Has Beijing Joe Been Radicalized?

“Nobody will understand the hard-core political left who does not understand that their politics are not about other people’s well-being but about their own egos.”Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

During an interview with leftist publication “Now This,” Beijing Joe Biden said the police are over militarized, have “become the enemy” and said funding should “absolutely” be reallocated elsewhere. In other words, he’s advocating for the defunding of law enforcement as crime across the country continues to skyrocket. Well, in order to save my money, maybe Beijing Joe should give up his 24/7/365 Secret Service detail. The defunding or dismantling of a police department leaves citizens in lower socioeconomic areas essentially undefended. And they don’t want the defunding or disbanding of law enforcement. Ask them, not the knuckleheads of the local government.

So, by his own words, if he can recall them, Beijing Joe has moved so far to the left, that he has capitulated to the will and force of the radical, orthodox extremist, socialists: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressly and Ocasio-Cortez. This is a clear demonstration of their hate of the United States and their hatred of law enforcement. Biden’s move left should come as no surprise as he adopted Komrade Bernie’s socialist agenda word for word. And there is open support for the rioting, looting, pilfering and destruction of property, while condemning law enforcement for doing their sworn duty of protecting life and property, sometimes at great personal cost to their families, friends and fellow police officers.

Realistically, “The squad” was never particularly all that stoked about the prospects of a Beijing Joe presidency.All four originally endorsed candidates not named Biden, with three out of four backing Komrade Bernie. Ocasio-Cortez and Omar were two of Komrade Bernie’s most ardent surrogates during his failed presidential campaign. Now they are advising a presidential candidate suffering from the onset of dementia.

So, it’s clear political suicide to label BLM a domestic terrorist organization, especially by a Democrat. It’s a sure bet that not one single Democrat would do that. It would be like trying to investigate, conduct a trial and then impeach Obama, who was the first Black president. Again, there’s not one single Democrat who would touch impeaching Obama, even if it’s completely justified, as an open and shut case, which it would be. The Democratic radical, orthodox, progressive extremists of the socialist liberal left are not doing their jobs, in order to keep their jobs. There’s what they should do and then there’s what they must do. Politically speaking, I expect very little to nothing to happen. BLM can literally get away with whatever and why it’s not being investigated by Federal law enforcement is open for debate. Yet is not condemned by the likes of Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer, or even mentioned in passing by Biden, the empty headed blowhard.

Black Lives Matter is a dedicated anti-Semitic and Marxist organization. BLM was formed in 2014 as a merger of activists from Louis Farakhan’s anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and Dream Catchers. In 2016, BLM published a platform, which has since been removed from its website, accusing Israel of committing “genocide” and referred to the Jewish state as an “apartheid” state. Their platform accused Israel and its supporters of pushing the US into wars in the Middle East. The platform also officially joined BLM with the anti-Semitic BDS campaign to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. Biden? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

To that end, in 2016, a heavily armed sniper gunned down police officers in downtown Dallas, leaving five of them dead, as he specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could, officials determined. The shooter, who was a member of BLM, was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb-making materials. The gunman turned a peaceful demonstration against the fatal police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana into a killing field. And you know who was the POTUS? And you know who was the VPOTUS? Obama and his puppet. Nothing worthwhile came from the White House.

Obama’s Director of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, said that there was apparently just one sniper, though there were so many gunshots and so many victims that officials at first speculated about multiple shooters.

And then we have Susan Rosenberg, who is no doubt a member of the Tribe. On the record, she is a convicted domestic terrorist, who sits on the Board of Directors for the fundraising arm of Black Lives Matter. She was convicted for the 1983 bombing of the United States Capitol Building, the U.S. Naval War College and the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. She was released from prison after serving 16 years of her 58-year prison sentence when Bubba Clinton commuted her sentence on his last day in office. Another Jewish anti-Semite…just like Komrade Bernie, who presents a great danger to the United States, her citizens and Israel. There is speculation that donated monies are being funneled to the DNC….and who is funding Beijing Joe’s campaign against POTUSDJT?

On a side note, with the commutation of Roger Stone from Robert Mueller’s bogus investigation of President Donald John Trump’s false Russian collusion accusations, the extremists of the socialist liberal left are bitterly complaining that it’s a travesty of justice. Interestingly, from least to most: POTUSDJT 11; GW BUSH 11; BUBBA CLINTON 61; and the clear winner is OBAMA 1,715…and it would be easy to determine that not each of Obama’s commutations were deserving.

As stated by former NYC Mayor and former Federal Prosecutor for Southern District of New York, Rudy Giuliani: “I know her case intimately. Susan Rosenberg would be in prison as a convicted terrorist if Bill Clinton did not corruptly commute her sentence. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison and she is consumed with hate, just like BLM. In fact, her involvement should be considered very carefully in an evaluation of BLM’s status as a possible domestic terrorist organization.” There’s that Clinton name again. It doesn’t go away…kind of like the monster in horror movies that always returns to terrorize the villagers…Clintonstein!

Remember, as I maintain, Jewish liberals are their own worst enemies!

There is a plethora of evidence that the radical, extremist, liberal, socialist left’s sharp turn to anti-Semitism took place during the early quarter of 2018, when a photo of Obama, then the junior US Senator from Illinois, after a “career” as a neighborhood organizer, attended a meeting in 2005 with Louis Farrakhan. The Anti-Defamation League insisted that Obama denounce Farrakhan. Nothing! Furthermore, attorney and staunch pro-Israel activist, law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, said that he would not have campaigned for Obama had he known about the photo. The photograph in question was sat on by the photographer for years until sharing it out. Guess what? Nothing on the MSM! No words of condemnation from the liberal leftist establishment. No acknowledgement! Not one! Hypocrisy running rampant. Where are all the Jewish liberals?

It makes an interesting coincidence that the cities and states with Democratic chief executives on the state and local levels did absolutely nothing to quell the violence against their constituents, including personal and private properties in connection with the unfortunate deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The radical anarchist groups included both Antifa and BLM, with an assortment of fringe groups, that did the most damage, while attacking law enforcement. The mayors of New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland surrendered their cities that were under siege and shirked their sworn responsibilities to protect the people who voted them in.

The NYPD reported that there were 250 victims of shootings across the city between June 1 and June 28, an increase of nearly 160 percent from the same period last year, and the largest number for that four-week time frame since 1996. On the Fourth of July weekend, 39 people were shot across the city, including two men in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. A 20-year-old died after a dispute during a party that spilled out into the street ended with bullets flying. This increase in shootings spiked when NYC Mayor Putz, William Wilhelm, Jr. AKA Bill DeBlasio, directed the decommission of the elite Anti-Crime unit, which is plain clothes. Additionally, Mayor Putz cut the NYPD budget by over $1 Billion, right BILLION, to be “redistributed” to social welfare programs. This unprepossessing self-centered fraud, along with Governor Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Legislature and the NYC Council are responsible for the increased crime and are the ones with blood on their hands.

Chicago, in the past month, have seen over 250 shot and the deaths of multiple children. With a Democratic mayor and governor, where are the protests and marches?

If the goals for BLM is getting the message out regarding social justice and end the evils of racism, well that is a noble message for a noble cause for all. However, with outwardly displaying their own racism and anti-Semitism, in conjunction with violent protests, being responsible for the destruction and vandalization of both private and public property, being responsible for the destruction and desecration of houses of worship, including religious monuments and statues, responsible for the destruction and tearing down national monuments and statues…and not addressing the failures of Democratic mayors in the cities hardest hit with the spiking of Black on Black crime, thanks to the crucifixion and emasculation of local law enforcement. All they do is present messages of hate and actions that are criminal in nature. Kind of defeats the purpose of their name.

Let’s focus on Beijing Joe one more time. Do not forget that he was an angry, rambling, windbag Senator from Delaware. Biden enthusiastically wrote 1994’s “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355. Pub.L. 103-22, which is an act of The Congress dealing with crime and law enforcement. The act became law in 1994. It was the largest crime bill in the history of the United States and consisted of 356 pages, that provided for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs.

In an April, 2020 interview, Representative Vernon Jones (D-GA) stated the following, “I’m a Georgia state representative and lifelong Democrat. But in this election, I’ll be casting my vote for President Donald Trump. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.” Recently, he was part of an hour-long discussion on emerging trends organized by “Black Voices for Trump,” a coalition within POTUSDJT’s re-election campaign. Mr. Jones was joined in the online video by Paris Dennard, an adviser to the coalition, and Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser to the campaign.

“President Donald Trump has a solid record of accomplishments in the Black community. His leadership and successful legislative agenda has done more to improve Black lives and their communities than any other president since the Civil Rights and Voters Rights Act,” Mr. Jones said during the discussion. He also weighed in on the Democratic nominee in the White House race.

“For 49 years, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement, quarantined from Blacks and the Black agenda. Now he emerges with a mask on, wanting Black votes. He hasn’t earned nor does he deserve the Black vote,” Mr. Jones noted. Remember, President Donald John Trump has organized zones of opportunity in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, with record low unemployment, enacted crime and prison reform bills, commuted the sentences of people overcharged by an overzealous Obama DOJ and sent funds to Black colleges and universities that were continually ignored by the Democrats until Election Day was approaching. The Democrats come out now because Election Day is approaching.

On a side note, Mr. Jones should double check LBJ’s written words about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It would be an epiphany.

Let’s step back for a bit…Beijing Joe once called state-mandated school integration “the most racist concept you could come up with,”and Obama, “the first sort of mainstream Black American who is articulate and bright and clean.”He was a staunch opponent of forced bussing in the 1970’s and a leading crusader of mass incarceration through the 1980’s and 1990’s. Biden has described African-American felons as “predators” too sociopathic to rehabilitate, and white supremacist senators as his friends. And after all this, why would Black voters want this fool in the White House?

And I repeat what I stated at the beginning, it’s the radical, orthodox, extremist, progressive politicians of the socialist liberal left who favor defunding or the dismantling of police departments, which leaves citizens in lower socioeconomic areas essentially undefended. And those people definitely don’t want to defund or disband law enforcement. And those politicians should surrender their personal 24/7/365 security in order to parallel what their constituents are facing 24/7/365.

“If you care more about an inanimate object of someone who died 100 or 200 years ago, more than you care about 6 or 7 year olds shot in America’s failing liberal cities, then you’re doing it wrong.” Dan Bongino. Moreover, the disrespect for police has turned into a liberal rallying cry to defund the police. If the police are defunded, it would be a huge step towards the Far Left achieving their Socialist plans. Or it could result in the aforementioned political suicide for the radical, orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left. Oh My!

There are no words!!

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