The Illicit Joe!

A recent survey done by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research found that just 21% of adults believe the US is going in the right direction, down from 29% in April. Even Democrats are losing hope, with only 33% saying the US is headed in the right direction compared to 49% a month ago and 55% in March. So, with an overwhelming number of Americans thinking that we are going in the wrong direction thanks to DementiaJoe’s socialist driven regulations and policies, he is underwater on every issue.

The poll numbers are sinking faster than a cinderblock in the ocean, as they reflect Biden’s indifference, incompetence and disassociation with the people.

During a rare presser with Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, without questions of course, Biden had the temerity to state that America’s energy crisis and gas prices are part of an “incredible transition that is taking place and G-D willing when this is over, will make us stronger and the world stronger with less reliance on fossil fuels when this is over. This is a long haul and will take some time.” In other words DementiaJoe’s plan, in conjunction with the radical, extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left, wants the American consumer to foot the bill as they try to make the green “transition,” there’s that word again, towards 100% green energy. Biden continues to shove Obama’s philosophy of wanting to “fundamentally change” the United States, now focusing on the way we live, including the bankrupting of middle class America and bankrupting businesses. Shopping? Not the way it used to be.

And to quote The Fifth Dimension: “Up, up and away!!!!”

“Biden refers to the skyrocketing gas prices as an ‘incredible transition.’ They’re saying the quiet part out loud now,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). “They’re causing pain at the pump because it’s all part of their radical agenda.”

And the big deal to solve his energy crisis? As Biden is tapping the national reserve, prices would go down a few cents for a few months. Don’t forget that the national Strategic Petroleum Reserves are to be used in time of war or some other domestic national emergency. The forced increase in gas prices is squarely on the Biden administration. And it’s a bit of a coincidence that DementiaJoe is releasing oil just before the midterms.

In an effort to counter high prices, Biden had authorized the release of 180,000,000 barrels over the next few months from the aforementioned Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which his administration claimed would cause prices at the pump to “come down fairly significantly.” At the time of his announcement, the average price of gas was $4.225 per gallon. “It’s helped, but it’s not been enough,” as Biden made another ridiculous claim. And DementiaJoe remains completely out of touch and indifferent towards the difficulties being experienced by Americans, as gas prices continue to spike.

Biden has repeatedly insisted that his administration’s actions, rather than increasing the price of gas, had actually been able to “keep it from getting worse — and it’s bad.” What planet is DementiaJoe watching his ever growing disaster from?

By the way, during the last day of DementiaJoe’s Asian presser, as he was peppered with questions from the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media that got him “elected,” he ignored them, Biden looked at Prime Minister Kishida and made the comment, “Welcome to the American press,” which was caught on a hot mic. It’s been over 100 days since his last presser. His staff would freak out if he had to sit down and conduct an unscripted presser. Gaffes galore!
So, Biden’s plan to ease the energy crisis is now to beg the dictators of Iran, Venezuela and other countries that do not have American interests at heart for oil. Yet, he absolutely refuses to work with American oil companies by attacking them and calling them “price gougers.”

Since DementiaJoe’s administration took over, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, off Louisiana, is down over 300,000 barrels per day(BPD). And then tack on the 830,000 BPD that would have been produced and moved by the Keystone XL pipeline…well that’s over 1,000,000 BPD that DementiaJoe has strangled from the national use of oil.

And include the “pausing” of oil and gas leases on federal lands. The Biden administration has also canceled multiple federal oil and gas lease sales, some as recently as this month amid the gas price surge.And what about the thousands of lost jobs?

Therefore, I find it fascinatingly scary each morning that when I am in my car on the way to physical therapy I pass by two gas stations on two opposite corners of a main intersection and take note of the price of regular gas. On my way home, I pass by the same two stations and just shake my head at the price increases of regular gas in a few hoe deliveries during the fall-winter and early spring. So, I could be spending approximately $5,400.00 in oil. What do I cut? Food? Mortgage? Electric? Prescriptions for my insulin?

My local station…

As reported by AAA, California gas prices continue to spike as the statewide average price per gallon reached $6.06 in the Los Angeles area, while San Francisco prices were cited at $6.32. Nationally, the average price of gas hit $4.59 per gallon. The record-highs come as consumer inflation continues to rise to 8.5%, the highest in 40 years, with wholesale inflation rates are 10.5%, as the demand and cost for oil increases. The statewide average in California a year ago was $4.16 for regular unleaded gas.

California has numerous challenges when it comes to fuel costs, with the state’s restrictions on refineries, clean air policies and other factors. And don’t forget the promise from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) ex-nephew through a failed marriage, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA), to eliminate combustion engine cars by 2030. At this time, California has done everything they can make gasoline prices go higher.

A California dream? Or a California nightmare?

The Biden energy regulations that we now have in the country make it more difficult to drill and explore for oil. Additionally, there should be further exploration for LNG (liquefied natural gas). In what took less than one year to shut down, the regulatory requirements to get one of those plants up and running can take years, while in some cases it can be an inhibitor to the plant actually coming on line at all. It can be done for the oil and gas industry, then the quicker that the oil companies can get into that position where the country can be a net exporter again and it can reduce the prices overall. The caveat is the refusal of woke financial institutions to finance the drilling and exploration.

As we address the Biden administration targeting domestic drilling and development of oil sources, it’s time to talk about the middle and western gulf coast drilling. The Governors of Alabama(Kay Ivey-R), Louisiana(John Bel Edwards-R), Mississippi(Tate Reeves-R) and Texas (Greg Abbott-R) want the drilling. At this point never has been an oil platform accident in the Gulf of Mexico. The aforementioned governors want the lease sales, which in turn would generate thousands of jobs.

You have to ask yourself…is it better to develop domestic energy production under American control and standards or is it environmentally sound to transport or beg for oil from Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Congo, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia? Think of the cost, logistics and the carbon footprint resulting from using a transport ship.

The National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) assesses the effectiveness of advanced low emission and low fuel consumption technologies for a broad range of vehicles, engines and transmissions. Moreover, there are laboratories that determine that the oil harvested off the coast of Louisiana has the lowest emission numbers on the planet, as opposed to Venezuelan oil which is considered “dirty.”

The assault on domestic energy production has cost jobs and with a major spike in gas prices, which in turn raises the cost of everything across the board. This administration is loaded with people who want to kill the domestic energy industry. And the Biden administration just doesn’t care, despite their words. Biden continues to cause gas prices to hit record highs, minute by minute. And all the electric technology that is either pushed or proposed is clearly years away, with electric cars cost prohibitive for the average consumer. And there is a shortage of EV’s because of the lack of the availability of chips, which are made in Asia. And let’s not forget the astronomical cost of lithium. The Biden administration has done nothing to alleviate the costs of inflation and the price of energy, despite their empty words.

Lithium mining leaves a significant ecological footprint on soil, water, and air. Also, it leads to increased carbon emissions, the very thing the radical lunatics of the green movement is trying to eradicate. Typically, lithium mining requires consuming large amounts of water, which could lead to draughts during summer months and floods during rainy seasons.

The “experts” say that the average price of regular unleaded gas will likely surpass the $6.00 mark by the end of the summer, as the pump costs in the Democratic run cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have already exceeded that baseline in early May.

And remember the thoughts and words of the late George Carlin, which I will have to paraphrase: “The politicians don’t give a fuck. Do you know why? Because it’s a big club and you ain’t in it. They want you to think they care, so you can continue to vote for them. And they don’t want independent thinkers. They want you just smart enough to go to work, pay your taxes and feel indebted to them.” If you sum up Carlin’s words, you have the ducklings, or lemmings, of the Democratic Socialist Party, who follow the leader, no matter how poor the leader is, over the cliff. And if you don’t listen to their anti-American exceptionalism rantings, you are a racist!

George Carlin:

Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla) unleashed a Twitter attack on Biden, calling him “incompetent and incoherent.”Scott took to Twitter: “As Americans struggle to make ends meet thanks to his raging inflation, @JoeBiden celebrates their suffering. Biden is incompetent & incoherent, but he’s made one thing very clear: He couldn’t care less about the problems he’s caused for your family.”

The contrast between the Trump administration’s success and Joe Biden’s breathtaking failure could not be more stark,” President Donald John Trump said at a recent rally. “Compare how great America was just two years ago. Think of it compared with today.” He is absolutely correct with the country being at polar opposites in just under two years, as DementiaJoe destroys America at light speed.

Here’s the “most popular” POTUS, who garnered the “highest vote total” in American history, sitting in his fake “White House,” as he contemplates what flavor ice cream he will eat. And then it’s nap time until the next day!

And know that Biden is cognitively delinquent, as well as being a big time charlatan. As a part-time POTUS, he shuffles along as he embarrasses the country on both the domestic and foreign stage. He belongs in a bathrobe, residing in a senior citizen residence, not reading someone else’s words off the teleprompter. Makes you wonder who is really controlling the country! Well, you can’t fix stupid!

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  1. Everything is so absurd at this point and it’s a wonder that the masses are not protesting in front of the WH. Let’s hope everyone is saving their energy for the mid term elections and 2024. What a sham of a government! Everyone needs to get over their distaste for Trump’s mouth, and vote for his policies. I love the man!


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