As the Biden(s) Turn!

In a recent column, Bill O’Reilly focused on The New York Times continued drool over DementiaJoe and the “great job” this hideous failure is perpetrating on the United States. He wrote: “Times columnist Maureen Dowd, a devoted secular progressive, wrote an incredible column about Biden. Fawning does not even come close. She alleges Mr. Biden is doing a fantastic job for the country. A brilliant job. Of course, she avoids mentioning inflation, the catastrophic border, the brutal crime wave, the collapse of the airline industry, Afghanistan and Hunter. Those things did not make it into Ms. Dowd’s column on Biden’s brilliance.” But one thing was mentioned: Dowd suggested Joe Biden not run again and to announce that now. Imagine from Dowd’s point of view that DementiaJoe is doing a great job, yet is pushing Biden as a lame duck president. Bill O’Reilly, a master wordsmith, could not have phrased this disaster any better.

While space can be limited on a very full, and informative website, I am sure that O’Reilly did not purposely fail to detail the damage Biden done as a puppet under the thumb of the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist, progressive, liberal left, who has torched what was a thriving and robust economy he received from President Donald John Trump. In January of 2021, the consumer price index was 1.8%. The recent inflation rates dipped from 9.1% to 8.5%, which is still a 40 year high, as Biden pats himself on the back. The wholesale index is still at a decade’s high 10.0% down from 10.5%. Just hours into his presidency, DementiaJoe signed a pile of Executive Orders, including the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction. Those orders also included the cessation of issuing energy leases and certification for drilling on publicly owned, not government, land. So, with the spike in gas, oil and diesel prices, every consumer product spiked in price.

In January 2021, gas was $2.29 per gallon. Despite Biden’s claims that it was Putin’s fault for inflation and the spiking gas prices, which reached a record high of $8.00 per gallon in the Twilight Zone, better known as California, consumer prices turned north long before the USSR invaded The Ukraine…six hours after Biden’s inauguration. The prices have come down a bit, but after the midterms there’s a good possibility that they will spike. And forget about the national oil reserves, which have been drained to their lowest levels in years…thanks to ManchurianJoe’s connection to the draconian Communist Chinese Republic.

In spite of DementiaJoe’s finger pointing at Putin for inflation, energy prices, food prices and the 1945 accident of an Army B-25 crashing into the Empire State Building, the gas prices rose because of a supply chain issue, see Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. Biden made the claim that releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was the reason for lower prices. However, DementiaJoe’s Department of the Treasury stated that the release of reserve oil had mildly lowered the price between 17 and 42 cents per gallon. But the main reason was that the American driver was reducing their travels. So, as usual, Biden and his administration are delusional as always…

These are the people whom the Democrats claim to be helping. Sure doesn’t look like it. And the progressive elitist left will turn out each voting cycle to remind their constituents what a great job being done! What a disconnect.

Items that saw prices swell include: gas, diesel oil, home heating oil, natural gas, foods of all kinds(chicken, beef, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.)clothing, furniture and used cars up 30%+ because of a lack of inventory. New cars? Not enough computer chips. Where are they made? If you guessed the draconian Communist Chinese Republic…you win a cookie. And not let’s forget adult beverages. Hell, even soda went up, which annoyed me to no end. The local supermarket, for example, was selling four quart bottles of Diet Pepsi for $4.00. Now it’s four bottles for $5.00. That is a 25% increase. Now really do that across the board. Tight money!

Due to the long term high inflation rates, the average American family is paying $460.00 more per month across the spectrum. People who once ate steak on a weekly basis are now eating more affordable (?) chicken. And the administration will try to spin-doctor the still record setting high consumer price index…Biden stated that the inflation rate is “zero!” Once again DementiaJoe’s math is proving to be an interesting problem! But zero inflation rate? But Biden-math states that as some products go up, some products go down, so the inflation rate is “ZERO!”The high inflation rates are predicted to last until next year. What a bloody joke!

As the Consumer Price Index swelled the inflation rate 9.1%, increases across the board gnawed at Americans’ budgets, with one-third of adults tapping into their savings to cover living expenses during the first six months of 2022, according to New York Life’s latest Wealth Watch survey. A total of 36% of people say they have withdrawn an average of $617 from their savings during that time frame. The survey also found that nearly half of adults (45%) are reducing dining out and ordering from restaurants, 39% are reducing travel and vacations, and 37% are reducing event attendance. And the progressive Democrats want to spend more money!

The economy shrank by 0.6% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year — the second consecutive quarter that the nation’s gross domestic product contracted, thus signaling the onset of a recession, according to the latest data. The US Commerce Department issued a revised reading of second-quarter figures on Thursday — nearly a month after its initial report measured a 0.9% contraction compared to the prior year.

From the word “Go!,” Biden has been disconnected, out of touch, tone-deaf and with an un-G-dly amount of gross incompetence. He spent $1.9 trillion in the Covid-19 relief package that ignited the inflation that has trashed the lives of many people and torpedoed the country’s standard of living. Biden’s approval rating is hovering at 34% as the members of his own party deem him unsuitable for 2024.

In a recent Yahoo poll, 18% of Americans think DementiaJoe should run in 2024. Only 18%!!! As for Kamala Harris? The Captain of the Titanic would poll better numbers. Harris’ numbers are worse in her home state, the aforementioned Twilight Zone…California.

While giving a speech at the Korean Peninsula’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Harris made a rather significant mix up. Harris stressed America’s “strong alliance” with “the Republic of North Korea.”
Just makes one shake their head!
I see a dementia afflicted senior citizen, along with his drug addict money laundering treasonous son! The Bidens are clearly disconnected as they arrogantly stick it to Americans who are struggling financially.

As reported by the NY Post, despite the financial difficulties being experienced by most Americans, Biden and his family, including disgraced first son Hunter, are once again showing their absolute disconnect and are spending their summer vacation at a $20 million beachfront mansion in South Carolina, and they’re not paying a dime. “They stayed here before and they’re not paying,” the source said. “They’ve never paid. They’re just friends.“ And don’t be fooled about DementiaJoe’s free vacation. The Democrats push free…but remember nothing is free. Each of Biden’s weekend excursions to Delaware comes out of our pockets…as does this “ no pay” vacation. Oh, by the way, let’s forget about the carbon footprint from Air Force One and the presidential caravan! After all, it’s do as I say, not as I do!

South Carolina! Don’t see any illegal aliens here! Maybe it’s time…

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, who got absolutely stomped by the arrogant, two bit, washed up slob Jerry Nadler in run off, said in an interview that Biden is not going to run for a second term in office. When asked, “Should President Biden run again,” Maloney responded, “Off the record, he’s not running again.” The NY Times immediately responded, “Not off the record. On the record.” “On the record?” Maloney responded. “No, he should not run again.” Yet there are conflicting stories that DementiaJoe will run in 2024. He will still be under the influence of the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist, elitist progressive liberal left and completely destroy the Constitutional Republic, while turning us into a socialist third world country!

In a recent presser, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said “we get” President Biden’s low job approval numbers, but insisted he will mount a reelection bid in 2024, despite some Democratic lawmakers saying he should step aside. Just what we need…four more years of gross incompetence, a disconnect with the problems that the people are facing…of Biden’s doing…and the list of failures goes on and on! DementiaJoe has made Jimmy Carter almost look good!

One last very interesting thing about Hunter Biden…the very anti-Trump Representative Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) husband is a partner at the law firm of Latham & Watkins now representing the aforementioned Hunter Biden. Additionally, the law firm is a Democratic powerhouse who donated $500,000 to DementiaJoe’s 2020 campaign. Talk about Liz Cheney being a RINO! And her father’s anti-Trump commercial is a bloody joke coming from a vice president who made $3.8 billion with Halliburton with contracts with the Federal government…such as MRE’s! And by the way, Cheney got stomped in her re-election bid…she got what she deserved. And then had the audacity to compare herself to President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln?? For real?? Talk about being self-delusional!

This administration has constantly turned its back on the country in favor of our adversaries and kowtowing to the orthodox, radical liberal socialists of the progressive left and their anti-American exceptionalist agenda…and remember, you can’t fix stupid!