Is Congress Torpedoing Immigration?

“Let’s be clear on this: The only emergency at the border is the humanitarian one Trump created himself, by demonizing and ripping apart families. This manufactured crisis is racist, wasteful and an abuse of power from someone too reckless and hateful.” Tweeted by 2020 possible Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Don’t forget that she flips more than a chef at IHOP.

“The Democrats no longer are able to make a moral distinction between those who seek to come here legally and those who come here illegally. That represents a breakdown in respect for the law and a huge problem for our nation.” Ari Fleisher served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, from January 2001 to July 2003.

As a longtime registered Democrat, I am throughly disgusted with the manner in which these so called liberals have conducted themselves on many levels. The disrespect directed at our President, Donald John Trump, reflects the socialist, unhinged and extremist attitude demonstrated on a daily basis. And don’t get me started about POTUSDJT repeatedly being called a Nazi, with not one Jewish Democrat condemning that offensive terminology. This is not the party I joined when I turned 18 and was given the right to vote.

The continuing issue is the fraudulent stance being taken by Pelosi, Schumer and their puppets regarding illegal immigration. Notice I did not say legal immigration. The leaders of the orthodox, unhinged, extremist liberal left choose not to separate the two. If you review the poor history of addressing the immigration problem, Bubba Clinton in 1995, Obama in 2005 and lying Hillary in 2014, all stated that illegals should not be permitted into the country and should subsequently be deported. By the way, Schumer in 2009 stood on the Senate floor pontificating the evils of illegal immigration. Now, with a real leader in the White House, everything is resistance and disrespect.

In 2013, all 54 Senate Democrats, that’s a majority if you will, voted to pass a bill that gave $46 billion for border security, which included building an additional 700 miles of border fencing. Obama did nothing! At the beginning of 2018, the orthodox extremists of the liberal left were willing to work with POTUSDJT by compromising $25B for DACA. If you recall, the original number wanted by Schumer and Pelosi was 800K DACA kids. President Trump upped that to 1.6M, with a possible path towards citizenship. Of course, Pelosi and Schumer condemned the deal because it went against their socialist agenda. The $5B the President currently wants for the southern border is a mere 1/10 of .01% of the Federal budget. So instead, the Democratic House majority and GOP never-Trumpers held the country hostage facing yet another partial shutdown if POTUSDJT didn’t sign off on the spending bill and receive only 30% of the original amount requested.

In 1976, Congress passed the National Emergencies Act, giving the President vast powers in the event of a national emergency. According to the Federal Register, Democratic POTUS’s Carter, Bubba Clinton and Obama, along with GOP Bush-43 and POTUSDJT, have declared 58 national emergencies prior to the new declaration issued on Friday, February 15, 2018. A grand total of 31 of these emergencies are still in effect today.

President Trump, stood tall as usual while taking bold and decisive actions in the best interests of the American people when he declared a national emergency that will enable the construction of a badly needed barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border to hinder human trafficking, drug trafficking and criminal crossings. In addition, immigration laws need to be revised, including ending chain migration, anchor babies and modifying amnesty.

The president’s move was a dramatic contrast to the radical position of Democrats supporting open borders, dismantling any existing barriers and the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, a vital law enforcement organization that protects our national security. They want to establish a new voting pool.

Despite the stance being taken by the authoritarian, orthodox extremists of the socialist left, President Trump’s national emergency declaration is well within his executive authority. Along with other executive action and a new spending bill passed by Congress, it will permit him to reallocate and aggregate $8.1 billion in funding for a barrier along our southern border

The members of the Congress are sworn to protect and defend the country. That includes border security. Whether it’s concrete, or steel slots, there must be a barrier established at the southern border to keep out the drugs, human smugglers and gangs. Just look at Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. By the way, just think of the hypocrisy with Pelosi, Obama and other wealthy elitists condemning the wall, yet have walls around their homes. Moreover, The EU funded billions of Euros for a 764 Kilometer border wall between Turkey and Syria. Additional walls exist in Hungary, Vatican City and Israel. Yet hypocrites criticize POTUSDJT.

As for the accusations of family separation, a fair percentage of the children being brought to the border are simply being used as props for coyotes. The cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media is a tool of Pelosi and Schumer to resist anything that POTUSDJT has done. In regard to the holding areas, those are employed to vet the people who attempt to enter the country without any form of identification.

The children who are being supervised by the CBP, receive three square meals per day. They get new clothes, medical care, education, recreational activities and video games. The hard working officers of the CBP are essentially baby sitters, instead of doing their jobs protecting the border, thanks to Obama. They are treated better than American children who live in lower socioeconomic areas, such as American Indians.

The Congress has been presented with the opportunity to lead and act courageously in order to do what is right to protect the citizens of the United States. Just reflect on how the families of Cpl. Singh, Kate Steinle , Mollie Tibbets and others who has lost loved ones must feel with the southern barrier not being built because the extremists of the liberal left call it racist, amongst other things. It’s protecting citizens and American sovereignty. The Angel families support the construction of the southern barrier.

Lastly, just look at the immigration problems in Belgium, England, France and Germany as examples. That’s our future if there are no borders or vetting of illegals attempting to enter our country. On another note, the illegals are taking jobs away from Americans who have yet to find employment, despite 312K new jobs in December, 2018.

The Democratic Obstructionist National People’s Socialist Party, under Pelosi, Schumer, Senators Harris, Grandpa Bernie, Spartacus Booker and the three new representative buffoons, namely Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib, have actually turned the party into a domestic terrorist organization and desire to flip us into being Venezuela.

Remember, the issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, NOT LEGAL IMMIGRATION. President Donald John Trump is following through on his campaign promises. This is for our country to remain our country and protect our national sovereignty. The people who followed the law, that can take years and big bucks, in order to establish their pathway to citizenship are being passed over by illegal immigrants due to the fact that the orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left want to establish an expanded voting base.

Furthermore, Mark Morgan, Obama’s former CBO Chief recently stated, “How many more statistics have to be provided, how many more Angel Families have to stand before the Democrats finally acquiesce and agree that the danger is real? This resistance is absolutely being driven by identity politics. The experts have spoken, from ICE and CPB, telling Congress what they need to protect our borders, for the safety and security of this country. The Congress has absolutely ignored it and discounted everything that has been said. There will be Americans that will continue to die from this reckless behavior.” This is from a former Obama appointee.

Shockingly, the leftist agenda supporting New York Times has finally admitted the President Trump’s insistence on revising and also enforcing border laws is working. As a case in point, immigrants seeking asylum are now having to wait in Mexico or their home countries before their cases are heard. This eliminates the incentive to enter the United States at a port of entry, seek asylum, be given a court date and disappear, never to be heard from again. Until this POTUS, if an immigrant entered the country, pleaded for amnesty and as previously stated, they disappeared.

Lastly, we need to thank the officers of CBP and ICE for doing a difficult job enforcing laws that need to be changed. Recently, CBP announced “its largest fentanyl bust ever,” seizing 254 pounds of the synthetic opioid, enough to kill 57 million Americans. In addition, ICE has arrested 266,000 criminal illegal immigrants over a two-year period.  Those arrested faced 100,000 assault charges, 30,000 sex crime charges, and 4,000 charges for killings.

No emergency? Look again!

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