Biden’s Second Year of Failing

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” Obama told a fellow Democrat during the 2020 presidential primary. The former president disparaged his running mate again during a conversation with a Democratic candidate: “And you know who really doesn’t have it?” Obama said. “Joe Biden.” First time Obama spoke the truth.

You really got to wonder what is going on in that coconut!

So, here’s a brief summary of the last 14+ months into the failing Biden administration, year two :

• Surging border crisis, 2.2+ million illegal aliens in our country, with inordinate amount of methamphetamine & fentanyl…Most Illegal Border Crossings Ever

• Biden has done NOTHING to secure the border, which is why the border states are taking action independent of DHS.

• The Biden administration is sending aid to The Ukraine to protect their border, but leaves the southern border wide open.

• Illegal aliens can use arrest warrants as identification to get on commercial jets, while American citizens need government identification.

• Spiraling Wuhan pandemic with no end in sight, with no solution in sight.

• The current inflation rate is 8%, highest in 40 years. Wholesale inflation is 9.5%

• A chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, costing 13 American lives, which sent a clear signal to Putin & Xi regarding Biden’s weaknesses.

• Demonstrating weakness with The Ukraine-USSR confrontation, which will encourage the CCR to annex Taiwan. Belarus will be a jumping point for the USSR.

• Countless campaign promises broken as he pivoted far left.

• Opposed amnesty for illegal aliens, then supported it.

• Glorified Sen. Robert Byrd(D-WV), a former Ku Klux Klan member who opposed federally-mandated desegregation and civil rights, as someone who “elevated the Senate.

• Skyrocketing crime in Democratic run Cities, with a large percentage of police officers either getting injured while on duty or killed in the line of duty. Woke DA’s are putting criminals back on street, or not putting them away in first place. And in a recent podcast, WH Secretary Jen Psaki laughed off the nation’s surging crime fears and Biden’s “support” of law enforcement, while 16 Democratic run cities set records for homicides.

During a CONTROLLED presser, Biden was talking about election reform and his experience with Constitutional law as a “professor” for 20 years. He taught at Widener University Delaware Law School. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden stated, “I was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my senior year. I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits, when you only needed 125 credits.” After getting caught in another lie, Biden released his academic records revealing that many of the credentials that he cited from 1987 were not true. Biden attended Syracuse Law School on a half-scholarship and graduated near the bottom on his class. Despite claiming that he improved his academic performance over time, the records did not indicate that he did. And finally, he graduated with a dual major in history and political science, not “three degrees” as he stated. Furthermore, Biden also continues to claim that he was the first member of his family to attend college, despite having been caught in this lie decades ago. By the way, DementiaJoe was an adjunct professor.

1-During his speech in Georgia regarding voting reform, DementiaJoe began to carry on and appeared to loose it. Biden called those who disagreed with his political views on legislation “domestic enemies.” He compared them to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, a Democrat from Mississippi, former Alabama Democratic Party Committeeman and ardent, violent segregationist “Bull”Connor, who ordered the hoses and attack dogs on civil rights protesters in Birmingham and former Alabama Governor George Wallace, “Segregation now, Segregation forever,” also a Democrat. In American politics, that is about as divisive as one can get. Biden went out of his way to avoid mentioning what political party these men belonged too.

Bull Connor(D) & 1962 Birmingham

And Biden went on…“Even Dr.King’s assassination did not have the world wide impact that George Floyd’s death did.” MLK spent his life peacefully working to make an equitable life for the Black Community, and preaching that people, regardless of color, culture, background or religion, treat one another by who they are, not what they are. He died for his words. George Floyd lived his life as a criminal, arrested for numerous felonies and misdemeanors, while being incarcerated and released numerous times for drug charges.

So, we had Joenochio comparing two moderate Democratic United States Senators to three of the Democratic Party’s three most historical ardent racists. He then denied making the comparison. Biden then attempted, and very poorly for that matter, to compare the deaths of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Floyd, without taking into account the manner in which how they lived their lives and contributions to humankind. There’s no point rehashing the lives of Dr. King and Floyd.

Since being declared a national holiday, MLK Day is ideally a day of remembrance for the civil rights leader. As usual, the Democrats will employ whatever machinations they can in order use to push their current flavor of the day agenda. During DementiaJoe’s failing presidency, they decided to use MLK Day to push their voting rights legislation. 

To that end, The White House and numerous radical, socialist progressive, liberal Democrats were attempting to literally shove the passage down the throats of the American public with two election bills: “The Freedom to Vote Act” and “The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) and assorted other “prominent” progressive liberal Democrats used their MLK speeches to press for the bills and repeatedly accused filibuster supporters of “dishonoring” his legacy. 

As usual, the aforementioned progressive, liberal Democrats used dramatic overkill, along with MLK Jr. as a prop to push their agenda. If people recall the “content” of his speeches, he wanted to bring all Americans together, as opposed to the current day Democrats, along with Joenochio, who prefer divisive racist strategies to keep people at odds with one another. They need to focus more on how the memory of Dr. King, who preached for change through peaceful means, can bring the country together, simply because of all of the good he did for Americans. That is not the progressive Democratic way.

So, during the course of his speech, Biden made the outrageous claim that the 2022 midterms could be illegitimate if Congress did not pass his Voting Rights Bill, which would take away power from states to set their own election laws and make voter fraud significantly easier, with the Federal Government overseeing the voting process. This model is used in socialist and communist countries. And the radical extremists of the socialist progressive left are scared to death regarding the results of the upcoming midterms…which should be a “ red wave.” Hope the Democrats don’t cheat.

The Constitution specifies that anyone who is eligible to vote for the larger house of a state legislature may vote for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate as well. The Elections Clause does not permit either the states or Congress to override those provisions by establishing additional qualifications for voting for Congress. Therefore, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1: “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of choosing Senators.” The Democrats want the voting done through a centralized system, similar to Venezuela or Cuba.

The “reforms” DementiaJoe is talking about are designed to focus on illegal aliens and non-documented aliens being given a path to vote in elections on all levels. In New York City, the socialist, progressive left City Council opened up local voting to over 800,000 non-citizens in order to keep control of the city government. This is the attempted goal on a national level, with the southern border being kept wide open to fatten up the desired voting base.

2-During Biden’s first year plus of a failing presidency, more police officers were killed in the line of duty than any other year since 1995 and a law-enforcement group says the driving force is the growing anti-cop sentiment pushed by the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive left, according to a new report. Furthermore, as reported by Fox News, 73 officers were intentionally killed in the line of duty in 2021 — a nearly 59 percent increase over 2020, when 46 cops were murdered, cited by the FBI’s database on officers killed in action. Don’t forget to note the Democratic support of BLM and ANTIFA.

Over the last 14+ months violent crime is at an all time high and orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left still want to “Defund the Police.” But now localities are starting to wake up regarding their police departments.

3-As reported by The Epoch Times, the supply chain issue worsens under Biden and his dysfunctional administration, with the number of ships waiting to deliver goods in Los Angeles has jumped about 12 percent since October, when DementiaJoe announced that the ports would be opened around-the-clock to ease congestion. The marine exchange reported 190 ships of all types were waiting in line to dock at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports on Jan. 19. In mid-October, the number was about 170. Additionally, it also takes about two months longer to deliver goods from Asia to the Pacific Coast now than in 2019, before the Wuhan pandemic, according to Flexport, a San Francisco-based freight-forwarding company.

4-After one year, it still boggles the mind that Biden is the POTUS. As the days march on, he demonstrated that he is not mentally competent to be the country’s chief executive. When he speaks and then blanks out, I have to double check my remote to make sure that I did not press the pause button. And one of the main culprits in this misadventure is “Dr. Jill,” who should be investigated for “elder abuse.” With one full year under his belt, Biden maintains that he “outperformed expectations!”I guess it remains a means to the end in order for the deep state to continue their control over The Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Furthermore, as stated by NBC’s resident Democratic shill Chuck Todd regarding DementiaJoe: “He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, no longer seen as a good commander-in-chief, or perhaps most damaging, as easy-going and likable. In fact, just 5% of adults say Mr. Biden has performed better than expected as president, one of the many lowest firsts and fewest in our poll,” he added. I wonder what that 5% see that the rest of the country doesn’t!

5-And speaking of Biden “outperforming his expectations,” let’s”circle back” to the damage done from day one with this administration’s attack on the American energy industry. Or to quote President Donald John Trump: “We were energy independent. We didn’t need anybody. In fact, we were exporting energy, making a fortune. We were going to be double the size of Russia and China….We were number one when I left…And instead we gave up the mantle and we look like a bunch of very sad fools” He called it right with how the rest of the world now looks at us.

Remember the cryptic words of Robert Gates regarding
Biden’s foreign policy disasters decade after decade.

Now, after the Afghanistan disaster, Joenochio lit the fuse to blowup the Ukraine-USSR-Nord Stream 2 pipeline conflagration. Robert Gates, Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, clearly stated that in the decades that he has known Biden, it was the rare occasion when Biden got things right, especially dealing with foreign policy. Let’s not forget that Biden voted against eliminating Bin Laden. But the current military engagement occurring in Eastern Europe falls on Biden and the incompetent people in his administration. During the President Donald John Trump administration, the United States was energy independent and kept the USSR in line. Four days after Joenochio took the oath, the US became energy dependent, which opened the door for Putin to take hold of the world’s energy market…to the tune of 35%. Additionally, this dementia affected, career failing politician enacted sanctions against the USSR after they invaded The Ukraine, which were weaker than POTUSDJT’s. And the idiots from the left, along with the dregs of the mainstream media, failed to learn from history. Putin is doing exactly what Adolf Hitler did in 1938 by annexing the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. And this administration did nothing about Putin, who played Obama, and now DementiaJoe, for the failures and weak presidents they were/are. In 2014, as Putin annexed The Crimea, the Obama/Biden administration did nothing.Lastly, remember Putin is former KGB. Therefore, he was trained to see, and then exploit weaknesses and divisions. It’s highly unlikely that Joenochio will be able to ace Putin.

In February, 2020, Joenochio Tweeted the following: “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why — it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” This shows how disconnected and self-delusional Biden is!

And even more unbelievably, horror writer Stephen King demonstrated why he is an award winning science-fiction writer with his own personal delusions: “Mr. Putin has made a serious miscalculation. He forgot he’s no longer dealing with Trump.” While the Obama/Biden administration was in office, Putin annexed The Crimea before POTUSDJT became President. Putin then waited until President Donald John Trump left office to make a run at The Ukraine. Glad that I don’t read King. He should stick to fiction. It’s obvious he can’t think real life-real time. What a putz!

The current situation in Eastern Europe absolutely never would have happened if President Donald John Trump had not been screwed in the 2020 election.

President Donald John Trump was right!

“This is something that should have never happened; this would not have happened during my administration,” Trump told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “In fact, some people are saying, ‘Why didn’t this take place over the last four years during our administration?’ And it didn’t for a very good reason, and I’ll explain that to you someday, but it wouldn’t have taken place, and it wouldn’t have taken place right now.

“It’s a very sad thing for the world, for the country, and it’s certainly sad for a lot of people that are going to be needlessly killed.”

Romney was 100% correct about Russia!

Recall that during the 2012 Presidential Election debate the incumbent POTUS, Obama, mocked GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s words that the USSR is the biggest threat to world security, by stating that was “so 1980’s.” And recall Obama’s words to the Russian ambassador: “Tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility after the election.” So, while Putin is obviously not concerned about Biden, Russia’s 2022 invasion of The Ukraine also falls on Obama’s shoulders.

A recent Gallup survey found that only 36 percent of Americans back the president’s response to the “situation with Russia” while 55 percent disapproved. Fewer than two-thirds of Democrats (64 percent) support Biden’s handling of the matter while 35 percent of independents approve of his efforts. Only 11 percent of Republicans offered the same support. My question is what on earth is wrong with the Democrats who actually think Joenochio is going well?

After just over one year of quite possibly having the worst and most dysfunctional president in American History, ask how much better off the United States is really under DementiaJoe than under President Donald John Trump. After all, the Clown News Network received decent ratings because of five years of coverage on POTUSDJT, focusing on the bogus, Hillary funded Russian collusion, in addition to the Communist Chinese COVID-19 pandemic, and their attacks on the Constitutional Republic. From the start, Biden clearly has demonstrated that he has/had no control over the virus. He’s over 800,000 deaths past the 200,000 deaths Biden said disqualified POTUSDJT from being president. Four years of Joenochio will damage the country for the foreseeable future, especially with the second lowest poll numbers measured for a POTUS. Well, you can’t fix stupid!