It’s Really Trump v Obama

“This version of the Democratic Party is not Obama’s Democratic Party. It’s the party of Bernie and the squad. These are far left socialists who believe in a socialist utopia…which never happens.” Representative Dan Crenshaw ( R-TX)

As the former, and starved for relevance, POTUS Obama was eulogizing Representative John Lewis, he, like other speakers, turned the funeral into a “jump on Trump hate feast.” And this is the guy who said nothing when five Dallas police officers were ambushed and murdered on July 7, 2016, as BLM’s Micah Xavier Johnson fired upon a group of police officers, killing five officers and injuring nine others. Obama said nothing! It was during his corrupt, divisive, failed and ineffective tenure that people turned on law enforcement. As a case in point, every single police department that did not support President Donald John Trump in 2016 is supporting him in 2020 and not working the DMC convention. And “Touchy-feely” Biden at first was going to increase by $300M, then to defunding, the police became they were “attacking peaceful protesters.” Another who is blind to the truth. Funny that Obama used the same words.

Just remember Obama sharing a beer with a police officer and a college professor in a case of mistaken identity. Obama then shredded law enforcement.

To that end, Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell addressed and discussed Obama’s open “campaigning” for his former second, the annoying “Touchy-feely” Joe Biden, during John Lewis’ funereal services. Terrell was very clear, “Step aside Al Sharpton, because you got a competitor, Barack Obama, using a house of worship, using a funeral, to raise a Democratic campaign speech. What amazes me is he basically lied on television when he said that federal troops were used for peaceful protesters. There’s not a peaceful protester who is trying to demolish a federal building. He tried to make an analogy that Donald Trump is George Wallace.”

In today’s trying times of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, why does a congressman get to have a funeral with hundreds of people in the church, right on top of one another, while American people are not allowed to attend in their own houses of worship? Elitist double standards.

The radical, extremist Democrats have made it clear that they want to defund and abolish the police and “Slow Joe” Biden has jumped on board. Never in history has law enforcement been so mistreated and not supported as they are in radical, liberal-run cities. What will it take, for example, the mayors of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, to open their eyes to realize that they are fostering the rioting, looting, destruction of private and public property, while the same radical anarchists attack law enforcement? President Donald John Trump accurately assessed, and responded, to the volatile situations in which Federal law enforcement from DHS, were initially sent to Seattle, and then Portland, to assist local police, who’s weak Democratic mayors and governors has surrendered their cities to volatile anarchists, Additionally, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Albuquerque and LA law enforcement are forced quell the violence driven by anarchists, with governors & mayors failing to properly address the rioting, looting and destruction of property, leaving them out to dry. It’s absolutely fascinating how the unhinged, radical extremists of the socialist liberal left developed a conscience free outlook towards the anarchists and the “mischief” they are responsible for.

It was interesting that Bubba Clinton was afforded an opportunity to speak at Lewis’ service. He needs to keep a real low profile, and possibly lawyering up considering his law license was pulled, because his name, 26 times, is mentioned in connection with Jeffrey Epstein. No surprise that witnesses got him on Epstein’s plane and island. I will just say this about Bubba Clinton: Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broddick, Leslie Milwee, Kathleen Willey and (?) Ghislaine Maxwell. And Monica Lewinsky! I just wanted to throw that in because it’s news worthy and pisses of the radical extremists of the socialist liberal liberal left. Oh My! Just imagine how angry Hillary is!!!

The next few months should prove to be a verbal dueling shootout, with Biden absolutely incapable of standing on his own. He better have a competent second, but that’s an issue on its own.