More Blood on Biden’s Hands…

“A POTUS holds the power to do amazing things for American citizens. No one in the last 30 years used that power or understood that power better than President Donald John Trump.” Randy Quaid.

And he takes no responsibility as he tries to blame anyone or anything other than his failing policies.

From the nanosecond DementiaJoe campaigned for the presidency, he opened the door for millions of illegal aliens to break our immigration laws. The thin line of Custom & Border Protection officers have been repeatedly attacked not only by criminal illegals, but also by the Executive Branch, the orthodox radical extremists of the socialist progressive liberal left insurrectionists and the dregs of the bootlicking mainstream media. CBP officers have been underpaid, overworked and short on personnel at the border. Please recall that last year mounted CBP officers faced Democratic and mainstream media accusations of allegedly “whipping” illegal aliens. After a thorough investigation, they were cleared in April 2022. But caving from pressure, DementiaJoe is punishing them in a way that has yet to be determined, even after ten months. So innocent CBP officers, and their families, are paying for Biden’s and the Czar’s failing immigration policies.

The Biden administration finally acknowledged that BCP officers were falsely accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants last year, but still referred four officers for disciplinary action. In a 511 page report, the US CBP’s Office of Personal Responsibility also said it found zero evidence involving officers striking, intentionally or otherwise, any illegal aliens with reins, but are finding a way to hold them accountable for false accusations. How unfair can Joenochio and his progressive liberal administration get? Holding people responsible for something that didn’t happen? Absolutely pathetic!

This “action” against the “guilty-not guilty” CBP officers, who could be facing unpaid suspensions, but none of them should face termination for doing nothing, but maybe yelling at the illegal aliens. DementiaJoe had flipped from defund law enforcement to demeaning and marginalizing law enforcement on any level. Once again Biden is the puppet of the orthodox, radicals of the progressive liberal socialist left.

As reported by the New York Post,Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is demanding the Biden administration apologize for falsely accusing the four mounted Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian migrants at the southern border with Mexico last year. “There’s no doubt this was political,” Paxton told Fox News Friday, joining other Republicans in demanding a mea culpa(formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error.) from the president

And there is no wall with a record 440,000 illegal gotaways, with 50 arrested who are on the terror watch list, entering the country! Biden has faced harsh criticism from the law enforcement community for his lack of support as violent crime continues to rise and the deaths of police officers nationwide reached a record high in 2021 & continues in 2022. It’s fascinating that Biden is trying to lie his way to 2024.

Since Joenochio opened the door, close to two million illegal aliens have been released into the country during this failing president’s administration, according to the Center for Immigration Studies(CIS). The Department of Homeland Security, under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, another socialist puppet, revealed in disclosures that in May 2022, DHS released 95,318 migrants who had been encountered at the southern border. That brought the total of southern border migrant releases under the Biden administration to 1,049,532, according to CIS. Take the aforementioned number of migrant releases and tack on the number of “gotaways”…illegal aliens who avoided being apprehended or failed to surrender themselves to CBP, along with unaccompanied children, as the total of illegal aliens illegally entering the United States swells to just under three million that have illegally crossed the southern border since Biden sadly became POTUS and failed to address the number of unfortunate deaths, from drowning in the Rio or heat exhaustion, as illegals aliens attempt to cross the border. Blood on Biden’s hands.

A caravan as it attempts to cross the border illegally!

This has been Biden’s plan all along…to “fundamentally change” the country, which was Obama’s desire during his tenure. Allow illegal aliens to enter the country, transport them away from the border undercover of the night by bus or plane, give them every entitlement that is available under the sun and eventually grant them citizenship, which will change the voting balance. But these numbnuts have forgotten about the legal path of immigration taken by people that costs lots of money in legal fees for a visa, a green card and then citizenship.

Andrew R. Arthur Resident Fellow in Law and Policy for the Center for Immigration Studies.

According to CIS’ Resident Fellow Andrew Arthur, not a single illegal had a visa or any kind of other legal permission to enter the country, and that includes DementiaJoe promising to open the door for them during the 2020 Presidential campaign. The illegal aliens just cross the border and come right in, often with DHS or ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement] symbolically holding the “door.”

Add the migrant releases to the total the number of “got-aways,” migrants who eluded capture or did not turn themselves in to Border Patrol and unaccompanied minors, and that total comes to 2,946,253 migrants that crossed over the southern border and into the U.S. under Biden, CIS said. That’s a larger population than the 38th largest U.S. state, Nebraska, meaning that it’s more people than live in 13 states and the District of Columbia, and more people than live in America’s fifth largest city, Phoenix, Arizona.” The Washington Examiner’s Byron York said that the DHS number of 1,049,532 migrants was enormous enough.

The Rio Grande River, Texas

When Joenochio says the border is not a crisis, there must be people crossing the Rio Grande en masse, who are admitted into the United States and bussed to locales, and flown by contracted jet airliners around the country in shocking numbers, as they are responsible for drug trafficking(fentanyl and methamphetamine), human trafficking, weapons trafficking and sex trafficking. Yet Biden & Harris are oblivious!

As reported by The NY Post, Governor Greg Abbott(R-TX) has lashed out and blamed Biden for the deaths of 53 illegal aliens whose bodies were found abandoned in a tractor-trailer in sizzling temperatures in a suspected smuggling attempt, both with fake Department of Transportation identity tags and Texas plates. Hours after the bodies were discovered in the back of an 18-wheeler in San Antonio Monday evening, Governor Abbott fired off a tweet saying, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies,” he added. “They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.” Yet Biden is blaming the cartels and not taking responsibility for his open border, which emboldens the coyotes. More blood on Biden’s hands.

Representative Tony Gonzales

Representative Tony Gonzales (R-TX) tweeted: “Today in San Antonio it was 102 degrees. Imagine being abandoned inside an 18-wheeler left to die … will Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even mention their names?” Don’t forget that Mayorkas has skirted the issue and disavowed any responsibility for the southern border.

At last report at least 53 people were found dead in the trailer of the 18-wheeler. Officials have identified at least 37 of those who died but have not yet identified the others. Among the dead were 27 people from Mexico, 14 from Honduras, seven from Guatemala and two from El Salvador. The driver was arrested after pretending to be one of the migrants. When DementiaJoe was asked about what is being called the largest mass-death incident related to human trafficking in US history, he simply walked away and refused to answer the question, which is nothing unusual for a failing president. More blood on Biden’s hands.

As reported by The New York Post, the suspected driver of the big rig carrying the 53 illegal aliens who died in a botched smuggling operation in Texas will remain behind bars for now, according to court records

There have been 75 CBP stops of smugglers in Del Rio, Texas. Again, the Biden administration has done nothing to support the brave men and women who are protecting American borders and American sovereignty. The number of immigrant deaths have almost doubled under this failing, incompetent and ineffective president.

As reported by the New York Post, suspected human smugglers led authorities on a high-speed chase that ended with a fatal crash in the same Texas city where the infamous migrant death truck passed through an immigration checkpoint earlier in the week. A vehicle believed to be carrying illegal aliens was being chased by Border & Custom Patrol officers when it veered out of control and slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer in Encinal, TV station KHOU 11 reported. Four people were killed and three were injured in the collision near the Love’s truck stop on Route 44, Encinal police said. More blood on DementiaJoe’s hands…

Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas appeared to blame the victims in last week’s migrant-truck horror that left 53 people dead — saying the Biden administration has repeatedly warned those trying to cross the border how dangerous it is. More blood on DementiaJoe’s hands as the clowns in his administration attempt to deflect the blame.

People who worked with terrorist groups will now have an easier time entering the U.S. legally. The State and Homeland Security departments announced they had altered the Immigration and Nationality Act, a federal law, to grant entry into the U.S. and other “immigration benefits” to those who provided “limited” or “insignificant” material support to designated terrorist organizations.

This is more blood on Biden’s hands due to his ignoring and the reversal of President Donald John Trump’s successful immigration policies. In 18 months DementiaJoe has dismantled what was a secure border and now is facing fallout over this Biden made crisis! And let’s not forget his failure regarding Afghanistan!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke regarding a leaked DHS memo: “Under DHS’s plan, taxpayers would foot the bill to send aliens to cities such as Los Angeles, Albuquerque, along with Houston and Dallas. Taxpayer dollars should be used to secure our borders not further exacerbate the Biden border crisis.”

Additionally, the Biden administration has directed the Department of Homeland Security to release over 1,000 illegal aliens per day, in order to “relieve” the “overcrowding” at the detention centers along the southern border.

Lastly, the border crisis, inflation crisis with a recession down the road and the energy crisis are all because of DementiaJoe’s FAILED leadership. Over 72% of Americans think Biden is steering this country in the wrong direction and is an unmitigated disaster. DementiaJoe is failing America in every which way.

Dementia Joe’s policies have ossified and is not going to change his border, economic or energy policies, until the courts or the voting public force him to….and by the way, DementiaJoe has sunk below Jimmy Carter as the worst single term POTUS in American History.

Let’s not forget that the border crisis is a Biden-made disaster created by DementiaJoe and his border czarina! Well, as I have said, you can’t fix stupid!

Blood on Biden’s hands…

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