The Thin Blue Line

“Many on the political left are so entranced by the beauty of their vision that they cannot see the ugly reality they are creating in the real world.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University

The Democrats have made it clear that they want to defund and abolish our police. Never in history has law enforcement been treated so badly as they are in radical, leftist, liberal-run cities. As the extremists of the socialist liberal left continue to connive means to defeat President Donald John Trump, their latest strategy is to assault, berate, insult and threaten to reduce the budgets, and/or eliminate law enforcement including various local police departments, ICE and Custom and Border Protection. Then take a careful look at the local and state governments that are threatening this absolutely insane course of action and you will see the color BLUE. And the ones who will suffer the most will be all people that live in lower socioeconomic areas. Take a look at Chicago, numerous killed and wounded, which will out wild the Wild West. As for NYC, it’s highly doubtful that William Wilhelm, Jr. will respond, must less care, but maybe he will ask, “Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters,” with each 911 call. And while there will be less police officers on duty, DeBlasio will still have his 24/7/365 security detail. Moreover, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez introduced a motion instructing the City Administrative Officer and Chief Legislative Analyst to find upwards of $150 million in cuts to the LAPD budget. Guess what she has? A LAPD security detail. Bloody blue hypocrites!

If a civilized person is law abiding, then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting arrested for robbery, burglary, rioting, looting, ransacking, assault or murder. As for the police, put yourself in their position and be forced to make an instant life altering decision when a criminal is attacking you and that an instant choice has to be made…the skell criminals or your fellow police officers?…the skell or you don’t go home to your family? Your spouse looses a partner…your children loose a parent. And remember, the police come in all shapes, sizes, colors and from different backgrounds, but are there because they want to serve the public, you. They come no matter what!! Say thank you the next time you see a police officer. They protect the thin blue line between chaos and civility, which the orthodox, extremists of the socialist liberal left want to erase. “Cry Havoc, let slip the dogs of war.” Marc Anthony in Shakespeare’s “Julius.Caesar”

A supervising video producer for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign tweeted a meme in June that urged people to stop calling the police “pigs.” This tact is only because unlike the police, pigs are “highly intelligent and empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.” To further show that Biden and his minions are anti-law enforcement, Sara Pearl, a supervising video producer for his presidential campaign tweeted a meme that urged people to stop calling the police “pigs,” but only because unlike the police, pigs are “highly intelligent and empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.” She also retweeted a user’s comment that while “pigs are sweet, intelligent and compassionate,” police officers are “monsters” who “don’t deserve to be called pigs.” After five Dallas police officers were killed in 2016 by a sniper who was a member of BLM, had “wanted to kill white people, Pearl dinged the National Rifle Association for tweeting its condolences in that case but not for prior shootings: “Of course they respond to the officers but not to the previous shootings. Fox News reached out comments from both the Biden campaign and Pearl. Shockingly, no comment from either. This says it all where Biden stands. Furthermore, neither Obama nor Biden had comments in 2016 about the murdered Dallas police officers.

As the Governor of NYS, Andrew Cuomo had to see what is going on in New York City, his hometown. Under the Democratic thumb, NYC, like many other Democratic cities run by Democrats, has morphed into a crime ridden, mob ruled, anti-law enforcement horror show. As reported by the NYPD, the recent surge of shootings, along with an ineffective court system, which can’t keep repeat offenders off the streets, most of which were recently released from Rikers Island. There has been a spike in crime. Without one sound of alarm or support from Cuomo and the NY Legislature, the NYPD had repeatedly sounded the alarm for months. Members of the City Council are headed in the opposite direction, slashing the department’s budget by over $1B.

“I hope I’m not the only one, it takes a long time to turn the ship that sees the iceberg directly in front of us,” NYPD Commissioner Dermont Shea told NY1. Lastly, I am of the mind to wonder if Cuomo “The Turk,” Mayor Putz and the City Council would surrender their personal security. Mayor Putz has sunk below John Lindsay, Jimmy Walker and David Dinkins as the worst mayor in the history of NYC. In other words, DeBlasio sucks!

The problem is the result of multiple compounding factors, according to former NYPD Commissioners Ray Kelly and Bernard Kerick. First, the NYS Legislature passed a bail reform law that allowed more criminals to immediately get back on the streets. Then Cuomo locked down NYS, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the shutdown of the court system, which then created a sizable backlog of cases. Mayor Putz, and the City Council, authorized the release of hundreds of people who were incarcerated. They thought it would mitigate the spread of the virus among inmates.

The NYPD reported that there were 250 victims of shootings across the city between June 1 and June 28, an increase of nearly 160 percent from the same period last year, and the largest number for that four-week time frame since 1996. On the Fourth of July weekend, 39 people were shot across the city, including two men in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. A 20-year-old died after a dispute during a party that spilled out into the street ended with bullets flying. And not a single word from Cuomo.

And the ultimate in gall demonstrated by the radical, orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left is the Minnesota Democrats, who willfully allowed Minneapolis to burn and then blamed the police, whom they demonized. Now, they want the Federal government to pay the bill and President Donald John Trump rightfully turned them down. The one story that sickens me is about a husband and wife who saved for years to open a sports bar in Minneapolis. The bar opened, the next day up in flames thanks to the rioting, looting and ransacking. Bloody shame!

DeBlasio is the worst of the lot of failing Democratic governors and mayors. He, like the other mayors, have placed their constituents in danger, as he wants a “softer approach.” He has very few solutions to address the spread of shootings that are growing throughout the NYC. What DeBlasio needs to do is reinstate the NYPD’s anti-crime units, who are the ones that were taking the guns off the streets. What is interesting, since Mayor Putz is soon to be an ex-mayor, there are numerous wannabes who are offering suggestions regarding the uptick in crime, reinstatement of the anti-crime units. Lastly, the infamous chokehold is not taught in police academy.

Police reform? Police training? Within reason. Defund or disband the police, you get NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Seattle. Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland, is a blowhard windbag regarding law enforcement as his city burns. He had the audacity to criticize POTUSDJT for sending Federal response to quell the destruction. The Democrats want lawlessness and give the criminals freehand. Mayor Putz of NYC has emasculated and turned his back on the NYPD, the best law enforcement organization on the planet.

The way the major cities are burning, reminds me of the Roman Emperor Nero, who fiddled as Rome burned.