Infrastructure’s Green New Deal

“Nobody will understand the hard-core political left who does not understand that their politics are not about other people’s well-being, but about their own egos.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

There’s an old saying that even a broken clock is correct twice a day. And we must recall the hateful, pathetic, and infantile nonstop verbal attacks and lies promulgated by the bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media that targeted President Donald John Trump, members of his family, members of his administration and the successful policies of a POTUS who knew his stuff. And now with POTUS Joe Biden, and VPOTUS Kamala Harris doing a complete 180* on the POTUSDJT policies that corrected the damage from the Obama administration, JoeBama has out-Obamaed Obama. 

This administration has been horrible from the word “go,” while demonstrating a gross incompetence to the governance of the country. They have lied regarding tax increases. They have lied about the vaccines being developed and distributed on their watch, while the world knows that it was “Operation Warp Speed” which got the ball rolling. All this administration has done is refill the vaccine prescriptions. They have lied about foreign policy with NoKo and Iran, both of whom have returned to firing off rockets. They have lied and covered up Biden’s failing mental health. They have lied about the energy industry…fracking, no fracking, fracking, no fracking, etc. The Keystone XL Pipeline was shut down, resulting in the price of gas spiking, along with products from industries that are petrol reliant, such as the trucking of food. This administration told us “Oil and gas jobs aren’t going anywhere.” Then, they shut down the pipeline and took 11,000 jobs with it. This administration made the Hillary Clinton-Russian collusion investigation disappear. They made the Hunter Biden- draconian Communist Chinese Republic,  Ukraine and USSR money laundering investigation disappear. The building of the southern border wall was stopped….And they have blatantly lied about the horrible invasion of illegal aliens at the southern border, who are super spreaders of the COVID-19 virus, in addition to flooding the country with criminals and sex offenders. Biden had stated that Harris was in charge of fixing it and that she was going to Texas. The do-nothing Harris laughed and said she wasn’t going. And she did not. This intrusion by the illegal aliens was preplanned, along with HR-1, to establish a larger voting pool, in order for the Democrats to remain in power….those are the actions of a socialist country! It’s all to remain in control, with the help of the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media and big tech, both of whom are suppressing free speech and lying to the public. Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer argue that popular opinion is in their court on voter ID, but recent polling numbers show that an overwhelming 75% of ALL Americans believe that voter ID will help secure elections, combat fraud and ensure fair elections. Additionally, the administration lied about their support for Israel by sending $100M to the Palestinians and not surprisingly, American Jewish liberals have said nothing. A real “shonda.”

Members of this administration have tried to cover up and lie about Biden’s failing cognitive abilities, while in reality he is an overwhelmed, doddering old perv, who cannot put a coherent sentence together. He had his first presser long after his predecessors conducted their first interaction with the aforementioned dregs of the mainstream media. And this presser was absolutely, and obviously, orchestrated….thirty reporters, ten prearranged questions with selected “reporters,” with Biden having the answers in front of him, and the reporters photos were circled…a scorecard. 

Since the Biden administration considered their $1.9T initial stimulus an overwhelming success, the upper echelon of the radical socialist Democrats decided to roll the dice with a second one, with $4T focusing on rebuilding the infrastructure of the country. Infrastructure is defined as: the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization. And the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area, as transportation systems, communication systems and power plants. So, Biden stated that the new stimulus bill will focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of the country.

Not so fast buster….

As for the broken clock, The Washington Post, who hatefully condemned the very air breathed in by President Donald John Trump, got their grubby hands on a chart that details the proposed stimulus spending breakdown, as the Biden administration plans to spend only $115B, roughly 1/20 of the total, on highways, bridges, and roads. Conversely, they would spend $174B on electric vehicles, $213B on affordable and sustainable housing, $137B on public schools and community colleges, and finishing the stimulus money distribution with $180B on climate-based research and development. Electric vehicles $174B vs highways, bridges and roads $115B. Other large expenditures include $111B for clean drinking water, $100B for high-speed broadband, and $100B for workforce development.

I would like to ask WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki about how electric cars, affordable housing, funding schools and money being spent on green product research and development are directly connected to infrastructure? Do I hear Ocasio-Cortez? You bet! Circling back to Psaki, I wonder if she would circle back to specifying what the spending that I cited has to do with rebuilding the nation’s highways and bridges. She would definitely have to circle back to presenting a truthful justification, instead of political and purposeful double talk, circley speaking of course!

It could also be true that the administration is being intentionally vague in its summary descriptions of expenditures in the WaPo chart. Prior to reporting about the spending package, the chart presented that it would allot “$400 billion in spending to combat climate change, including $60 billion for infrastructure related to green transit and $46 billion for climate-related research and development.” Additionally, it is expected to include universal pre-kindergarten, free community college, expanded child care, and a national paid leave program. Hello Ocasio-Cortez. Hello higher taxes!

So, in a nutshell, what we have is the radical left’s “Green New Deal,” while only having to spend 1/20th on rebuilding infrastructure. And don’t forget that this means new taxes, taxes, taxes, as the price of oil goes up, as this “president” put the country back to dependence on foreign oil. 

Peter Doocy, of Fox News, actually called out the White House for the fact that their new infrastructure plan is anything but, as the tax hikes wouldn’t raise the trillions they want until 2036 and “only five percent of the spending” in the plan goes toward physical roads and bridges. So, Psaki’s response was eye opening, as she stated,  “We’re actually selling it as a once in a century, or once in a generation investment in partly our infrastructure but partly industries of the future.” Once in a generation? Once in a century? What on earth is she babbling about? So, the millennials, and others close in voting age, are going to be paying for this plan, long after it was approved, by the Democratic dominated Congress. By the way, Fox News is still losing ground to OANN and Newsmax, after they flipped on President Donald John Trump during the 2020 campaign season.

Yes, the climate change issue is still something to debate about. However, it seems that people from the radical, orthodox, extremist of the socialist liberal left have conveniently forgotten the $650M wasted by the Obama administration with the Solyndra fiasco. Solyndra  was a California based solar panel manufacturer who received stimulus money and then went bankrupt within six months, sticking taxpayers for the loss, while lying to federal officials to secure the loan. The General Accounting Office advised against the loan, but Obama went around them. So Biden, as a puppet, parrots the same climate change agenda pushed by “The Squad.”What is ignored was that in the early 1970’s President Richard M. Nixon organized the EPA. Due to our technological advances, pollution is down 80% and we are ahead of plenty of countries, especially when President Donald John Trump pulled us out of the anti-American Obama Paris Accords. Technology has advanced the automotive industry to the point of zero emissions. Take look at Biden, who has embraced the agenda and ideology of the radical left, as he continues to endorse the liberal, socialist agenda over quality and America first. Don’t forget that the radical Democrats want to “reimage” the economy. Biden stated that he was a moderate, but that has gone out the window.

And don’t forget about the $869M for housing illegal aliens in hotels, while this government has forgotten about the homeless, veterans in distress and First Americans. As is the standard operating procedure, the radical extremist Democrats put the American citizen behind everyone else.

Lastly, while the dregs of the mainstream media have not fully acknowledged that domestic terrorists are still very “active” in Democratic run cities, that pernicious curmudgeon in the WH removed a percentage of federal law enforcement from Portland, for example, which is still burning, going on one year, but Biden and Harris have done nothing. And interestingly, the local governments in Portland and Minneapolis, who had called for the defunding of their police departments, are now pleading for monies from the swamp to “REFUND” law enforcement, as their cities took on the appearance of London during the 1940 blitz by the German Luftwaffe. Look it up, but avoid Google. Why you ask? Because they follow you. 

We are a country in great distress, as big tech is actively practicing the suppression of the First Amendment, with the support of the mainstream media and the Democrats in The Congress, as they focus on those who do not adhere to the orthodox, radical, extremist, socialist, liberal agenda. And the Green New Deal, which will cost a plethora of money and thousands, if not millions, of American jobs. So, the Biden administration has branded this money grab as an “infrastructure plan.” Reality dictates that this “plan” has very little funding targeting needed infrastructure. Instead, the plan targets “equity” andfighting climate change. I don’t think that a population can ride climate change or equity to work. 

Lastly, Biden is now facing opposition to his infrastructure proposal from both sides of the aisle, as Psaki cannot defend the proposal, while Republicans are warning it goes too far and radical, extremist, progressive Democrats are angry that it doesn’t go far enough. Biden’s head must be spinning like a top! This administration is a lost cause! Oh My!

“I am the President of the United States, clothed in immense power.” President Abraham Lincoln, January 1865, arguing the ratification of the 13th Amendment. However, the current President has succeeded his power to the orthodox, extremists of the radical,socialist liberal left. He is nothing more than a puppet.