Biden-Harris…Blame Trump

Biden’s Border Crisis..Biden’s Drug Crisis..Biden’s Humanitarian Crisis..Biden’s National Security Crisis..What’s the common theme? This is solely Biden’s doing, yet that doddering, old, dementia afflicted perv is some how trying to blame President Donald John Trump for his clusterf*ck….Biden and the radical socialist left own the entire situation along the Southern Border!

Customs and Border Protection released its March, 2021 numbers, indicating 172,331 have been apprehended in the calendar month. That’s the biggest number recorded in nearly two decades. TWO DECADES!! And remember that Biden “invited” the illegal aliens, yet the ones who are really getting royally screwed are the Mexican citizens. A majority of them have legally entered the United States with the intent to work, in order to feed their families. However, once the Mexican citizens catch on, they expected to receive the entitlements offered by the radical Democrats. And don’t forget about the illegal aliens who are not Mexican citizens. They are released with “catch and release.’ with a “Notice to Appear” in immigration court, but are no-shows and disappear into the country. Realistically, the illegal aliens claiming “political asylum” are not leaving their countries because of political oppression, but because the Democrats opened the goodies closet. And let’s not forget about numerous foreign nationals who are on ICE’s wanted list who attempt to sneak into the US.

Biden had proudly announced that the Federal government was going to be funding the housing of illegal aliens in hotels throughout the country at the cost of $869M. As the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left continue to demonstrate their disdain for the American citizen, and hatred of the United States, especially those at or below the poverty line, the homeless, veterans in need of assistance and assisting First Americans who want to improve their lives. But hotels? For real! If it’s anything like what NYC’s Mayor Putz did, the government will be gouged financially big time, with little in return for the bucks spent. The President Donald John Trump immigration laws kept the border infiltration at a minimum. Now, it’s up 700% since Inauguration Day, including an increase in crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens. As demonstrated by Custom and Border Protection stats: in 2019, 4,269 arrested with criminal convictions. Calendar 2020 saw 2,438…a decrease. Three months into 2021, Biden time, we see 4,140 arrested. Three months in. For the year 2021, we can determine that 16,560 will be arrested with a 400% increase. You don’t have to be a statistical major to see that illegal alien numbers spiked just as Biden was taking his hand off the Bible.

As we move deeper into the presidential tenure of Biden, I have great trepidation for the sanctity of what we, as Americans, hold dearest to our hearts….the rights of a free people and the continuance of being a Constitutional Republic. As it stands right now, the United States of America is under attack from within. Throughout the course of our history, we had a handful of POTUS’ who were great. We had Presidents who had leadership qualities. We had Presidents who were clueless (see James Buchanan and Calvin Coolidge). We had Presidents who were marginally functional to give the appearance of competence. And we now have a puppet President who cannot put together a cohesive, logical sentence, as he demonstrates that he is a doddering old man, who’s cognitive abilities are snowballing downhill…even with the use of teleprompters, scorecards during orchestrated pressers and having handlers remove him when the room temperature goes up.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer what objective observers of Washington, DC already knew. However it can be classified, Biden is the Trojan Horse being controlled from very close quarters by his handlers, who receive their marching orders from the Deep State and the upper echelon of the Democratic Party, see Nancy Pelosi, Chuckles Schumer and the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left, including the four knuckleheads from the squad. These aforementioned political factions are all chipping in to realize Obama’s socialist/globalist goal of fundamentally changing the country. Let’s not forget that Obama will be returning to try to righten Biden’s sinking administration.

After realizing that he successfully cheated President Donald John Trump from a second term, Biden stated that from day one, he will undo each one of the POTUSDJT administration’s successful policies. All Biden has done is place the country back to the disastrous Obama years. Yet as cracks start to develop each day with each failure, Biden chooses to blame POTUSDJT for his screwups. And one of the biggest issues right now is the clusterfuck that Biden has created at our Southern Border. And even more amazingly, Biden has given VPOTUS Kamala Harris carte blanche to do whatever she sees fit.

So, Harris was charged with acting as the eyes, ears and problem solver for this failing administration. However, it would be interesting to determine what experience she brings when dealing with the invasion of illegal aliens crossing the border. Like no experience! Remember, Harris has a background as the District Attorney for San Francisco, Attorney General for California and as a United States Senator. Nowhere in her experience is there any mention of dealing with Federal immigration law and international relations. Harris was a hardass prosecutor, with an iron fist. Remember, Harris’ home state of California openly permits its border with Mexico to get overrun by illegal aliens as a matter of policy, which certainly has not readied her for this task.

Harris held a recent virtual round table to ascertain the causes of the migration. The groups that she brought in for the meeting were radical extremist liberal leftist, who promote open borders/illegal immigration and chances are they will offer nothing feasible. What a shock. Furthermore, Harris stated that she will visit Mexico and the northern triangle countries in Central America. Biden/Harris promise to throw money to these countries to alleviate migration problems. Money isn’t going to fix this. Harris stated that one of the “root causes” for the movement is climate change. CLIMATE CHANGE?? Are they for real?? Let’s not forget the corrupt governments that prevent economic progress and will pocket the bulk of any foreign aid meant to develop those economies or make their farms more “resilient. Finally, a Biden official did not say whether she will visit the US-Mexico border as the immigration crisis spirals out of control.

With thanks to Sean Hannity!

So, as the border crisis worsens by the hour, as thousands continue to cross illegally, Biden’s 5W lightbulb is struggling to go on as he fails to address this issue that will ruin his presidency. And when presidents get in trouble, they look about for someone to blame if things really go south. And they are attempting to blame President Donald John Trump.

As the presser to announce that the aforementioned Harris was the lead, Biden said “Thank you. Willing to do it. And now we’re going to get down to business here, and uh, Ron who am I turning this over to?” Huh? What? Who is he turning this over to? What does that mean? “Thank you very much, Mr. President,” the handler replied. “I think it’s time, I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave now.” The bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media began shouting questions while Biden looked on with a blank stare. He breathed heavily into his mask while the White House staffers whisked the reporters away. Protect Biden so he doesn’t talk! President Donald John Trump would have stayed to face the verbal abuse and combat from the MSM, as he did each day.

Making things even worse was when she was asked about visiting the Southern Border, the VPOTUS faced backlash after laughing when a reporter asked if she planned to visit the southern border amid the immigration crisis. Harris laughed at the reporter who asked her if she has planned to visit the border. “Don’t believe this administration when they say they are serious about solving this crisis,” Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) wrote on Twitter. The vice president responded to the query with a “not today” before laughing.

Both Biden and Harris had refused to visit the border because it’s not a priority-apparently, it’s just a laughing matter! Solving the crisis they created isn’t a priority. Going on a trillion dollar political PR boondoggle tour is more important to them. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are flooding into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the southern border if you will, because Biden is an absent President, both physically and mentally, also an empty suit, while being both unwilling and unable to address the crisis he created.

Furthermore, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) stated that people he described as “drug smugglers, cartel members” stood across the Rio Grande River and taunted him and other members of a congressional team visiting the nation’s southern border to observe conditions there. “They were yelling at us, taunting us, shining high candlepower flashlights across the river at us, basically saying we are coming.” Senator Lee was one of 18 Republican members of Congress who visited the McAllen, Texas CBP facility. He said there were “drug smugglers, cartel members, people making $14 million every single week while this crisis lasts, bringing people across the border, illegally subjecting them to untold privatizations, sexual abuse, and other horrible things,” involved in the verbal barrage.

Furthermore, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), also at the border, added, “We have been listening to and seeing cartel members, human traffickers right on the other side of the river, waving flashlights yelling and taunting Americans, taunting the Border Patrol because they know under the current policies of the Biden administration they can flood over here. They’re getting paid $4-5000 a person to smuggle them into the country and… when they smuggle them in, the Biden administration releases them,” he said. Senator Cruz added, “That Biden administration is taking people who tested positive for COVID-19 and locking them in cages side by side. This is inhumane, it is wrong and is a direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration to stop building the wall, return of catch and release and ending “Stay in Mexico.” This has encouraged illegal aliens to enter the country.

Additionally, Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind) had shared that a Biden official asked the Republican senators to delete the photos they took at a border facility they were touring. Braun originally made the remarks to the Washington Examiner. “There was one of Biden’s representatives. I felt sorry for the lady because she actually talked to me about deleting a picture, but by the time she got to me, all those other pictures were taken, and that shows you the hypocrisy,” Braun told the Examiner of a migrant processing and holding center in Donna, Texas.

Additionally, by considering that the Biden administration completely blew up President Donald John Trump’s immigration policies, it essentially opened the door for illegal aliens. As a result, morale has got to be real low amongst CBP and ICE. Moreover, there are reports that the asylum seekers are infected with fleas and lice, while many have the COVID-19 virus and the officers on patrol are bringing “gifts” home to their families. There is suspicion that the cartels are doing it on purpose. And the outstanding and dedicated officers of the CBP are taking a beating from the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media, from the radical extremists of the socialist liberal left and the political elites in Washington who are unfeeling and promoting their own agenda, while facing the occasional shot from Mexico.

And don’t forget that Biden invited them here. As Senator Cruz pointed out recently on his Twitter account, Biden had promised not to deport illegal aliens. He promised, in fact, to welcome them, give them free health care, and free money from the recent $1.9 stimulus bill…$4.3B. Biden is calling for illegal aliens to be released into the US and get taxpayer money. And don’t forget that the illegal aliens entering the country are not being vetted during catch and release. And they ain’t showing up in court either. Then take into account the left pushing revised voting laws. Fits together like a puzzle.

By the way, the Government Accounting Office is said to be investigating Biden because he froze money that was to be used for the southern border wall. Oh My! And one last thing…there’s a good possibility that former President Donald John Trump will visit the border to see the Biden’s administration growing crisis for himself. However, he is tempering any visits until he sees what Harris does. But how can she work the immigration problem without seeing it for herself…in person.

The current administration announced it has secured agreements from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to increase security along their borders in an attempt to prevent human trafficking and smuggling. I wonder how much the cost of this extortion money is going to further cost the American taxpayer? Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated, “And to watch the Biden administration come in and just flip the switch, we have the tragedy that we now see. These people are trying to come through Mexico to get into the United States because President Biden greenlighted this. It’s absolutely tragic. And to watch them do this in a unilateral way and make the lives worse for not only people who live in Texas and Arizona and California, but people all across our southern boundary, it’s just tragic.”

“This is out of control. It’s the middle of the night. We’ve seen dozens of children flow freely across the border in just the past few minutes,” he said in a Tweet as dozens of people who appear to be trying to cross the border illegally walk past him.” Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA)

“What I saw at our southern border was total chaos and disorder, and the cartel is profiting off of Joe Biden’s failed policies each day he stands by and does nothing.”Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY).

It’s rather obvious that the Biden administration’s strategy isn’t going to support more the competent leaderships, not only in the triangle, but throughout this lively little planet. The standard operating procedure of the Democrats is to open the treasury and pour even more cash into the Green New Deal and throw billions at dysfunctional and corrupt governments. Moreover, it’s quite clear that Biden/Harris are trying to pass the blame to… POTUSDJT…where he was successful, they are major screwups.

And how does it make you feel that an illegal alien identified Biden as “his president?”