DementiaJoe’s Foibles

“This country has nothing to fear from the crooked man who fails. We put him in jail. It is the crooked man who succeeds who is a threat to this country.” President Theodore Roosevelt, 26th POTUS, Memphis, TN, October 25, 1905

Under single party governance, specifically the Democratic Party, the country has been damaged economically, has been damaged in foreign affairs, has been damaged domestically, as the world points it finger at DementiaJoe Biden and exploits his failing cognitive abilities, along with his palm getting greased as “The Big Guy!” And the next paragraph is an eye opener!

It’s amazing that Obama actually tried to warn the country and stop Biden from becoming president. JihadBarry made an effort to warn us about DementiaJoe’s dangerous incompetence. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” Obama told fellow Democrats during the 2020 presidential primary. The former president disparaged his former running mate again during a conversation with a Democratic candidate: “And you know who really doesn’t have it?” Obama said, “Joe Biden.”

Got to wonder what is going through Obama’s noodle? In other words, as POTUS, Biden has become more dangerous than ever to the Constitutional Republic.

During one White House controlled presser, DementiaJoe’s brain flatlined once again as he could not name his Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, or the United States Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Both his appointments.

As the situation in The Ukraine spiked, DementiaJoe sat in the Oval Office and read a prepared speech from a notepad on his lap about the crisis in Eastern Europe. Seated next to Biden was President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, who watched as DementiaJoe feigned sincerity.

If the bumbling Biden was in elementary school, reading a speech from prepared notes on his lap, as he was pretending to speak from the heart, might be acceptable. However, DementiaJoe’s not in elementary school, he’s in the Oval Office as the current POTUS…bloody scary isn’t it? The citizens of the United States are swirling in serious trouble that require a serious leader of the world’s most powerful nation. And DementiaJoe ain’t up to the job. Just think of Obama’s warning!

When Biden finished reading his “heartfelt” comments to President Niinisto, who responded eloquently without using a teleprompter or referring to a pre-written response. When Biden attempted to make a joke about how Barack Obama once said, “We’d be alright if we left everything to the Nordic countries,” the President of Finland shot back, “Well, we usually don’t start wars.” Biden, who had no idea how to respond, abruptly ended the presser. While traditionally seen as a neutral party between the USSR and the West, Finland, along with Norway, are still considering joining NATO in defiance of threats from Vladimir Putin.

Nothing else needs to be said!!

On the home front, as reported by Newsweek, over 75% of Americans said they’re unhappy with Biden’s handling of inflation, which is now widely considered the country’s top priority for voters, especially with the midterms rapidly approaching. Moreover, a record high of 70% of the general public said they disapprove of Biden’s response to inflation, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll. The figure, recorded after Russia’s invasion of The Ukraine, which has helped push up oil prices, approaching global record numbers, is higher than the 69% disapproval Biden received for his handling of inflation in previous ABC/Ipsos polls from the end of January and mid-December. While high gas prices aren’t the only results of Biden’s inflation, they are usually the most visible and most painful example of rising living costs for Americans, which has not been addressed by this failing president and administration. The current consumer price index inflation rate is 7.5%, which is still a record high, while the wholesale inflation rate is 10.5%.

And as The Congress passed the $1.9 trillion bill, the bill also included a 21% pay raise for Congressional staffers. Inflation is not preventing the Federal Government from wasting our money! And let’s not forget the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill DementiaJoe signed in St. Croix, while he was on vacation. The 4,000+ page bill was actually flown to him. Nice carbon print with another vacation!

It’s about time the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left, along with the people who were fooled into voting for DementiaJoe, realize that his time has long since passed. Don’t forget that when Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972, he served with Senators who were born when William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft were occupying the White House. If in fact he was given a cognitive test, Biden would fail it miserably. And speaking of Dr.Representative Ronny Jackson(R-TX)…

Representative Ronny Jackson, USN Retired

Admiral Jackson(Ret), representing the 13th Congressional District, is retired US Navy, who previously served as the White House physician to former presidents GW Bush, Obama and President Donald John Trump. As far back as last year, Jackson shared his concerns nonstop about Biden’s condition. “I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents. I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is carrying himself in the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right!” he wrote. Jackson is standing by his calls for Biden, 79, to take a cognitive test, saying that Biden is “not fit to be our president right now” amid the USSR-Ukraine crisis. But the citizens of the United States, especially those idiots that voted for him, would never hear or see the results. The Democrats want to keep Joenochio in office and continue to pull the strings as they try so hard to convince the world nothing’s wrong with DementiaJoe.

During an interview with Fox News, Jackson stated: “The whole country is seeing his mental cognitive issues on display for over a year now, and there’s really no question in most people’s minds that there’s something going on with him, that he’s not cognitively the same as he used to be and, in my mind, not fit to be our president right now.” Admiral Jackson, as the chief physician for the POTUS, was in the most trusted position in medicine. And he would know exactly what is going on with Biden.

Deep in thought? Not hardly!

When DementiaJoe has one of his “senior moments,” it’s on display for the whole world to see as they shake their heads or are laughing their heads off. When it happens during addresses to the American people or in front of world leaders, it’s more embarrassing. At one point Biden announced that the “First Lady’s husband” had contracted COVID. Yes, that would mean him. No, he didn’t realize what he said. Someone off to the side had to correct him. Biden has confused VP Kamala Harris for being the president on more than one “occasion.” He’s prone to doing that on a regular basis. This was the first time he confused Harris for his wife.

Harris is not even well thought of in California…her home state! The major ambivalence about Biden’s age and political standing is fueling skepticism just as the image of Harris, dips even further than his. The most recent analysis from the Los Angeles Times has her net approval rating at negative 11. The result is a bizarre disconnect within the Democratic Party, with two factions talking past each other.

And speaking of Harris, she was not prepared or nor has demonstrated any skill on the public stage or more importantly, dealing with the invasion by illegal aliens at the southern border. Neither Harris, nor any of her shrinking staff, has shown their faces at the border. Since Inauguration Day, Harris has had 17 staff members resign due to reports of a “toxic environment,” with a lot of yelling, screaming and bullying. Now considered one of the worst, if not the worst, VPOTUS’s in American History, who can justify that Harris has donated to bail out rioters, looters and violent criminals out of jail. And let’s not forget her constant cackling!

In a nutshell, the USSR’s invasion of The Ukraine didn’t happen overnight. Biden had plenty of opportunities to stand up to Putin, but he caved. Remember, for months DementiaJoe was shouting, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” From the Hillary playbook no doubt. You have to ask yourself why. He’s a delusional failure! The company line was that the administration did not want to “provoke” Putin.

It’s pathetic that the Biden Administration and the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media cared more about Ukraine’s border than they do our own southern border, with over 1.2 million illegal aliens having crossed the border illegally since January 1, 2022. The administration and the orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal progressive left do not want the southern border crisis to disappear or get solved. They don’t want to confront this crisis of sex trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking , drug smuggling, money laundering, deported criminals re-entering the country and lawlessness. Why? Because they want to destroy the Constitutional Republic from the inside out, similar to a cancer metastasizing.

Biden’s open door policy…

The Lone Star State took it upon themselves to build the border wall at the state’s expense. The Biden administration must be held accountable for the debacle at the southern border, as the USSR-Ukraine border is being fought over. What does that say to you?

Approaching the two year mark, and to fully reflect on the retreat, there was pathetic and gross weakness displayed by Biden during the debacle in Afghanistan, leaving thousands of civilians, both American and Afghan who helped us, along with the $86 trillion worth of equipment in the hands of the Taliban. DementiaJoe ignored the recommendations from the Pentagon and lied. And don’t forget Biden is pushing to reenter the JCPOA nuclear “treaty” with Iran. And which country acting as an intermediary…THE USSR! How bloody stupid is that?


Any of the policies that were instituted by President Donald John Trump went up in smoke because Biden turned radical left. And each time Biden speaks in a public forum, the entire world gets to see DementiaJoe as a cognitively delinquent, dysfunctional senior who should be home in Delaware, eating ice cream and not having to worry about brain-freeze.

Next up for the failing Biden administration…The Draconian Communist Chinese Republic and Taiwan!

By the way, “foibles” is defined as a weakness of character…Biden in a nutshell!!