The Socialist & The Suburbs

“If Joe Biden wins the presidency, Democrats will likely win both houses of The Congress, and it will be the end for America.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, The Hoover Institute at Berkley.

In 2015, then POTUS Obama devised another one of socialist visions that would “fundamentally” change the United States as he always promised, while turning America’s suburbs into mirrored areas for “balanced housing.” Remember that Obama was a “neighborhood” organizer in his hometown of Chicago. During his time in the “Windy City,” Obama was trained by the WeatherUndergroud’s leader, Bruce Ayers, which is a domestic terrorist organization responsible for multiple bombings. Obama was influenced by Saul Alinsky, the creator of the socialist movement. By the way Hillary Clinton was a disciple. Obama was/is a disciple of Louis Farrakhan, a ardent anti-Semite and Reverend Bruce Wright, an anti-American clergyman.

Now with the 2020 Presidential Election right around the corner, Joe Biden, Obama’s former second, knowing that he needed Komrade Bernie Sanders and the malignant miscreants from the squad to at least get him near the finish line. Biden sold his soul to the devil, so to speak.“Brainless Joe” has morphed into “Komrade Joe,” for turning hard left, while maintaining his support of the draconian Communist Chinese Party, despite what they have done to the human being. We know that Biden wants to completely reverse the successful policies President Donald John Trump. The promised reversals include open borders, disband Immigration and Customs Enforcement, entitlements for all, free college, bringing back Obamacare, defund the police, defund the military, revamp the USMCA treaty, re-enter the US in the Paris Accords, restrict religious freedom, and re-enter the US in the hideous nuclear JCPOA with Iran. Remember, Obama sent the mullahs $154B to sign the treaty. And who becomes part of his cabinet? This will be Obama 2.0.

One of the goals of any family is to move to the best neighborhood to raise their children, save equity for the future and live on a quiet street. Well, Komrades Joe and Bernie, along with the four hypocritical anti-American exceptionalism scoundrels from the squad, want to dramatically change that. The socialist liberal leftist’s strategy is to revive Obama’s takeover of local zoning laws called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” that POTUSDJT thankfully stopped before it kicked in.

Biden wants the “AFFH” to establish areas for “balanced housing.” In more realistic terms, Biden’s goal is to force suburban towns, incorporated villages, and areas under the jurisdiction of chambers of commerce, etc., with single-family homes and designated lot sizes to construct high density affordable housing in the middle of neighborhoods that actually have some space between houses. This Federal proposal would supersede state, county and town laws. It would be Big Brother controlling our lives.

I wonder that since Komrade Bernie, who has repeatedly proven that he ain’t no socialist on his dime, has three homes would be happy confined in a smaller area. In October of 2019, he purchased a $575,000 home that sits along a lake in the Champlain Islands in Vermont. Not too shabby. The nearest neighbor is how far away? In 2009, as mayor of Burlington, VT., he purchased a colonial style home for $400,000. And since it would be problematic for Komrade Bernie to take a private jet to Washington and back, he purchased an 1890’s row-house in DC for $489K. Interestingly, it was reported that Komrade Bernie paid cash, PAID CASH, for the third house. I wonder how pleased Komrade Bernie would be living in an area like a sardine can? Okay for Komrades Biden and Sander to screw the people.

Remember, Komrade Bernie’s salary as a sitting United Stated Senator is $175,000. Then add on monies from speeches and appearances. And don’t forget the millions he received from a book deal. Fake socialist!

As for Biden, his syndicate made serious coin from deals in The Ukraine and with the Communist Chinese Party. That would give me a headache to write about.

So, as the unhinged, radical, orthodox extremists of the socialist liberal left want to change the United States by targeting people like you and me, who, for years, had their nose to the grindstone, in order to give our families a good place to live and grow. But think about this, as the socialists are pushing “Balanced Housing,”who is going to suffer at the feet of their schemes…it’s us. The aforementioned socialists are the ones with fat checkbooks telling us what we can or cannot do with our hard earned money. Look at Communist China, Cuba, the USSR/Russia and the cherry on top is Venezuela. Ask yourself who’s suffering…the oligarchs or the people. The extremists of the socialist liberal left want to effectively render the Constitutional Republic useless and old.

“Balanced” means affordable housing even for people who need federal vouchers. Towns were obligated to “do more than simply not discriminate,” as a 2013 HUD proposal explained. Rather, towns had to make it possible for low-income minorities to choose suburban living and provide “adequate support to make their choices possible. Mortgages? Who pays when they go underwater?

Lastly, I for one, get nauseous at prospect of going to sleep by the light of a socialist moon, with the possibility of looking, unintentionally of course, into my neighbor’s house. Think about what what we loose if Biden wins.

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  1. In Detroit the afluent areas on the west side have gone in two directions rich and poor. The hard working. Black man is stuck living by a welfare black that steal what he needs to feel equal to the hard working black. beautiful homes once occupied by upper class executives and celebrities are now tenement houses for several welfare families as the neighborhood slowly degenerates driving down home values

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