U.S. military reportedly took their own lives in the third quarter of 2021 which represents a greater total than the number of service members who have died from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. According to data released by the Pentagon, 126 service members committed suicide in the third quarter of 2021, which broke down into 70 active service members, 19 reserve members, and 37 members of the National Guard. A total of 383 members of the U.S. military committed suicide in 2021 through three quarters. In 2020, Pentagon data shows that 581 service members committed suicide.

Yes, there is a long list of items of which Biden, Harris and the administration are guilty of in terms of putting the United States squarely behind the eight ball. Our adversaries: USSR, The Ukraine, NoKo, Iran and saving the best for last…the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, who is our biggest adversary, were frothing at the mouth when Biden won the election. They knew that Biden was weak and on the CCR payroll. Remember, the Democrats maintain that the USSR is the biggest threat to the country, despite a national economy smaller than California. And let’s not forget about the hatchet job DementiaJoe did on American energy independence.

The Biden Syndicate

So, thank a veteran, who safeguarded our country. Thank a police officer, who is fighting crime, with both their arms and legs tied, thanks to liberal, woke district attorneys and attorneys general and their weak enforcement of the law…see the new Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. The new DA’s policies, recently made public, included instructions to his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for many crimes and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing. Thanks to the progressive political elite, we have to contend with: criminal-justice reform, bail reform, prison reform, parole reform, Raise the Age and woke DA’s who have appointed themselves judge and jury…and not a comment from the Biden DOJ.

“It’s rare for a president to be at odds with Republicans, moderate Democrats and liberal Democrats — all at once. But that’s where Biden finds himself at the start of an election year that many Democrats believe will result in the loss of the House and maybe the Senate,” Axios reports. The guy is an unmitigated disaster!

And we do know that there’s been more than just three Biden Faux Pas…just a bit more! Even if the corporate dregs of the bootlicking mainstream media are just scrapping the surface of acknowledging them. After all, you can’t fix stupid! Oh My!

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  1. Rather than Let’s go Brandon. I say Brandon’s Got To Go. We will lose many brave warriors in Russia/Ukraine fiasco hundreds of thousands of well equipped Russian soldiers and medical units with brainless biden sending them to a sure fired death. As I said ” BRANDONS GOT TO GO” here’s a thought let’s send “Brandon” and keep our soldiers here 😠 🇺🇸 🙏 📜 💖 🗽 GOTTA GET THE HOUSE AND SENATE SENATE, SEND THESE LAW BREAKERS TO PRISON FOR TREASON AMONG OTHER CRIMES AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THEIR COUNTRY 🇺🇸


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