Biden’s Oil Armageddon

The story about the issues with the American energy industry began six hours after DementiaJoe’s inauguration, as he signed the infamous executive order shutting down the construction of the Keystone XL 2 pipeline and operation of numerous others. As the gas and home heating oil prices spiked, Biden turned to and begged OPEC to increase production, but instead they cut it by 2 million barrels. The world is mocking us! The world is mocking the weakness of and cognitive delinquency of DementiaJoe. The question is why don’t we produce our own oil??? We have all the oil & gas we need in Texas, middle America and Alaska. We just need a president who’s America First and not a puppet to the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive, liberal left as they push their overpriced, underdeveloped globalist green agenda.

Couldn’t be more true!!And now the humiliation is getting worse for Biden, with a Saudi Prince, Saud al-Shaalan, saying:
Anybody that challenges the existence of this country and this kingdom. All of us, we are products of jihad, and martyrdom. That’s my message to anybody that thinks that it can threaten us.

As the White House and Democrats blame OPEC for the rise in gas prices, a top Saudi Arabian official laid the blame on Biden. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State Adel al-Jubeir spoke to Fox News and said it is the lack of domestic production in the United States that has led to high gas prices. “With due respect, the reason you have high prices in the United States is because you have a refining shortage that has been in existence for more than 20 years. You haven’t built refineries in decades,” he said. And let’s not forget, as previously stated, that six hours after his inauguration DementiaJoe signed an executive order that essentially killed American energy production by shutting down drilling and exploration on government lands. So, prices for gasoline and home heating oil spiked.

Saudi Arabia has exposed Biden and his administration, saying Joenochio asked for a delay in their oil production cut until after the US midterms. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said OPEC+’s decision to cut production was made in a ‘purely economic context‘ as the Biden Administration attempted to politicize the decision saying it was designed to aid Russia…Isn’t this an impeachable offense?

As gas prices spiked throughout the country, Biden and the administration said nothing. As the inflation rates swelled from 1.3% to 9.5% thanks to Bidenflation, which he never owned by the way, the average American family saw their ability to purchase food, clothing, cars, etc., shrink and be forced to make a choice of food on the table or fuel up in order to go to work.

“The biggest thing that the, right now, we’re talking about it, that we were able to pass the legislation adding 600 … or actually $368 billion for climate abatement, climate change,” Biden told constituents at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Reception a day before his flight to Hagerstown, Maryland. Climate change before the welfare of the nation he was sworn to protect? FJB!

As reported by Newsmax, DementiaJoe flew 72 miles aboard Air Force One to deliver a speech at the Volvo Group Trucks powertrain plant in Hagerstown. During his flight, Biden burned 3,866 lbs. of jet fuel aboard the presidential Boeing 757, according to the Daily Caller. The Caller noted that the 72-mile journey in the average car would have emitted 58 lbs. of carbon in contrast. While delivering remarks on the economy after touring the Volvo Group Powertrain Facility in Hagerstown, DementiaJoe delivered a gaffe that would make a kindergartner shake their head: During his opening remarks to a crowd of plant workers and to the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media(MSM), while standing on the powertrain factory floor, Biden declared, “let me start off with two words: Made in America.” It’s fascinating how none of the reporters from the MSM failed to acknowledge another one of DementiaJoe’s gaffes or his failing cognitive functions…

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Admiral (Ret), former White House Physician

“Additionally, Biden’s cognitive decline is putting our national security at risk. He recently made some really grim remarks warning about nuclear Armageddon…think Putin and the USSR facing off against NATO. Today the Pentagon 100% refuted what he said. It’s clear to everyone that he has no idea what’s going on. This is beyond dangerous!!” Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

Even French President Emmanuel Macron strongly recommended that Biden choose his words more carefully, for invoking the possibility of nuclear “armageddon.” This was a bold statement from France’s progressive liberal president.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Biden’s “Armageddon” comments about Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats are “reckless,” but a White House rep insisted they simply reflect the “high stakes” in Ukraine. It’s quite apparent that DementiaJoe and his administration are overwhelmed and are prone to reacting instead of being proactive, very much unlike the decisive actions taken by President Donald John Trump.

One thing to remember is that the current administration are the same incompetent players that were under Obama. Pompeo described Biden’s notorious Armageddon comment regarding the nuclear risk posed by Russia as “reckless” and demonstrating “maybe one of the greatest foreign policy failures of the last decades.” And don’t forget the words of Robert Gates, Obama’s Secretary of Defense regarding Biden, “”I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” in his book from 2014. Gates’ assessment of Biden’s boss, Obama, was only slightly better, depicting the Obama administration with very murky lines of communication on military issues…micromanagement.

Biden & Gates

The situation regarding the USSR’s invasion of the Ukraine can squarely be placed on Biden in two fold:

1-For months before the Russian invasion, Biden actually predicted Putin’s military action, yet did nothing…no armaments, no aircraft, no equipment, no funding…nothing…just plenty of empty rhetoric! And when the invasion came, Biden delayed US involvement, which gave Putin a foothold in the Ukraine.

2-By shutting down the American energy industry, Biden presented a golden opportunity to the Russian president and for Russian economic growth as we were forced to purchase Soviet oil, which continues to fund the war in the Ukraine. So, we are feeding both sides in the conflict. If DementiaJoe had kept things status quo, the need to purchase Soviet or beg OPEC, would have been negligible because we would have remained energy independent instead of being reduced to possibly purchasing low quality Venezuelan oil. And let’s not forget that the strategic oil reserve is at its lowest level in years…five million barrels of which were shipped to the draconian Communist Chinese Republic.

It’s highly unlikely that the FBI & DOJ won’t give Hunter Biden more than a slap on the wrist…And remember it was Senator Biden who pushed for the CCR’s favored nation status!

Finally, the Biden administration has expressed anger at the announcement from OPEC, which consists of 15 oil-producing countries that includes Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, that it was slashing oil production by 2 million barrels a day come November. This was not an isolated incident. This was a long time in coming and exacerbated by Biden and his adherence to the green movement every step of the way. And who got screwed over? The average American! You and me!

Biden defended his tapping of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, saying the move is “not politically motivated.” Biden has been accused by conservative voices that this was a move to drum up votes as midterms approach.“It’s not politically motivated at all,” Biden said. “It’s motivated to make sure that I continue to push on what I’ve been pushing on, and that is making sure there’s enough oil that’s being pumped by the companies so that we have the ability to be able to produce enough gas that we need here at home, oil we need here at home and at the same time keep moving in a direction of providing for alternative energy.” If anyone actually believes DementiaJoe’s releasing 18 million barrels of oil is not politically motivated just before the 2022 midterms has to be just plain stupid!

So, a big thank you to all of you idiots who put this putz in the White House. To close out my latest blog…”After all, you can’t fix stupid!”

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  1. Things get scarier and scarier. The puppeteer has such a strong hold and no brains as to reality as our so called leader is just a shadow of a human. We have just about 25 or so days left for running out of diesel fuel and if it gets too that point, we are done! I hope someone wakes the fxxk up and does something!! Get out and vote to help start things going in the right direction until the next presidential election.


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