They Came For Us, You Are Next!

*Initially written in July 2020. I sat on it and updated this December 2020.”

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Joe Biden 10/24/2020 WHAT? How does the idiots from the mainstream media miss this?

During, and after, the eight years of Obama’s failed administration, who, by the way, was one of the most egotistical, corrupt, incompetent and hypocritical POTUS’, and who presented the greatest danger to the Constitutional Republic with his socialist and globalist policies. He learned from his time as a neighborhood organizer and as a disciple of The Weather Underground’s Bruce Ayers and Saul Alinsky, the father of the socialist bible. And don’t forget that Obama learned from some of the most rabid anti-Semites, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson.

Throughout JihadBarry’s tenure, there was a major flip in the support of Israel and a marked increase in global anti-Semitic crimes. Former UN Ambassadors Susan Rice & Samantha Power repeatedly failed to support Israel due to Obama’s weak foreign policy, micromanaging and his favoring of the Muslim nations. President Donald John Trump’s former UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, stood tall before the UN and forced them to remove the target on Israel’s back.

The anti-Semitism and distortion of information has been stoked by the radical, unhinged, orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left, lead by Representatives Ilan Omar (D-MINN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MICH), Alyssa Pressley (D-MASS) and former bartender, Sandy Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), with their politically motivated, hate filled lies. And let’s not forget to cite Linda Sarsour, who wants Sharia as the law of the land, and who conned enough women to march and support BLM, an anti-Semitic and devoted Marxist organization. Didn’t anyone of those idiots listen to what was being said?

Additionally, those four anti-Semitic members of the House of Representatives were leading a group of thirteen representatives, including themselves, who wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling for cuts on aid to Israel. New York bartender Ocasio-Cortez circulated the letter getting signatures. If that is not a red flag, especially if Beijing Joe defeats POTUSDJT. Jewish liberals need to wake up!

The aforementioned Democratic representatives, Omar & Tlaib, along with Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) headlined a conference organized by one of the country’s most ardent anti-Israel advocacy groups, sending their support to an organization that champions boycotts of Israel and has partnered with individuals tied to terrorism. Omar and Tlaib, who are well known for their anti-Israel rhetoric and promotion of anti-Semitic materials, made an appearance at the American Muslims for Palestine’s (AMP) annual conference, which was held virtually over Thanksgiving weekend. The conference featured outspoken critics of Israel, including those with reported ties to the Hamas terror group. AMP, which itself has been tied to terror financiers, is a leading promoter of the BDS movement, which seeks to wage economic warfare on Israel by boycotting Jewish-made goods.

The U.S.-Israel relationship isn’t just good for Israel, it’s good for America. Both countries benefit from collaboration in science, technology, medicine, including fighting COVID-19, mutual defense and security. Yet, the four idiots of the squad, especially Omar and Tlaib are pushing for the annihilation of our only democratic Middle East ally.

And just to illustrate how corrupt and hypocritical Omar is, filings from the Federal Election Commission show that her campaign paid her husband’s consulting firm millions prior to cutting ties. According to the recent FEC filings, the team used campaign funds to pay another $138,000 dollars from October 26 until after Omar was re-elected. Moreover, the millions of dollars that were paid by Omar’s campaign to her husband’s firm supported her re-election efforts. Now comes news that the representative’s husband and his firm also received approximately $500,000 in taxpayer-funded COVID-19 relief in the form of Paycheck Protection money and loans, which would eventually be forgiven. While it may be legal, the optics prove that Omar is nothing more than a hack socialist. Imagine if a Republican had done something similar.

And nothing from Biden!

So, with the 2020 Presidential Election still up in the air due to clear irregularities of voter fraud, one message that the radical left’s Hidin’Joe Biden is sending to the Palestinian Authority is a carbon copy of the message from Obama’s secretary of state John Kerry, who saId to his former Iranian negotiating partners last year, “Hang on; help is coming.” This is a violation of the Logan Act. The Logan Act (1Stat. 613, 18 USC 953), enacted January 30, 1799, is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiations by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. Interestingly, during numerous interviews with the bootlicking dregs of the MSM, Biden said that he wasn’t aware of the FBI investigating General Michael Flynn. Yet during a meeting, with Obama and former FBI Director James Comey, Biden brought up charging General Flynn under the Logan Act, due to the fact that he was the incoming National Security Director for an incoming POTUS and was talking to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. In reality, Obama was not too fond of Flynn, after firing him for disagreeing over foreign policies. And on a separate note, General Flynn was fully pardoned by POTUSDJT after having been set up under orders from the upper echelon of Obama’s DOJ.

As for his Middle East agenda, Biden has already stated that he will reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization Diplomatic Mission in Washington, D.C., and restore U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority. He also reiterated that he will reopen the U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem, which primarily serves the Palestinians. This possibility has to thrill Omar, Pressley, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez, taking into account their anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-American hateful agenda and rhetoric. Isn’t any Jewish American concerned that Biden will placate Iran, the harbingers of funding international terrorism, while cutting aid to Israel?

Jewish liberals continually to be our own worst enemies and hypocrites. As the National Socialist Workers’ Party was coming into power in the late 1920’s, Jewish Germans supported the NAZI’s rise in the Weimer Republic government. Now, modern day Jewish liberals are supporting Touchy-feely China Joe, who will continue, and then expand, JihadBarry’s anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Israel stance. Additionally, one of his campaign promises was Biden vowing to directly fund terrorism, Hamas and the PLO, while supporting the murder of Christians, Jews and the destruction of Israel and other religious artifacts, ( which is the wish of Omar, Tlaib and Obama). Biden has pledged to resume funding to Hamas-supportive groups as well as the PLO. The PLO has consistently been classified as a major terrorist organization, which was created by the known terrorist, Yasir Arafat, while still operating today under the same mission of “driving all Jews into the sea.”

K.T. McFarland. the former deputy national security adviser for the Trump administration under General Michael Flynn, stated that the Biden administration will “embrace Iran”….a relationship that would kick off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. “They’ll be igniting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” she said of a Biden administration. “Iran plans to have a nice cozy relationship with the Biden administration like it had with the Obama administration,” she said.

And this is who Biden supports?

Additionally, don’t forget that Obama sent $154B in cash to the mullahs in Iran, in order to bribe them to sign off on the JCPOA. Numerous Federal investigations ensued to determine the distribution of the bribe money. Since Iran is a major player with state funded international terrorism, the money has been traced to fund Hamas, Al Qaueda and Obama’s JV, ISIS. And don’t forget the $250M ransom Obama paid the mullahs to get our sailors back. The Jewish News Service reported that The Palestinian Authority continues to incite the Palestinian population in order to be prepared to use violence and terror against Israel should the PA leadership order it. And this is who Biden will support, while turning his back on Israel, America’s only true ally in the Middle East. Jewish liberals should put a “go kit” together to escape from the orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left.

Conversely, President Donald John Trump has continually praised Israel. He has a solid relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahou. He constantly recognizes and promotes her 3500 year old Capital, Jerusalem, where the US Embassy was relocated, in spite of empty promises from his predecessors. His daughter married an Orthodox Jew and has Jewish grandchildren. POTUSDJT defunded and placed sanctions on Israel’s enemies and legitimized her ancestral land. Yet, Jewish liberals publicly denounce this President, instead of commending him for his support of our only true ally in the Middle East. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, and for a time afterwards, POTUSDJT was being compared to, and called, Adolf Hitler and Nazi. Yet, those unprepossessing malignant narccisists are failing to take into consideration that the Nazis were responsible for 18M deaths, six million of which were Jewish. Not one, not one single liberal Jew spoke out to condemn the people, including fellow Jews, who were making that absolutely horrible and hideous comparison. The socialist Democrats call President Trump the ”greatest anti-Semite of our age,.”Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine, states,”that the party we Jews thought would be ours for eternity appears to be well on its way to becoming something entirely hostile to Jews.”

Furthermore, in 2016 Biden convinced The Ukraine to vote in favor of UNSC 2334, which ruled that even the Western Wall is in “occupied Palestinian territories.” Once again, I must remind Jewish liberals, and our Christian brothers, that they need to reflect about what happened to Jewish and Christian Germans as the National Socialist Workers Party was taking over that country in the 1920’s and were eventually taken away in stock cars. Is there a difference between Democratic Socialism and National Socialism? No! So, with the 2020 Presidential election still undecided, it’s imperative to acknowledge that ‘Basement Joe” is the “best” that the DNC and the radical, orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal had to offer. Jewish Liberals fail to understand how bloody pathetic a choice Biden is. Additionally, Jewish liberals blindly supported Biden, along with super liberal Kamala Harris, who was chosen because of identity politics, despite seeing his failing cognitive skills, despite accusations of sexual harassment while in public service, despite contradicting himself with involvement in the coup d’etat to spy on a duly elected POTUS, being a career racist and accomplishing nothing in 47 years in the swamp.

The anarchist, radical, extremist, progressive socialist liberal left, with the support or lack of condemnation from the Democratic Obstructionist National People’s Socialist Party, from the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media and those hypocritical, elitist so-called entertainers, are tearing down historically significant statues and destroying monuments, similar to Hitler and his minions. He used the SA (Brownshirts) to protest the the Reichstag, the German Democratic government until 1933, harrass oppositional supporters and encourage violence, while stalking members of the government…think of Maxine Waters telling her followers to harass members of the administration.. The Sturmabteilung, “SA,” was literally defined as “Storm Detachment,” functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. It played a significant role in Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s by bullying and threatening the opposition. Sounds familiar?

And Biden has said nothing!!!

As previously stated, Jewish liberals will continually vote for the radical, extremist, progressive’s socialist liberal candidate from the Democratic Party. Biden is so very dangerous to the safety, security and financial structure of the United States and our allies. Just take a real good look at his record. It’s a big nothing.

It’s unfortunate that Jewish liberals truly fail to see what is going on about them. It’s as clear as a bell. They ignore the truth, just scream their opinion. And please refrain from calling out the sources that are contrary to what is shown on malignant, fake news mainstream media news organizations, who are bootlicking lapdogs and promote the anti-American agenda of the orthodox, anarchist, radical, extremist, progressive socialist liberal left. They want a marxist country similar to that of Cuba, Venezuela, USSR and the draconian Communist Chinese Republic. And it starts with attacks on law enforcement, who protect the thin line between civility and chaos, the destruction of monuments and statues, that is promoted by Antifa and similar domestic terrorist groups to erase or change American History.

And don’t forget that the hardcore socialist left is anti-Judeo-Christian, and attack places of worship…and if you think that’s bullshit, look at what happened to the 215 year old St. John’s Episcopal Church in DC as it was torched by rioters and St. Patrick’s in NYC was tagged during the riots. The proof is there. This is being done by the extremists of the socialist liberal left, which will result in “Jewicide,” If you fail to support Israel and fail to condemn the anti-Semites on the socialist liberal left, you should be ashamed. Sadly, Jewish liberals vote against themselves and placed the whole planet in danger by supporting Biden, who will bring in Obama 2.0.

By choosing a candidate with rabid anti-Israel views and supports the BDS agenda, those leftists’ votes are signing the death warrant for Israel and Jews around the world. The leftist politicians who are trained by hate groups are convincing at saying that their hate of a Jewish nation is justified, legitimate and in no way, shape or form equates to antisemitism. Their clarity on the “real” Israel will manifest itself by repeated use of the words “occupying force”, “illegal settlements”, “aggressor”, and “disproportionate retaliation”. They’re also likely to mourn dead Hamas leaders who promote suicide attacks and give billions in aid to Iran.

With one last swipe of her pseudo-Nazi pen, Ocasio-Cortez thinks people need to collate and submit information on anyone who might ever have said anything positive about Trump. Would those people scrub their records and try to pretend they were critical of Trump all along? The unhinged socialist left seek and pursue the economic ruination of people who went into public service, even if it was public service for a president whose policies might be deemed contemptible by the radical extremists of the socialist left. Does the barkeep want family members and neighbors to rat each other out, similar to what Hitler demanded as the Gestapo arrested them, never to be seen again?Democratic socialism!

Again, with the Biden and the left’s support, Omar, Pressly, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez would fight one another to be the first to sign in support of the Palestinians and a single state. Then shalom to Israel. The unprepossessing dregs of the mainstream media maintain their constant hate directed at President Donald John Trump. CNN International anchor Christiane Amanpour was criticized, and rightly so, after she compared POTUSDJT to Hitler and his four years in office to Kristallnacht. Insanity! And remember this you geniuses, before the Obama/Biden administration the anarchists kept a low profile, there was no war on law enforcement and terrorism was on the downside. They came for us…if you don’t agree…you’re next.