Biden, The Border & ‘24

Trips to Delaware, St. Croix, South Carolina and now Mexico City…more time traveling than spent in the White House!

Most of the public is/was under the impression that Title 42 was a Trump-era rule that has done DementiaJoe a tremendous favor, yet as usual, he’s oblivious to the obvious. In reality, Title 42 is a World War II-era public health order that prohibits entry into the United States if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes it could introduce communicable diseases into the country. CDC officials invoked Title 42 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020. And thankfully the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor, at least temporarily, that T42 was not to end. Amazingly, even radical liberal Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) stated that if T42 was permitted to lapse, his state’s budget would collapse.

When Joe Biden announced that he was making a third run for the presidency in 2019, one of his campaign promises was opening the border and inviting immigrants into the country, only to cross illegally resulting in almost five million and counting illegal aliens. This was an obvious strategy to capitulate to the indoctrinated, orthodox radical extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left, who like DementiaJoe, are following the Pied Piper, namely Obama, who promised to fundamentally transform the country. And one way of achieving said promise was to flood the country with illegal aliens, overloading the legal ports of entry, releasing the illegals into the country without vetting them and promising unrestricted amnesty, which gives them citizenship and the right to vote. And which party will receive the overwhelming support of the illegal aliens? Well, you don’t have to be a genius to foresee the consequences and the end of the Constitutional Republic.

As Governor Gregg Abbott (R-TX), was sending busloads of illegal aliens from border cities and towns north to New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington, DC, DementiaJoe poo-pooed the bus trips as “political games,” while the administration played its own political game. The transportation of illegal aliens was called a “cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt.” Yet as the busloads were let off in Democratic sanctuary cities, let’s not forget that Biden invited millions to travel by their own means, pushing Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona border towns to the financial and service breaking points….now that’s an atrocity! And let’s not forget about the clandestine midnight flights of Biden Airlines that moved illegals from Texas cities to cities up north, with only their immigration court appearance tickets as identification.

New York City
Westchester County Airport, New York

Texas had pledged to secure the porous border, and Governor Abbott had empowered the Texas National Guard to help make it happen. They are targeting the most vulnerable parts of the border. In only three days, the TNG managed to erect several miles of “triple-strand concertina barrier” to help secure the over-taxed border and attempt to stop the flow, or invasion, of illegal aliens. The troops started work at 4 a.m. and didn’t stop until their job was completed a few days later. And the Texas Military Department stated that more is coming very soon. Specifically, Texas wants to stop the flow of dangerous migrants such as cartel members, which continue to plague the U.S. And let’s not forget that due to Biden’s open border policies, the US is experiencing an influx of drug trafficking, specifically methamphetamine and fentanyl, weapons trafficking, sex trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering. All thanks to DementiaJoe! And the indoctrinated, orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive left actually fail to grasp what is happening. But they do understand their ideology to destroy the constitutional republic.

White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan said, “We are willing to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat alike, on real solutions, like the comprehensive immigration restructuring and border security measures President Biden sent to Congress on his first day in office.” The bill, “The US Citizenship Act,” was doomed to failure even as its sponsor, Senator Bob Menendez(D-NJ), acknowledged had no chance of passage even in a Democratic-controlled Congress.

If memory serves me correctly, Obama had a Democratic controlled Congress and couldn’t pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

Biden Air Lines original name…

Mendez’s solution to the border crisis would have post-amnestied all illegal aliens who arrived here at least three weeks before Biden’s inauguration, which would have weakened enforcement, brought deported illegal immigrants back to the United States and doubled legal immigration. The only thing it would have “solved” is the extermination of the border and the country’s sovereignty. One of the main points of the administration’s approach was to “pre-legalize”potential illegal aliens and have Mexican officials deliver them to US officers “legally,” thus ensuring they won’t end up in the border-arrest statistics, thereby skewing the evidence.

Border and Custom Protection reported a record number of illegal alien crossings at the southern border during a release of statistics just before Christmas, 2022. CBP had 233,740 migrant encounters across the length of the nearly 2,000 mile southern border in November, the highest ever recorded for that month and up from 178,845 for the same period last year(2021) a more than 30% increase. FOX News reported that “DHS dumped data and that the timing led to speculation the Biden administration was trying to keep the new numbers under wraps.” Well, they got nothing to be proud of in their denial of the southern border invasion. Biden, Harris and Mayorkas have done little except lie through their teeth regarding the damage they have done, with the total of illegal aliens entering the country approaching 5 million during the Biden administration.

Many of the new arrivals were from communist countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, CBP statistics show, which include illegal aliens from 160 different nations, some of whom are not exactly fans of the United States. So, it’s not completely outrageous that of the thousands who are crossing illegally into the country, there are people who wish us harm through terrorist activities.

With the 2024 presidential election right around the corner, overall, just 22% of Americans said they want Biden to run again in 2024, while most, 54% do not. Another 24% remain unsure. However, while one would assume Biden would see majority support from his Democrat base, that is not the case, as just 39% of Democrats desire to see Biden run in the next presidential election. That figure is even lower among independents, a real low 13%. Additionally, what is worse for DementiaJoe is just 34% of those who voted for him in the 2020 election want him to run again. The survey also found Biden’s favorably rating under water, as 34% view him favorably, compared to 55% who do not. His job approval is even worse. Most, 51% disapprove of his job as president, compared to 42% who approve of it.

As reported by The Washington Examiner: Independent voters have lost faith in Biden to handle the problems facing the United States and would choose former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis instead in 2024, according to a new post-election survey of the influential and growing group. In a new Zogby Poll shared with Secrets, just 36.9% of independents approve of Biden, with another 60.7% signaling disapproval, a huge gap for a president considering a reelection bid.

My question to those who are actually viewing DementiaJoe in any way shape or form in a favorable manner must either be stupid, blind or deaf, or any combination of the three. Biden has been an unmitigated disaster from day one from torpedoing the economy and the domestic energy industry; to the hideous retreat in Afghanistan and surrendering the country to the Taliban; reacting late to the USSR’s invasion of The Ukraine and then sending multiple billions of U.S. taxpayer money to The Ukraine without a means of tracking its usage; forcing electric vehicles on the country at $65K/vehicle with record setting inflation rates across the board; shortages in the supply chain; failure to stand up to the draconian Communist Chinese Republic regarding tariffs, the beginning of COVID, supply shortages and being compromised as Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from American adversaries for pay for political favors, with “The Big Guy” getting his beak whet at a 10% cut! Oh by the way, the materials for the electric vehicles are harvested in Africa, with countries having exclusive contracts with the CCR. I wonder if the Biden syndicate gets a taste?

With all the damage that DementiaJoe has done, they remain under pressure to solve the tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing the southern border, which is overwhelming frontier cities such as El Paso, Texas, where hundreds are sleeping in the streets and sleeping in the sewer systems, out of sight of federal, state and local law enforcement. Last week, El Paso’s mayor, Oliver Leeser(D), finally declared a state of emergency to deal with the influx, after being pressured to keep his mouth shut. It took a while for a Democratic mayor to finally contradict the administration.

The streets of El Paso…which Biden will never see!

Finally, as for the Biden disaster at the southern border, the administration looks to blame everyone else except DementiaJoe. The Biden invitation has endangered both illegal aliens and American citizens on each side of the border!

Amazingly, Biden confirmed his upcoming trip to El Paso, Texas, during Thursday’s announcement and outlined his administration’s new immigration policies. During the speech, Biden once again put his cognitive delinquency on full display as he referred to the vice president as “President Harris” while speaking to the work she has done on the border in recent years. My question is “what work?” Additionally, I wonder if DementiaJoe is truly going to the border, or is recreating ala Ocasio-Cortez’s fly-by!

According to WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, during a presser, stated that Biden is stopping in El Paso only because it’s on the way to a conference in Mexico City. So, for two years the border invasion has been going on and this is the first time DementiaJoe is visiting Texas…EVER! Of course El Paso is currently going through a major sterilization and Biden will ultimately decide that there’s no crisis at the southern border. Not only will nothing be addressed, but the border invasion will get worse! And who suffers? The American citizens living within the vicinity of the border…high crime rates, increased trafficking, etc. So, it’s been predetermined that Biden will see what his “Border Czar” and Sandy Ocasio-Cortez saw…nothing!!!

Governor Abbott stated that Biden’s recent remarks on the border crisis: “He has no plan to secure the border.” In fact, he believes it will encourage more illegal migrants to come to the U.S. During an interview on FOX News, Abbott further stated: “I think what his proposal is going to do is to entice even more people to come here illegally,” he warned. “Biden talked about the Republicans having no plan. Republicans do have a plan to secure the border. Biden has no plan to secure the border. Americans are angry and frustrated. It’s time for Biden to lay out details about how he will stop illegal immigrants coming across our border. Under the Trump administration, we had the lowest border crossings in decades. It took only a year under the Biden administration to have the most illegal border crossings ever. And what Biden is laying out right now is not going to reduce that.” And for those who have been sucked in by the failed policies of the Biden regime just have to look up the numbers, as opposed to the hollow words emanating from the mouths of the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media!

And just think of the stress being placed upon the shoulders of the men and women of CBP, who perform above and beyond their normal duties and job expectations. During calendar year 2022 approximately 14 CBP officers committed suicide…not one mention of them as casualties of Biden’s failing policies.

There’s an old saying that screams the truth: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” yet those who fail to learn from history still vote the same. And history can be a very harsh teacher! Remember, you can’t fix stupid!