The End of Title 42 & The Ramifications

“I believe that America was founded by geniuses, but now being run by idiots. I believe that you can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out. Republicans aren’t perfect, but the other side is crazy.”Senator John Kennedy (R-TX)-2022 CPAC

The cognitively delinquent “leader” of the free world!

Joe Biden’s self-made border crisis is getting worse by the day. Since the Biden administration began tearing apart the successful policies of President Donald John Trump, they trashed independent energy production, failed to address the supply chain issue, out of control crime in Democratic run cities, along with his failing foreign policies…just think of the retreat from Afghanistan, the JCPOA Iran nuclear issue, NoKo once again firing missiles to their heart’s content and the almost two month old conflict between The Ukraine and the USSR…during which of course Biden and other NATO leaders are afraid to provoke Putin.

Biden failed to follow the advice of The Joint Chiefs of Staff and ordered the military retreat before safely removing civilians. And lied about it!

There’s an excellent possibility that Biden is pleased with the distraction that The Ukraine-USSR conflict is providing in keeping eyes away from the incursion at the southern border and the out of control inflation, which is the highest in 40+ years at 8.5%, while wholesale inflation is 10.5%. By the way, didn’t Joenochio also call Putin’s invasion a “minor incursion?”

The Future Democratic Voting Base!

As for the Biden created disaster at the Southern Border, one of the laws that Biden and his failing administration want to squash is Title 42, which is part of the U.S. health law, specifically Section 262 of the U.S. Code. Therefore, Title 42 prohibits entry into the United States when the Director for the Center of Disease Control believes “there is a serious danger to the introduction of a communicable disease into the United States.” And yes, we are talking about everyone’s favorite, COVID-19. Don’t forget that the illegal aliens that illegally cross into the US are not vetted and are super spreaders of not only COVID-19, but tuberculosis, measles, syphilis, polio, cholera, diphtheria, smallpox, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. Realistically, what’s also coming over into the US could harm everyone. The CDC is starting to see scabies, chicken pox, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, and different viruses. Illegal immigration will expose Americans to diseases that have been virtually eradicated, but are highly contagious, as in the case of TB.

In addition to the plethora of the aforementioned diseases, Custom and Border Protection are trying to address drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking and sex trafficking. Additionally, the current pace of illegal aliens crossing the border order will exceed two million by year’s end. Amazingly once the illegals cross the border, they are provided with gift cards and “Biden phones,” similar to the infamous “Obamaphone!”

Members of The Congress recently visited the border and made the observation that migrants crossing the US-Mexico border illegally are snapping selfies to celebrate making it into America. While touring the border area one night, the group reportedly observed at least two migrants taking selfies while waiting for buses to arrive as Border Patrol agents looked on. And could do nothing!

Custom and Border Protection: Overworked and underpaid!

As reported by the New York Post, “The human traffickers use them to show everybody, “See? Look. Look how easy it was,’” National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd told Fox of the photos. “‘These people are happy. Pay me $1,000 and you can be happy as well.” At this point of time, CBP have effected over 10,000 felony arrests, over 3,400 weapons seized, with over 289,000,000 lethal doses of fentanyl not making it to the streets of American cities. And let’s not forget that the fentanyl is initially made in the draconian Communist Chinese Republic and processed by the Mexican cartels and smuggled into the US. CBP is now anticipating 18,000 illegal crossings per day! “This could result in over 540,000 encounters in a single month,” Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) said. “Currently, CBP does not have the facilities or manpower to handle the anticipated massive surge.”

The Biden administration is considering moving Veterans Administration medical staff away from the veteran’s healthcare system, in order to fulfill the need to examine illegal immigrants,which will affect a severely depleted VA.

As it stands right now, the wait time for a veteran to see their doctor can average 22 days and reach as high as 42 days. This is true mismanagement of federal government resources by the Biden administration and as usual, puts Americans behind the eight ball.

Furthermore, the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive liberal left and Biden, has made every city or border town, with the wide open southern border, has now funded $150 million of taxpayer bucks in the new budget providing attorneys for the illegal aliens who have illegally flooded the border…but literal bread crumbs for law enforcement.

So, as thousands of illegal aliens enter the United States, the Biden administration is expected to repel the pandemic-era protocol Title 42, which allows CBP officers to quickly turn migrants and asylum seekers back to Mexico on public health grounds. The Associated Press and others of the hideous mainstream media, cited anonymous sources familiar with the matter and said the Biden administration was expected to end the protocol by May 23, 2022.

From the nanosecond Putin’s military invaded The Ukraine, it became crystal clear, even to the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist progressive liberal left, moderate Democrats and the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media that Joenochio was more concerned about the border between the two warring factions in Eastern Europe than the United State’s southern border, that is being overwhelmed by illegal aliens. The governors of Arizona, Florida and Texas have taken it upon themselves to do the job that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has blatantly failed to do.

CNBC must be gagging on the truth!

Biden’s poll numbers are effectively under water, as is his ineffective and useless vice president. As the war in Ukraine rages on and as inflation is reaching new highs by the day, Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low in the most recent CNBC Economic Survey. Joenochio’s approval rating stands at just 38% among Americans, with 53% disapproving. The net -15% rating is substantially worse than his -9% approval in the same poll conducted in December. Even more jarring was the president’s dismal approval rating on the economy, standing at just 35%, with 60% disapproving for a net of -25%. That’s the fourth straight CNBC survey to record a drop in his approval rating on the economy.

Additionally, just 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 54% who disapprove, according to the results of a recent Quinnipiac University poll. That mark ties the lowest approval Biden has received in the poll during his precedency, matching the number set in January 2022, when the president faced a 33-53 approval deficit. Do the people who give him a positive review see that since DementiaJoe was “elected,” the country has been in a downward spiral? What an advantage it must be to be blind to the truth?

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX)

In order to push back against the extraordinary amount of illegal aliens crossing through the southern border, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) funded charter buses to transport them to Washington, DC. Additionally, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FLA) is transporting his state’s illegals to Delaware. And who’s home state is that? These two governors are paying back Biden, Mayorkas and the DC swamp for flying illegals out of Brownsville, Texas by chartered jet to places unknown. The illegals are flown to Westchester County in upstate New York, along with Long Island’s Suffolk County. Just think about the strain on county finances!

Governor Ron DeSantis ( R-FLA)

To that end, Texas has officially delivered the first charter bus of Biden’s illegal immigrants to DC, and according to Governor Abbott, this is only the beginning.More buses are being hired, so it will be fascinating to see how long it takes DementiaJoe and his administration to finally address his Joe-made crisis! The illegal aliens were dropped off between Union Station and the U.S. Capitol. Everybody getting off the bus had a manila folder. Many were men. And can anybody guess their backgrounds?

So, it seems that Biden is going to allow our border, and country, to be invaded by ending Title 42.

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