The Rebirth of Anti-Semitism

“Demagogues have always aimed their messages at the unthinking and the uninformed. Unfortunately, today that includes many of our college students.”

Thomas Sowell.

As a moderate DINO, and proudly being a lifetime member of “The Tribe,” this challenge is directed towards all the “liberal” leftist Jewish members of the Congress, who will be addressed later. This challenge is directed towards the “liberal” Jewish members of the self centered, self serving, elitist, hypocritical, phonies of the entertainment industry. This challenge is directed towards the Jewish self-appointed moralists of the grody cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacists of the corporate mainstream media. This challenge is directed to all “liberal” Jewish-Americans. What, or whom, has possessed you to remain silent and turtle from the public support of Israel, home to our brothers and sisters, as Israelis defend themselves from the daily terrorist attacks by the Gaza? Why is there failure to acknowledge and address the tidal wave of world-wide anti-Semitism?

As recently reported by The Local, the largest English language news organization in Europe, that on the morning of Tuesday February 19, 2019, Swastikas and anti-Semitic tags were found defacing over 80 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in eastern France. This disgusting discovery was on the day of nationwide marches against a rise in anti-Semitic attacks. The damage was discovered in a cemetery in the village of Quatzenheim, close to the border with Germany in the Alsace region. The information came from the regional security office. This just the latest hideous incident demonstrating the rise of anti-Semitism in France…coincidentally when the EU pushed open borders.

The top security official for the region, Jean-Luc Marx, condemned “in the strongest possible terms this awful anti-Semitic act and sends his complete support to the Jewish community which has been targeted again,” the statement added. During calendar year 2018, French police recorded a 74% surge in reported anti-Jewish offenses, sounding sirens in a country that is home to the biggest Jewish population in Europe.

There were mass protests and rallies planned throughout France to condemn the rise of anti-Semitism. “This is the response to the national wake-up call we urged last week,” said Francis Kalifat of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish organizations. He was referring to a rise of anti-Jewish vandalism and graffiti discovered in and around Paris in the days following another Saturday of yellow vest protests against President Emmanuel Macron and the manner in which he has flipped the national government towards socialism.

Keeping the focus on France, there has been one hideous crime that has still been absolutely ignored, nor questioned, nor acknowledged, by the Jewish component of the extremist, orthodox liberal left and its entire sphere of influence. On March 23, 2018, there was a primitive and uncivilized murder of an 85 year old French citizen, Mireille Knoll. France was her world, her home, her country. And Paris was her city. She was French through and through. Until her life was taken unmercifully and barbarically.

In 2015, after several deadly anti-Semitic driven attacks in European cities like London, Paris and Copenhagen, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called upon Europe’s Jewish population to leave, or in other words, escape. “Of course, Jews deserve protection in every country. But we say to Jews, to our brothers and sisters: Israel is your home,” repeating what he said at Paris’s Grand Synagogue.

On the contrary, former French President François Hollande, parroting numerous European leaders, made a weak attempt to counterpunch Netanyahu’s assessment, at the time appealed to France’s Jewish population, “Your place is here, in your home. France is your country.”

Mireille Knoll truly believed that Paris was her home, despite the fact that during the Nazi occupation of “The City of Lights,” the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) arrested over 13,000 Jewish Parisians, 4,000 of them children, and deported them to their deaths at Auschwitz. Mireille Knoll, with her mother, escaped this deportation during the Holocaust and fled to Portugal, only to live out her final years suffering from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Mirielle Knoll’s killers stabbed her 11 times in her apartment and then set it on fire. Firefighters found the burned body on Friday night. It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to determine which particular group, a group that hates the world’s Jewish people as much a Hitler’s Nazi Germany, was responsible, considering France’s immigration policy.

Well, the Paris Police Prefecture arrested two suspects, a 29-year-old and a 21-year-old. The older “man” was a neighbor the victim had known since he was a child. The younger “man”, according to reports, was homeless. One of the suspects, during the investigation, reported that the other had shouted “Allahu Akbar” while killing Mireille Knoll, according to Le Monde. The attorney representing the Knoll family, Gilles-William Goldnadel, confirmed what had happened. Gérard Collomb, the interior minister, told Parliament that one of the attackers had told the other: “She’s a Jew. She must have money.” Not one word of condemnation or acknowledgement regarding this horrible attack was mentioned on the “news” channels of the MSM here in the United States. By the way, Mireille Knoll was far from having money. Just another false stereotype promulgated by hate.

Very much closer to home, there has been a marked rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric and incidents, as previously cited, without any condemnation from the extremists of the liberal leftist political establishment, the self-centered, elitist hypocrites of the entertainment industry and the corporate dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media. It’s as if nothing is happening.

The Democratic Obstructionist National People’s Socialist Party has finally pulled back the curtain and has demonstrated themselves to be following the inane thoughts and ramblings of rookie representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib. So, in a nutshell, the socialist extremists, who preach hatred and resistance to POTUSDJT, elected a brainless and entitled socialist, along with a pair of anti-Semetic and anti-Israel sewer-mouthed Muslims who publicly cursed out the POTUS, and all whom want to defund ICE. They have clearly demonstrated that they are anti-Semitic, hate Christians and despise the United States of America. Additionally, Omar and Tlaib, the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, which never would have happened in the Middle East countries they support, have signaled support for the Palestinian-led BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against the Israeli government over its treatment of Palestinians. They clearly represent a small, but rather loud, minority group within the party.

On side note, Omar had tweeted that the relationship between the United States and Israel is “all about the Benjamins.” Her subsequent forced apology was empty. Moreover, it took five weeks for Pelosi and Schumer to condemn Omar. Moreover Part II, some members of the orthodox, extremist left stated that Omar should never have apologized. Omar had suggested that GOP support for Israel is driven by campaign donations from a prominent pro-Israel group. Omar singled out AIPAC, one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, as the source of those donations. And the final dig of the spurs from Pelosi was putting Omar on the House Foreign Relations Committee, as she supports amnesty for ISIS fighters.

Further evidence of the orthodox, extremist, liberal, socialist left’s sharp turn to anti-Semitism took place during the early quarter of 2018, when a photo of Obama, then the junior US Senator from Illinois, after a “career” as a neighborhood organizer, attended a meeting in 2005 with Louis Farrakhan. The Anti-Defamation League insisted that Obama denounce Farrakhan. Nothing! Furthermore, attorney and staunch pro-Israel activist, law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, said that he would not have campaigned for Obama had he known about the photo. The photograph in question was sat on by the photographer until sharing it out. Guess what? Nothing on the MSM! No words of condemnation from the liberal leftist establishment. No acknowledgement! Not one! Hypocrisy running rampant.

On a side note, Professor Dershowitz, a noted Libertarian, has been speaking out in support of POTUSDJT and decrying the “witch hunt” initiated by the salacious and false dossier paid for by hillary and the DNC. Professor Dershowitz has essentially been banished from all aspects of the MSM. That has served him well because of FOX News’ open platform where he is not insulted, maligned or questioned.

Another perfect example of the left’s anti-Israeli contempt and disapproval, to no surprise, took place in a bastion of liberalism, bordering on socialism, New York City. On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the students who attend the Beacon School, an elite school located in Manhattan, were asked to stop their classroom work last week to pay tribute to the “victims of violence in Gaza,” where the aforementioned 60 Palestinians were killed the day before by Israeli soldiers defending their country. The announcement was made over the public address system, most likely during morning announcements, stunning some of the students and infuriating parents, who questioned as to why the school is taking sides into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with what they view as an anti-Jewish, anti-Israel stance.

Aside from being Jewish, I am a retired NYC educator who would have remained sitting and condemned that ridiculous announcement. I probably would have received a letter for file. There was no comment from Principal Ruth Lacey. What a shock! Where was the Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers calling the principal out? Jewish liberals, at times, are blind to the world around them. I am so beyond thrilled that I don’t have to deal with this insanity when I worked.

Subsequently, The New York Post interviewed the parents of some of the Jewish children who attend the school. “I am extremely upset because I did not send my child to a New York City public school to pray for Hamas operatives,” said one father, who is Jewish. Additionally, The Zionist Organization of America, a pro-Israel group, had said it would send a letter to the Beacon School demanding an apology. ZOA, don’t hold your breath!

What is most interesting to note is that none, not one, of the Democratic Jewish members of either the Senate or House said one thing in support of Israel defending herself or the morally reprehensible actions taken by The Beacon School, with approval by the school’s administration. As a sampling, that includes Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Senator Grandpa Bernie Sanders (D-VT); Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA); Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MA); Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY); Representative Nina Lowey (D-NY); Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY); the mad Russian hunter himself, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) and last but not least, Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL). Furthermore, besides Schumer’s five week delayed denunciation of Omar’s open anti-Semitic comments, not one of the aforementioned Jewish liberals say anything. Thank goodness for Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for standing tall with calling out Omar.

Despite Israel’s long and deep rooted relationship as the United States’ only democratic ally, the Obama administration destabilized Middle East, with the time frame from 2009-2016, essentially witnessing the weakest links between the two countries. Thanks to Obama and his former Secretaries of state, Clinton and Kerry, along with former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Israel was essentially left to stand alone against the Anti-Semites in the UN and its neighboring countries. Don’t forget, it was Obama, along with Kerry, who shoved the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal down the throats of the American people, while sending them $150BB in cash, on wood pallets. And don’t forget, Kerry had violated the Logan Act as he acted independently outside the Federal Government to preserve the JCPOA.

To further illustrate the Democrats disdain of Israel and its anti-Semetic stance, the Federal government traced some of the $150BB released by the Obama administration to Iranian funded terrorists in the two years since the cash was transferred. According to the Washington Examiner, Iran has used the funds to pay the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah, along with the Quds Force, Iran’s main foreign intelligence and covert service, and element of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. By the way, only one American POTUS has ever bowed to a foreign leader as he made his cowardly apology tour. Guess who?

Since the day that he declared his intention to make a run for the White House, President Donald John Trump, has been called an infinite number of evil, disgusting and very false adjectives. He was referred to being racist, anti-Semite, misogynistic, a Nazi, a white supremacist, and predator, amongst other vile words. As for the anti-Semitic insult, don’t forget that POTUSDJT has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish daughter and son-in-law, besides being a loyal and stalwart supporter of Israel. Trump Square in Jerusalem? Look it Up! What is interesting, is that POTUSDJT was none of the aforementioned adjectives until he entered the 2016 Presidential Election, and handily defeated the overwhelming favorite: the carpetbagging, money laundering, perjurer of grand proportions, the losing cheater and treasonous Hillary Clinton, who is no longer on her tour of excuses and bitterness, while peddling books headed for the $1.99 bin.

There’s an old stereotype about Jewish people being intelligent, educated and family centric. All true except when it comes to politics. There is a 75% drop in seeing how things really are and a loss of “saykhel” or common sense. I wonder if this done out of Jewish guilt for being successful or just being cowardly to stand up to the evil and unhinged insanity of the orthodox, liberal left and their socialist agenda.

This is not the party I joined when I turned 18. Scary stuff.