A Pair of Jokers

This is an open letter to the two New York Senators….

As a lifelong Democrat, I am absolutely appalled and embarrassed with the manner in which the extremist, radicals of the socialist liberal left have not only turned their backs on the country, but the hideous partisan way they have treated President Donald John Trump. The DNC/Hillary Clinton Russia plan collapsed. The Mueller investigation was a complete embarrassment, while wasting tax payer money. The attacks on Associate Justice Kavanaugh clearly displayed the deep hatred of POTUSDJT…with the Democrats’ hero Michael Avenatti now facing jail time. And the impeachment proceedings regarding Biden’s Ukraine extortion was an absolute joke from the beginning to the end, with threats of more impeachment attacks. And Nancy Pelosi stating that she thought POTUSDJT was medicated during the 2020 SOTU.

And PII: Now 2,000 former prosecutors are clamoring for USAG William Barr to resign over his leveling the playing field for former Trump associate Roger Stone. Stone was given an over the top sentence by the remaining overzealous, Obama driven DOJ, as opposed to others who also were found guilty of witness tampering and lying to investigators. Simply, this is another attempt at going after POTUSDJT. Reality dictates that these former prosecutors are continuing as the Obama administration syndicate.

One of POTUSDJT’s campaign promises was the regulation and reduction of prescription drug prices. As a Type II diabetic, who pays for my insulin (three types) and supplies, can you please justify why the extremist, orthodox, liberal socialists support the idea of continuing to give free hypodermics and heroin, amongst other injectable narcotics to addicts? Instead of helping them, this course of action doesn’t help anyone and only compounds the problem. Additionally, take a good look at the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. What do you see? Moreover, take a good look at your home city’s incompetent, failed mayor. The streets are filthy…the homeless population has risen and William Wilhelm Jr is one of the Democratic mayors who have wrecked their cities.

Shame on you both for capitulating to the “squad” and the orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left. America sees through the Democratic facade. No vote for you.

I’m a joker….

2020 is the year of President Donald John Trump.