The Continued Tale of The Gaffe Meister

The Gaffe Meister in his fake “White House” that mirrors his fake presidency!

In a recent issue of USA Today, former Obama official Brett Buren stated that Biden’s careless comments are damaging his presidency and diplomatic standing. He needs a reset. “…They should better prepare the president for “obvious questions” and also be prepared themselves in advance with responses and strategies for when the president sails the ship of state into uncharted waters.” Biden needs to reset his whole diplomatic team. Buren ripped Biden’s “reckless” gaffes, which encompasses the economy; his lousy foreign policy record (just ask Robert Gates); his debacle with the Afghanistan retreat at the unnecessary cost of 13 members of the American military, who’s blood is on DementiaJoe’s hands and $86 billion in equipment left behind, which the Taliban are now using; getting late into the game with the Ukraine; showing that he is a gutless leader in dealing with Iran, the little pork chop in NoKo with his missiles, the USSR and the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, with his drug addicted son as his “best” counselor, who took millions from American adversaries.

The Port of Los Angeles

And let’s not forget the administration’s push for an electric vehicle, which averages $45,000.00 per car! Those are the words of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is responsible for the supply chain problems as he took maternity months off as the country was running short on everything from food, clothes to Halloween costumes!

Which POTUS of the recent past had America’s adversaries in check? President Donald John Trump!

New polling numbers clearly indicate that DementiaJoe is losing support among younger voters, suburbanites, women, minorities (especially Hispanics), and union members. The low numbers are simple to formulate: each of the aforementioned groups think the country is headed in the wrong direction, and sinking fast with a cognitively delinquent “leader” and an administration that is failing every which way possible. A poll from Zogby Analytics lay out the problems facing Biden: one indicates that as far as the economy only 27% believe the country is headed in the right direction, down from 51% just a year ago. Sinking fast!

According to the latest ABC News/lysos poll, 83% of Americans say the economy is either an extremely, or very important, issue in determining how they will vote in the upcoming midterms, while 80% say inflation, which reached a four-decade high in March, is also an extremely or very important factor in how they will vote, while 74% say the same for gas prices, which sits at about $4.96 a gallon nationally and spiking daily. Additionally, Biden’s approval rating on several key issues remains underwater, including his handling of the economic recovery (37%), inflation (28%), and gas prices (27%). And this poll was conducted by ABC News, a bootlicking mainstream media organization. Interesting!

The question is what did these indoctrinated people fail see that no one saw? Six hours after he completed his Oath on January 20, 2021, he signed one of a plethora of Executive Orders that focused on shutting down the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, along with shutting down each component of the American energy industry. The result? The United States surrendered it energy independence for energy dependence on Iran, OPEC, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the USSR(despite Biden’s promises to end purchasing Russian oil). All this was at the behest of the radical green energy lunatics. While their green goal is admirable, the technology doesn’t exist to energize, nor maintain, the country.

Sometimes pictures are not worth a thousand words!

Interestingly, there was a recent presser as General Motors CEO Mary Barra counts as one who is actively pushing electric vehicles. As a car person, she certainly has to realize that electricity for battery-powered cars isn’t generated with a wave of a magic wand, although the green leftists believe their own lies. Barra’s speech could be judged as fraudulent and misleading. During the course of the presser, Barra displayed her stupidity. She thinks electric vehicles will make the world a cleaner place.

The main problem issue is that EVs need their batteries charged. As a battery runs low, where does everyone think the “fuel” comes from? One reporter asked that question to Barra and here is how she responded:

Reporter: “So what’s charging the batteries right now? What’s the source of electricity?”

Barra: “Well, here, it’s coming from the building.”

Reporter: “What’s your mix of power?”

Barra: “Oh, actually, Lansing feeds the building. Lansing feeds power to the building, So I don’t know. I bet they’re a bit of coal. They’re heavy on natural gas, aren’t they?” Isn’t natural gas and coal two of Biden’s energy targets?

Let’s move on:

The green movement for eliminating fossil fuels from personal cars cannot get anymore disingenuous than this: the mascot for complete freedom from petroleum products, which is the goal of climate change zealots and tyrants, is ignoring the obvious issue that removing the combustion engine doesn’t cease whatever fossil fuel reliance they wish to magically make go away. The end of the clip presents the coup de grace, where the persistent reporter, who is really asking a straightforward and mundane question, exposes what these idiot fraudsters for what they are:

Reporter: “Right now the car is charging off your grid.”

Director: “They’re charging off our grid, which is 95% coal.”

NINETY FIVE PERCENT COAL?? AND AT LAST LOOK, ISN’T COAL A FOSSIL FUEL ? And don’t forget the expense of mining for lithium for EV batteries!

As Biden and the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist, progressive liberal left continue to push for gun reform in response to tragic shootings around the country and continue to demonstrate against a leaked document from the Supreme Court outlining the defeat of Roe v. Wade, people are falling on harder times than we have seen in decades thanks to Biden and his incompetent administration singlehandedly destroying what was a healthy and vibrate economy that those idiots inherited from President Donald John Trump.

DementiaJoe faces a bloodbath come the November 2022 midterms. Biden has attempted to energize his shrinking base with the standard ardent left-wing issues, which include gun control and abortion, but that will not be enough to save Pelosi’s control of the House and Chuckles Schumer in the Senate. History dictates that the party out of control shows up in bigger numbers in midterms and usually wins back control of at least one house. And something very important to remember with the economy’s hideous condition, along with the lies that spew from Biden’s face, people are going to vote with their bank accounts and wallets, which are under attack at a pace so fast they cannot keep up with the increase in prices at the gas pump and grocery store, along with possible shortages due to supply chain issues.

Under the failing Biden administration, we have seen the worst:

-Gas prices have more than doubled…current national average is $4.98, with 19 states currently over $5.00.

-70% of our nation’s baby formula was out of stock for months!

-Homicides and crime rates have increased by more than 50%, all in Democratic run cities.

-Inflation is at a 40 year high, with an 8.5+% consumer rate and a 10.5% wholesale inflation rate.

And with our border wide open, which endangers American sovereignty, as the cartels rake in millions each day through human trafficking, weapons trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking as criminals, convicted sexual predators and terrorists illegally cross into the country or are gotaways! Therefore, it fell on Governor Greg Abbott and the state of Texas to complete building the border wall that was started during the POTUSDJT administration. Don’t forget that DementiaJoe invited the illegal aliens in!

With all of this happening, the Democrats are focusing on a third partisan witch hunt….the first two were the bogus Pelosi/Schumer impeachment proceedings and now the fraudulent January 6th Committee has begun its hearings, in another attempt to torpedo President Donald John Trump! The very partisan “investigation” was not only devoid of GOP members of the House, but served as an attempt to distract from Biden out “Jimmy Cartering” Jimmy Carter. And it was produced by a former national news producer.

Lastly, and here’s another example of DementiaJoe opening his mouth without realizing how damaging his words are: Biden did his first TV interview in 118 days and he chose to do it with Jimmy Kimmel, where he suggested sending Republicans to jail. On a side note, let’s not forget how big a hypocrite that fool Kimmel is, besides kissing Biden’s ass. Remember, a number of years ago Kimmel and Adam Carolla hosted a jiggle show titled “The Man Show.” Where are all the angry liberal, progressive feminists? I wonder just how scripted this “interview” was?

Jimmy Kimmel is a bloody hypocrite, seen here Adam Carolla(L)! Biden and Kimmel clearly demonstrated their pathetic reputations; Biden spewed out incoherently and Kimmel couldn’t have made his nose browner if he tried.

In a obviously planted White question, Kimmel stated: “Roe vs Wade. Boy, these things just keep coming at you, don’t they? I mean there’s no — you have not had an easy — what a terrible job you have. I’m glad you’re doing it, but boy oh boy does this seem like a bad gig.” It’s a “bad gig” because he’s an incompetent, cognitively delinquent who belongs in Delaware as we would celebrate his retirement!

So, as Biden suggested sending Republican “rule breakers” to “jail” during the interview with Kimmel, his wish was hardly subtle as he wants to jail political opponents who don’t follow the “rules.” Aren’t opposing politicians locked up in socialist and communist countries and banana republics? The question that is begging to be asked is who really belongs in jail if not Hunter Biden and the rest of the gang of Democrats who are frequently breaking the law (the real law) and engaging in unethical and illegal activity? And isn’t the acquittal of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman is a clear demonstration that there is a double standards legal system currently existing in the United States. And let’s not forget that Nancy Pelosi’s husband was arrested for DUI in California. And the charges were dropped!

DementiaJoe spewed his usual economic absurdities, citing the phantom “8.6 million new jobs” he’s allegedly added to the economy. In fact, pandemic-killed jobs were slowly recovering (indeed, far more slowly than under Trump) to leave us still a bit shy of where the country was pre-COVID-19.

The “Big Guy” and his counselor!

Hillary Clinton gets away, so far, with funding the salacious Steele dossier that the upper echelon of the DOJ presented to the FISA court to wiretap the Trump campaign with fraudulent Russia collusion accusations. Hunter Biden got away with receiving monies from Burisma, the government of The Ukraine, the USSR and the draconian Communist Chinese Republic, while his laptop is loaded with evidence against him and “The Big Guy,” along with pornography and photographs of his drug use and in possession of an illegal weapon. And there are both videos and photographs of DementiaJoe as DirtyOld Joe, to go along with testimonies of victims from decades of his sexual predatory actions. And nothing! There is a dual caste legal system in the United States. And the radical extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left exploit it!

A predator in action…

And DementiaJoe denies and lies about….well, everything!

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