To Protect & Serve…

“If there is an idiot in power, it means those who elected him are well represented.” Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

What we have in Alvin Bragg, the failing, progressive NY County district attorney, who is attempting to charge former President Donald John Trump with “crimes” from eight years ago. First, the DOJ and Federal Elections Commission looked into the allegations and concluded that they couldn’t charge Trump with election campaign violations. Second, any of the bogus charges that the incompetent Bragg indicted Trump with have exceeded the statutes of limitations. Third, Bragg is attempting to upgrade possible misdemeanors to felonies, which won’t work. Fourth, disbarred attorney Michael Cohen perjured himself before The Congress for his actions with the washed up hooker and Trump. That is some witness to testify in court. Fifth, Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130K out of his pocket and didn’t receive a pay back from Trump. Sixth, Stormy Daniels signed a NDA contract and violated it. And let’s not forget that the washed up hooker had disbarred and current Federal prisoner Michael Avenatti, whom the moron, bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media unbelievably pushed for the White House. Seventh, Alvin Bragg has been derelict in his duty to prosecute the criminal elements in NYC as crime runs rampant, with crimes on all levels putting citizens in harm’s way.

The Hooker, The President and The Playmate…

Failing to protect and serve…

At the cost of $10 million to fund the Steele dossier, promulgated with lies from the USSR, funneled by Fusion GPS and the upper echelon of the DOJ and FBI.

Furthermore, the FEC fined the Clinton campaign $113K for the dossier payments to manipulate an election…no indictment. Obama’s first campaign was fined $375K for improper campaign finance…no indictment. DementiaJoe’s syndicate is taking millions of dollars from “outside” sources and nothing is being done! And now with Trump getting indicted, what we have is selective prosecution since the beginning. And as I previously stated, the DOJ and FEC declined to investigate Clinton, Obama and Biden.

This is the latest attempt to torpedo President Donald John Trump. First there was the Hillary Clinton funded salacious, bogus Christopher Steele dossier, which we knew was fraud and the impeachment rightfully fell flat. The second impeachment was regarding the Ukraine’s quid pro quo when Trump encouraged their government to investigate Burisma, the national energy company, which had Hunter Biden, along with John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi’s sons on the executive board. Don’t forget that, and it’s on film, of then VPOTUS DementiaJoe threatening to withhold $6 million in funding from the Ukraine if the investigating attorney general wasn’t fired…he was fired the next day. And now the indoctrinated, corrupt, radical progressive liberal socialists have once again weaponized the law to go after Trump.

The weaponization of the governmental agencies can be traced back to progressive POTUS Franklin Delano Roosevelt(D), who used the IRS to go after his political enemies, as did Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Obama who sent the IRS after conservative groups(Tea Party), the Associated Press and former Fox reporter James Rosen. And Biden picked up where Obama left off.

Bubba and The Intern
Kathleen Willey & Juanita Broaddrick…Over the course of the past 48 years, Clinton has been repeatedly accused of serious criminal misconduct against women.

A little bit of history needs to be revisited. When Bubba Clinton was facing impeachment for “not” having sex with then intern Monica Lewinsky, he lied to The Congress as he was cutting an $850,000 NDA check to Paula Jones…who spilled the beans just the same. Jones was one of many of Bubba’s “conquests,” including the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick. And let’s not forget that DementiaJoe is a career sexual predator…just ask Tara Reade.

The Predator and Reade…A few years ago, during a rather contentious interview on MSNBC, believe it or not, Biden was asked about his records under safekeeping at the University of Delaware regarding Tara Reade’s accusations that he violated her. He said there’s nothing there because nothing happened…yet won’t sign off on opening the files. Reade is not the only woman to complain about Joenochio!

Let me make it perfectly clear, I am not condoning what Trump did. Apparently, it was consensual, but Trump was a private citizen. Not a peep was heard from Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal, who allegedly received $180,000 from the National Inquirer for her story. The Inquirer sat on the story but was leaked. As for Bubba Clinton and DementiaJoe, their predatory behaviors must be condemned, but was also on “company time,” on our dime.

No words are necessary…And during his 2021 campaign, one of Bragg’s campaign promises was to “get Trump.” Lindsey Halligan, a member of Trump’s legal team, told Newsmax that Bragg’s action fit under “prosecutorial misconduct.” Halligan explained that defense attorneys could go after Bragg’s team for mistreating Trump throughout the investigation into a hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels. “Alvin Bragg truly has become the poster child for prosecutorial misconduct,” Halligan stated, arguing that his case largely hinges on the words of Michael Cohen — a “disbarred, dishonest, disgruntled felon.”

As for Alvin Bragg, he’s turned New York City into the Wild, Wild West, outdone only by Chicago, despite NYC having the best police department on the planet. Imagine making an arrest and the mutt is out before the paperwork is done? Just take a look at the largest American cities with the highest crime rates…NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Houston for example…What is the one common denominator? The cities are under Democratic control with sorry progressive liberal district attorneys who were funded by George Soros and favor the rights of the recidivistic criminal over the citizens they are sworn to protect…so Bragg takes his marching orders to go after the former president…This is blow up in their faces!

Failing to protect and serve…

As reported by FNC, Soros did not donate directly to Bragg’s campaign, in May 2021. But he gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which, shortly after receiving the donation, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars backing Bragg’s candidacy. Same in other Democratic run cities.

Geraldo Rivera…

Amazingly, FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera, aka Gerry Rivers, stated: “This is a chump change indictment here in New York. Here’s Alvin Bragg, a man, a district attorney, who is widely criticized as not enforcing the law and allowing robberies and rapes and carjacking and murders to happen without the office being as intensely engaged as it possibly could be. And instead, he diverts the resources to go after Donald Trump on an eight-year-old incident that was already passed over by the federal prosecutors and Cy Vance, who preceded Alvin Bragg in the DA’s office. They checked this stuff out, and they decided not to go forward. So to go forward on this story, Daniels payoff, I think, to me is really low down and dirty local politics.” Summed up rather well!

The Bragg indictment is being considered a political move by Democrats to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. The indictment is expected to help Trump secure the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. HBO’s Bill Maher warned that the indictment will cause a ‘cycle of revenge’ for future Presidents and could result in Biden being indicted for money laundering and treason after he leaves office. Republicans have condemned the indictment as ‘politically motivated’ and called it a dark moment in American history.

Failing to protect and serve…

Former Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi incorrectly stated: “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence,” she added. “Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.” I was always under the impression that under the Constitution one is innocent until proven guilty, but I guess that Pelosi knows more.

During an interview with Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says the indictment of former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump “is one of the most irresponsible decisions in American history by any prosecutor. It is irresponsible because the case was looked at by two previous prosecutors and they passed. It has not aged like fine wine,” he added. “The chief witness for prosecution is a convicted felon, Michael Cohen, whose previous lawyer said he is untrustworthy. Upon scrutiny, this case folds like a cheap suit. So how does this end? Trump wins in court and he wins at the ballot box.”

Failing to protect and serve…

Interestingly, the Biden Administration has not yet released a statement on the indictment, and has declined to comment when asked about it by reporters, considering this is a means to eliminate a potential threat to the radical, progressive left’s control of the government.

On the prowl…

Lastly, former President Donald John Trump has raised millions for his possible 2024 campaign, despite the skullduggery committed by the orthodox, radical, extremists of the socialist, progressive left…all within 24 hours after the indictment was filed. A person not afflicted with TDS can see the snow-job being perpetuated by the Democrats!!

This has never happened before in our history as a former president has been charged…but it figures to happen under the worst, the weakest, the most corrupt and cognitively delinquent POTUS in American History. This is the ultimate power grab by the indoctrinated, corrupt, orthodox, radical, progressive socialist liberal left to torpedo the Constitutional Republic and turn the country into a banana republic, just like they did in Venezuela as they are engaging in a “power grab.”

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  1. First, before you make a comment, do yourself a favor and double check your spelling. The two spelling errors were quite obvious, but you failed to see them…which carries over to your misguided and uninformed view of the political attacks on former President Donald John Trump. If you read or heard on the news, not the mainstream media, the DOJ and FEC didn’t see the value of going after Trump. The same for the NYS Attorney General who’s primary campaign message was to go after Trump…but nothing there. As for Bragg, who’s Soros’ lap dog, is trying to turn local misdemeanors, who have exceeded the statute of limitations, into felonies. It’s going to blow up in the Democrats’ faces. Finally, instead of using one word four times, come up with some facts. Otherwise you are displaying that you’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome!


  2. Didn’t have my glasses on, for which I apologize. I don’t need the glasses, however, to see the truth. Unless I am mistaken, the Stautute of Limitations runs for 7 years, last I heard. It has not been 7 full years since Trump paid for two women’s silence. That does not happen till November!


  3. Statute of limitations in New York State for a misdemeanor is two years “…§ 30.10 Timeliness of prosecutions; periods of limitation.” Each of the allegations are business related misdemeanors which that piece of shit Bragg is trying to up to felony charges. Remember, during Bragg’s campaign for NYC DA, his platform was to go after Trump, same as NYS Attorney General Letecia James. And it was Michael Cohen, who is a convicted liar and former prisoner, that paid off Daniels and
    McDougal, and Trump was never required to reimburse Cohen. I am not condoning what Trump did in his private life, but he didn’t do it on government time like Bubba Clinton and DementiaJoe.


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