Dr. Bidenstein’s Monster

“The Democrats no longer are able to make a moral distinction between those who seek to come here legally and those who come here illegally. That represents a breakdown in respect for the law and a huge problem for our nation.” Ari Fleisher served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, from January 2001 to July 2003.

This started January, 2021, right after DementiaJoe’s inauguration. Biden’s reckless border policies have caused chaos, putting all of America at risk.

The crisis on our Southern border is completely out of control. Illegal alien encounters on the border are expected to reach 2.1 million this year after hitting a record 1.7 million last year. Weak, non-existent open border policies risk our national security. DementiaJoe needed to start taking this situation seriously. Furthermore, the Biden administration was pathetically unprepared for this extraordinary surge in illegal border crossings. The decision to end Title 42 doesn’t help and will lead to a major humanitarian and public safety crisis. American families should feel safe and deserve a strong and secure border.

Kate Steinle’s killer was DEPORTED FIVE TIMES, yet managed
to sneak back over the border. And his defense attorney tried
to blame President Donald John Trump. What a putz.

The Congress had been presented with numerous opportunities, through numerous prior administrations, to lead and act courageously in order to do what is right to protect the citizens of the United States. Just reflect on how the families of Cpl. Ronil Singh of the Newport (California) Police Department, Kate Steinle , Mollie Tibbets and other families who have lost loved ones must feel with the southern barrier not being built because the extremists of the orthodox, radicals of the progressive socialist liberal left call it racist, amongst other things. It’s protecting citizens and American sovereignty. The Angel families continue to support the construction of the southern barrier. Take a fascinating look at the immigration problems in Belgium, England, France and Germany as examples. That’s our future if there are no borders or vetting of illegals attempting to enter our country. On another note, the illegals are taking jobs away from Americans who have yet to find employment or from lower socioeconomic areas.

Mollie Tibets (pictured) was deprived of her future by 24-year-old
Christian Bahena Rivera, an illegal alien.

One last thing to reflect on was the recent murder of Queens mother Orsolya Gaal by David Bonola, see next photo, who according to law enforcement, is an illegal alien who has been in the country for over 20 years. As reported by The New York Post, he stuffed the woman’s body into a hockey duffel bag and then dragged it for more than a half-mile, leaving a trail of blood. As he was escorted out of the 112 Pct., while under arrest and in handcuffs, he was cussing out the reporters covering this part of the story. He was either let in voluntarily or used a key that he knew was hidden in the home’s barbecue, said NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig. A knife was used, a violent struggle ensued, resulting in the victim being stabbed ruthlessly and brutally in excess of 55 times. Moreover, law enforcement sources revealed that he was living in New York in violation of immigration law when he was arrested. Add another family to the growing list of Angel Families.

The Canadian government uses a point based immigration system for most of its immigration programs, which allocate permanent residency to the applicants. The immigration department of Canada (IRCC) introduced this point based system in 2015.

Interestingly, Canada was one of the first countries to introduce a points based immigration system, going back to 1967. For an immigrant to be eligible for permanent residency in Canada, the applicant must hold a good score based on the Canada PR Points Calculator, which is also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System. The entry express points are used to assess and score an applicants profile and rank it in the entry pool. Skills, educational qualifications, proficiency and language, work experience and other factors are some of the conditions of the CRS scoring. The higher the score, the chances increase of receiving an invitation to apply from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Gee, what a novel idea…merit based admission. President Donald John Trump proposed merit entry and was shot down!

What is most interesting, is that Canada, considered one of the most liberal countries, has some of the strictest immigration laws. The United States must implement immigration laws similar to those of Canada. American immigration laws need to be changed, so that the regulations can more closely mirror the tough, merit based Canadian immigration laws.

“All Americans are rightly disturbed by the number of illegal aliens entering our country. That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more. I am hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens. And the budget I will present, we will try to do more, to speed up the deportation of illegal aliens who were arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace.” President William Jefferson Clinton, 1995 State of the Union speech. Democrats applauded wildly. They cursed and condemned President Donald John Trump for the same words.

The members of the Congress are sworn to protect and defend the country. That includes border security. Whether it’s concrete, or steel slots, there must be a barrier established at the southern border to keep out the drugs, human smugglers and gangs. Just look at Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. By the way, just think of the hypocrisy with Pelosi, Obama, Zuckerberg and other wealthy elitists condemning the wall, yet have walls around their homes. Moreover, The EU funded billions of Euros for a 764 Kilometer border wall between Turkey and Syria. Additional walls exist in Hungary, Vatican City and Israel. But not on the southern border!

Zuckerberg’s at odds with his Hawaiian neighbors…can’t blame them!

According to Politico, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says it was expecting a “historic” surge in migration at the border, and the number of those arriving at the border is expected to triple, as the Biden administration prepared to lift the Title 42 public health order. However, a Louisiana district court judge had announced plans to block such a move until DementiaJoe negotiates a deal with Republican border states. A senior administration official said the White House plans to comply with that order. And the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive left have to be losing their minds as part of their agenda is stalled.

As reported by “The Washington Examiner,” Jonathan Thompson, the executive director and CEO of the influential National Sheriffs’ Association, along with dozens of top sheriffs, was law enforcement’s latest support for keeping in place Trump-era Title 42 COVID-19 restrictions. In pressing for retaining COVID-19 restrictions, the sheriffs wrote in a letter to Joenochio: “The administration since day one, phased out remain in Mexico (overturned by courts), reversed asylum restrictions, implemented 100 day pause on deportations and stopped building the barrier which defines our border. Now, the administration is ending one of our most effective health measures, Title 42, which seeks to return illegal immigrants to their home country during this pandemic. Today, there are thousands of immigrants in the jungles of the Darien gap headed to the US border. We simply don’t know their health status and implore you to keep Title 42 as the last policy we have to keep Americans safe from COVID and a host of other communicable diseases carried by these immigrants.”

In 2005, Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) said, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.” Sure changed his tune…

The Biden administration is lawfully expected to comply with an upcoming order from a federal judge in Louisiana that is expected to block the removal of COVID-19 border restrictions. The restrictions, known as Title 42, are a Trump-era health measure that has been used to deport more than 1 million illegal aliens. The Biden administration had previously planned to end Title 42 on May 23, a move that would have resulted in a surge in illegal immigration. “

Dr. Bidenstein’s Monster!

“Defendants, including DHS and all of its subdivisions, agencies, and employees, are hereby enjoined and restrained from implementing the Termination Order … and are further enjoined and restrained from reducing processing of migrants pursuant to Title 42,” Judge Robert Summerhays, United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, but a Trump appointee, said in a temporary restraining order.

But even with that policy in place, the Biden administration continues to encourage illegal aliens, which resulted in more than one million border crossers in just six months, and that the surge had hidden other criminal adventures by illegal aliens. There were more than 221,000 migrant encounters at the border in March, and CBP has been encountering about 7,000 migrants a day — DHS has said it has been planning for up to 18,000 migrants a day.

Biden opened the door and the invasion began.

With regard to recent numbers released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, March 2022 had more encounters at the border than any other month in over twenty years. This happened because of Biden’s dangerous open border policies, as he invited them in, even before one of the worst days in American History, January 20, 2021…JoeBama’s Inauguration Day, occurred. Therefore, as per directives by Governor Greg Abbott(R), with Texas communities already under siege by illegal aliens, and with Biden thinking to admit more, Abbott has sent ten buses of DementiaJoe’s illegal aliens to the swamp. And let’s not forget about the clandestine evening flights of illegal aliens being distributed throughout the country from Brownsville, Texas.

2009: Senator Chuckles Schumer(D-NY) said legislation should secure control of the nation’s borders within a year and require that an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants register with the government and “submit to a rigorous process to convert to legal status” or face immediate deportation. Rejecting the euphemism “undocumented workers,” he said: “Illegal immigration is wrong–plain and simple. People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally.” Sure changed his tune…By the way, no vote for this second rate, blowhard, washed up, hack politician.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released an analysis using US Census Bureau data that indicated the illegal alien population has ballooned since Joe Biden took office by one million, bringing the national overall total to 15.5 million at a taxpayer cost of $143.1 billion a year. Just over the course of Biden’s first year as president the cost to taxpayers for the new one million illegals is $9.4 billion.

Spc. Bishop E. Evans RIP

Sadly, the grandparents of Texas National Guardsman Spc. Bishop E. Evans, who drowned trying to save two illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande, said he was a selfless hero who would never have questioned who he was trying to help. The body of missing Spc. Evans was found three days after he dove into the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border to save two migrants attempting to cross the treacherous waters and enter the US illegally. He sacrificed his life in order to save two drug traffickers. And according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the death of Spc. Evans falls on Texas, not the Federal Government. If the situation was under control, similar to President Donald John Trump’s tenure, this sad event never would have happened. I am shocked that she didn’t blame Putin as she passed the buck!

Finally, as DementiaJoe, the border czar and the administration continue to sit idly by, Biden’s policies continue to put American lives in danger as his border crisis worsens with weapon trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering. And again, not one word from the “leader” of the free world as his monster reigns terror on the villagers.


But remember, you can’t fix stupid!