It’s Not My Fault, by A. Narcissist

Narcissism is defined as is a self-centered personality style characterized as having an excessive interest in one’s physical appearance or image and an excessive preoccupation with one’s own needs, often at the expense of others.

A DementiaJoe love fest!

And if one makes a conscious observation of DementiaJoe’s narcissistic tendencies: a sense of entitlement; expect to be admired; they exaggerate their lives and abilities; they believe that they are superior; they take advantage of others and lack empathy; they live in a fantasy world; demeans, intimidates and bullies others; they need to be in control; they strive for impossible perfection; and while there are numerous other obvious tendencies that Biden constantly displays, the one that screams loudest is the lack of accountability and willingness to blame others.

So, take a look at BeijingJoe’s empty political career that covers from the early 1970’s as a Democratic Senator from Delaware to present day clearly establishing himself as the worst POTUS in American History. And there are a plethora of examples for each of the aforementioned narcissistic tendencies, almost on a daily display each time Biden opens his mouth and follows, or goes off on a rambling tangent, with the words supplied by his handlers on his best friend…the teleprompter. But it’s not his fault!

Well, who’s fault is it??

During recent remarks regarding the January 2023 jobs report, Biden, flanked by Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse and Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese, spoke briefly about inflation…and how it’s not his fault.

“Do I take any blame for inflation? No,” Biden said

“Why not?” a reporter shot back.

“Because it was already there when I got here, man,” Biden responded. Inflation was 1.4% when Biden took office, spiked to 9.2% and dropped to 7.1%. And the Consumer Price Index inflation is his fault. And let’s not forget about the wholesale price index inflation! Inflation 2022-23? Thanks to massive government spending! That’s his fault also!

Four in 10 Americans are saying they are worse off financially since Biden was elected…the highest percentage on record. By the way, the inflation rates dropped thanks to the Federal Reserve.

Here’s a brief summary of Biden’s faults:

-spiked the price of energy six hours into his tenure by shutting down the construction of the Keystone Exel Pipeline and main pipelines throughout the country, along with not signing new drilling permits. Russia has long been competing with the United States to be the world’s supplier to Europe and other countries. Moreover, 70% of Russia’s economy comes from gas and oil. America produces 50% more natural gas than Russia and almost four times more than Iran. And let’s not forget that Biden wanted to drive the energy companies out of business as he capitulated to the radical greenies!

-was responsible for record high Consumer Price Index numbers, 9.2%,yet tried to blame former President Donald John Trump, who left with 1.4%.

-high crime rates in Democratic run cities, with the left pushing to defund the police and allowing violent criminals to roam free, while law-abiding families live in fear…and don’t forget bail free releases…see Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City.

-over 2.5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border, along with 100,000 Americans overdosing from fentanyl and methamphetamine, which is destroying American sovereignty…A GOP lawmaker calculated that enough fentanyl has been seized at US borders in just the last three months to kill over a billion people. Overall crossings are at a record high!

Remember who invited the illegal aliens to storm our borders!

-the clusterfuck Afghanistan retreat, which 13 Americans died and left behind $86 billion in equipment and supplies, much less the Afghan citizens who assisted the United States military.

-displaying continued weakness towards CCR especially with the balloon…and ask yourself, “Is Biden afraid of the Communist Chinese Republic?” It does appear that way by his actions, or lack thereof. And as for the “second” balloon that was shot down over the Aleutian Islands/Alaska…it’s purpose was to monitor the fishing lanes off the coasts of the Aleutians and Alaska, probably from Japan, a major player in the fishing industry. And the Pentagon spokesperson couldn’t confirm or deny the balloon’s mission. More weakness and continues to make DementiaJoe a laughingstock.

-compromised by the CCR.

-Hunter Biden’s lawyers admitted that the infamous laptop that the now-52-year-old abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction does indeed belong to him. Don’t forget the pay for play received from adversarial nations paid to the Biden syndicate.

-supplying The Ukraine with military equipment, but still buying oil from the USSR. Therefore, funding the USSR’s aggression in The Ukraine.

-Dementia! Enough said!

-refuses to address the mainstream media without his teleprompter.

The Border Czar!

-“picked” a bigger failure than him for VPOTUS…just look at the “Border Czar’s” humongous failure after Biden promised Harris would get things done and finding the “root causes” of illegal immigration…she DID NOTHING after bragging about “joint border patrols with Guatemala and Mexico.” Terrrell County, Texas, a rural Texas county with just 800 citizens saw 7,400 illegal migrants arrested last year, but admits thousands more are getting away. County law enforcement arrested nine border crossers for each of its citizens according to Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland, a 540% increase in the number captured since 2020.

Adjusted for inflation, the lifetime cost to taxpayers of each illegal immigrant is over $80,000. Under Biden’s orders, Homeland Security has released into the United States over two million illegal aliens meaning their lifetime cost to taxpayers will be close to $150 billion.

-an alarmist, and lied, regarding false claims about the GOP reducing Social Security and Medicare, which he beats to death…got nothing else.

Joenochio, ca. 1996…plugs, calling all plugs!

-In 1996 while a Senator from Delaware, he pushed four times to either freeze or cut both Social Security and Medicare…Prior to 1983, social security was not taxable, as DementiaJoe voted successfully in favor of taxing 50% of social security.

“When those of my friends in the Democratic and Republican Party say to me, ‘How do you expect me to vote for your proposal? Does it not freeze Social Security COLAs for one year? Are we not saying there will be no cost-of-living increases for one year?’ The answer to that is ‘Yes, that is what I am saying,’’ Biden said in a Senate floor speech in April 1984.

-lied about capping the prices of insulin…That I know personally!!

-claims that he created over 12 million jobs, when in fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the actual number at 2.7 million…but an overwhelming number of the jobs were in fact were filled by pandemic lost positions…in spite of DementiaJoe’s claims about adding 12M jobs, can he explain the tens of thousands of tech jobs that are being axed by the same companies that supported him…and Disney announced a sweeping corporate restructuring that will result in 7,000 people losing their jobs as part of an effort to achieve $5.5 billion in cost savings. Can Biden explain? Not a chance!

-lied about voting reform, especially in Georgia as an example. And cost Atlanta Black businesses millions of dollars when the 2021 MLB All Star game was moved to predominantly White Denver.

-weak on the draconian Communist Chinese Republic as he is a compromised operative for the CCR.

-weak foreign policy…just look at Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ quote regarding Biden’s career long screwed up foreign policy!

It is balloon….

-And in regard to BeijingJoe’s dreadful foreign policy, the Chinese successfully sent a spy balloon across America before it was finally taken down over the Atlantic. This was a devastating blow to U.S. security and a triumph for the draconian Communist Chinese. As our leader, Biden has a paramount duty to defend the American people. His failure to immediately shoot down the balloon upon its entry, or even before, into U.S. airspace has put us all at risk and is a grave embarrassment for the nation. He’s weak!

But it’s not his fault!

Former President Donald John Trump summed up the failing Biden presidency: “The nation is facing “crisis, calamity, and disaster. “ POTUSDJT criticized Joenochio on a plethora of issues: the border, drug trafficking, crime, inflation, energy, liberal indoctrination and numerous others that are “leading us to the brink of World War III. And, Trump added: “On top of all of that, he’s the most corrupt president in American history, and it’s not even close.” The former president could not be more clear about the weak puppet, Joenochio, currently occupying the White House. And let’s remember that one symptom of being a narcissist is blaming others, which Biden has repeatedly tried to do with blaming Trump for his self-created problems.

Lastly, Biden dismissed the classified documents found at his Delaware home and private office as simply “stray papers” that ended up on his property because of careless aides who packed up his White House office over a decade ago. Once again, Joenochio is passing the buck to avoid any possible implications on the Federal level. And they more in Boston. Why? It’s not his fault!

Therefore,as reported by Daniel Chaitin of The Daily Wire, “a longtime aide to Biden with links to Hunter is being scrutinized by the DOJ and Congressional investigators as part of their inquiries into the handling of classified documents…”the stray papers.” Kathy Chung, who is now a Pentagon official, has emerged as a key individual as she oversaw the transport of materials to the CCR funded Penn-Biden Think Tank in Washington, D.C., after Biden left the vice presidency in early 2017. Multiple reports said Chung has already been interviewed by federal investigators as part of the DOJ’s probe. The House Oversight Committee sent her a letter seeking documents and information as part of a congressional inquiry led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY).” It shall prove to be interesting as the dust settles!

Kathy Chung

So, by passing judgement on DementiaJoe’s narcissistic behavior, personality and tendencies, remember it’s not his fault! And the country got royally screwed!

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