The NFL, The Left & Anti-Semitism

I used to live and die with the New York Jets when Shea Stadium was home turf. After the 1982 move to Jersey, my loyalty died. If they win, fine. If they lose, the sun rises the next day. The kneeling during the National Anthem took away the last of my rooting interest, morphing me into less than a casual fan. Right now, thanks to DeSean Jackson, as far as I am concerned, there is another nail in the NFL coffin.

DeSean Jackson, a receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, posted on Instagram a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler. Jackson also endorsed a speech by lifelong anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, who constantly accuses Jews of “manipulating the US government and controlling the levers of world power.” Additionally, Jackson, with sketchy verification, posted an alleged quote from Hitler, “…the Jews will blackmail America. They will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they are.” Moreover, Jackson encouraged his 1.4M Instagram followers to watch a speech by Farrakhan, who, as previously stated, is an ardent anti-Semite, who compared the Jewish Community to “termites.” Yep, I am a world dominator!

Most likely, at the behest of Eagles’ management, Jackson issued a weak apology saying he, “Never wanted to put any race or any people down. My post was definitely not intended for anybody of any race to feel any type of way, especially in the Jewish community. What I posted, I definitely didn’t mean it to the extent that you guys took it.” Who is this guy kidding! There is no place for anti-Semitism, or racism, in professional sports, or anywhere for that matter. All the public got from Jackson was hate filled reminders of Hitler and Farrakhan. Jackson’s attitude reflects what is brewing in the Democratic Party, which has turned left, favoring anarchists and Marxists groups.

To further demonstrate that an overwhelming majority of Democrats have turned their backs on the Jewish Community, consider that on May 20, 2020, Joe Biden, speaking to an online fundraising event,  stated that anti-Semitism is “the mother of all conspiracy theories.” With this one statement, ask yourself if he is qualified be POTUS? Along with this comment from the face of the Democrats, ask yourself if the radical, extremists of the socialist liberal left really side with the Jewish Community.

It’s time for “Yidiots” world wide to open their ears and eyes! Over the last 20 years, an overwhelming number of Republicans sympathize more with Israel than the Democrats. During the same time frame, the number of Democrats supporting Israel has markedly declined. Since less Democrats now side with the Israelis, the shift in public opinion has resulted in the progressive, radical, orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left kowtowing to the anti-Israeli, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic  viewpoints. Democrats need the votes of people who hate Israel, which they will push. Since the 2018 midterms, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Chuckles Schumer (D-NY) are no longer the major players within the Democratic establishment. They are forced to throw in their support when certain viewpoints correlate to anti-Semitism and anti-Christian views, generated by members of “The Squad.”

During, and after, the eight years of Obama’s failed tenure, who, by the way, was one of the most corrupt, incompetent, hypocrites and who presented the greatest danger to the Constitutional Republic with his socialist and globalist policies. Obama learned from his time as a neighborhood organizer in Chicago and as a disciple of a domestic terrorist group’s leader, The Weather Underground’s Bruce Ayers, along with Saul Alinsky, the father of the socialist bible. And don’t forget that Obama learned from some of the most ardent and devoted anti-Semites, the previously cited Louis Farrakan, who the Southern Poverty Law Center described as a Black nationalist and supremacist. Some mentors for a future POTUS.

As reported by Jewish World Telegraph, the Biden campaign is busy putting together its transition team and Avril Haines, Obama’s deputy CIA director, will head foreign policy and national security. Bringing in Haines to serve under former CIA Director John Brennan, an avowed Communist, was a blatant attempt at embedding an Obama loyalist near the top of the CIA. And Haines has stayed loyal to her former boss. And we know where Obama stood on Israel. In May, Haines joined other Obama staffers in signing on to a letter which calls for a tougher stance on Israel by the J Street, an anti-Israel lobby, which complained that previous DNC platforms had been “silent on the rights of Palestinians, on Israeli actions that undermine those rights and the prospects for a two-state solution.” This sends a clear message that Biden is going to build on Obama’s anti-Israel foreign policy. Biden remains silent.

The anti-Semitism and distortion of information has been stoked by the radical, unhinged, orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left, lead by the rookies, AKA “The Squad”: Representatives Ilan Omar (D-MINN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MICH), Ayanna Pressley (D-MASS) and the former bartender, Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), with their politically motivated, hate filled lies. Additionally, Tamika Mallory (BLM) and Linda Sarsour, a terrorist supporter, were leaders of the Women’s March, have embraced Farrakhan and asked for his blessing. And let’s not forget that Sarsour wants Sharia as the law of the land, yet conned enough women to march and support an anti-Semitic organization. Didn’t any one of those idiots listen to what was being said?

The aforementioned Tlaib has also made no qualms socializing with Abbas Hamideh, a known pro-Hezbollah activist. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist organization, frequently hosts rallies where supporters chant “Death to Israel!” Tlaib’s view of Palestine swallowing Israel is not so subtle a point as is the destruction of the Jewish state. Where is Biden? 

As I have constantly maintained, Jewish liberals are their own worst enemies and hypocrites. As the National Socialist Workers’ Party was coming into power in the late 1920’s, Jewish Germans supported the NAZI’s rise to power over the Weimer Republic government. They considered themselves proud German citizens ahead of their religious identity. A large number of Jewish Germans bravely fought for Germany during World War I, with a number of medals awarded, but were shunned by the Wermacht, Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine when WWII broke out. If people are not smart enough to see what is going on, history has a funny way of repeating itself.

Now, modern day Jewish liberals are supporting Touchy-feely Uncle Joe, who will continue JihadBarry’s anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Israel stance. Additionally,  one of his other campaign promises, if he remembers, had Biden vowing to directly fund terrorism, Hamas and the PLO, while supporting the murder of Christians, Jews and the destruction of Israel and other religious artifacts, (which is the wish of Omar, Tlaib and Obama). Furthermore, Biden has pledged to resume the funding of Hamas-supported groups as well as the PLO. The PLO has consistently been classified as a major terrorist organization, which was created by the known terrorist, Yasir Arafat, while still operating today under the same mission of “driving all Jews into the sea”. And this is who Biden supports? 

As reported, Black Lives Matter is a Marxist and anti-Semitic organization. BLM was formed in 2014 as a merger of activists from Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and Dream Catchers. In 2016, BLM published a platform (since removed from its website) accusing Israel of committing “genocide” and referred to the Jewish state as an “apartheid” state. Their platform accused Israel and its supporters of pushing the US into wars in the Middle East. The platform also officially joined BLM with the anti-Semitic BDS campaign to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. Some Hollywood folk who are supporters of BDS, include: Roger Waters, the late Stephen Hawking, the washed up Meg Ryan, a pathetic Russell Brand and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Hamas supporters have also advocated for the BDS movement. Biden? Nothing said! Not a single bloodyword from Beijing Joe.

Yes, I went on a tangent from the insensitive comments and sorry apology by DeSean Jackson. If this guy had not been held accountable, then Eagles’ management would have responsible for buckling to the dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist, corporate mainstream media; the hypocritical, self-centered, elitists of the entertainment industry and the Marxist, radical groups who torch, loot and destroy. At the least, Jackson will be “enlightened and have an epiphany” regarding Jewish history, which is where Julian Edelman steps in.

As reported by the NFL Network, Jackson was fined for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Jackson did apologize and begun an attempt to better educate himself. The Eagles did not specify what Jackson’s exact punishment is.Kudos to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and GM Howie Roseman, both of whom are Jewish, for taking action in regards to this distasteful reality. Imagine if a Jewish player in Jackson’s spot! No words. And speaking of no words! Biden.

“We have had a number of constructive conversations over the last few days, not only with DeSean Jackson, but also with many other players, members of the organization, and leaders in the community,” the Eagles said in a statement. “That has led us to the point where we and he are ready to take the next steps.” Jackson has apparently accepted the fine without filing an appeal to Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was oddly silent, as compared to how vociferous he is during any social justice situation, especially with BLM. Those next steps include a meeting with a Philadelphia rabbi. We shall see if Jackson grows as a person and spreads the truth.

On a side note, in order to show consistency and not back down from issuing Jackson’s fine, Lurie and Roseman had suspended former Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, who is Caucassion, for using a racial slur in a 2013 video. So, now that Eagles management has fined Jackson, let’s see what the pushback is from radical extremist groups who are outwardly anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Remember , the NFL has moved so dangerously to the left that fans will be alienated, like me.

This is not about President Donald John Trump, who is no anti-Semite, despite the left’s claim. As previously stated, Jewish liberals will vote for the radical, extremist, progressive, socialist liberal candidate from the Democratic Party. Beijing Joe is very dangerous to the safety, security and financial structure of the United States, our allies and Jewish Americans, liberal or not. Just take a real good look at his record. Forty plus years in The Congress? Nothing of consequence. Consider the future! There will be nowhere to turn, except Israel. This version of the Democratic Party is not the one my parents or me joined.

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