Snarky Joe…

Snarky is defined as: rudely sarcastic or disrespectful; snide; irritable or short-tempered; irascible; snide and sarcastic, usually out of irritation, often without humor…sounds like somebody we all know!!

Is this man a very calm leader with foresight?

If you look at the definition of snarky, that is not a more appropriate and accurate description of Joe Biden. And let’s not forget about his cognitive delinquency and insuring that SnarkyJoe will go down as the worst POTUS in American History…easily. A recent poll showed 56% of Americans greatly disapprove of his performance, while 41% approve. I do wonder how that 41% determined that Biden is succeeding when he is directly responsible for torpedoing the domestic energy industry; directly responsible for supply chain shortages; failing to address the high crime rates in Democratic run cities along with no-cash bail policies and promoting the defunding of the police; directly responsible for the record high Consumer Price Index, along with record high wholesale prices; directly responsible for a weakening of the country’s standing on the world’s stage; and directly responsible for the debacle at the southern border(seeing record deaths), while there’s no need to write about Biden’s failure to secure American sovereignty, while investigating the impact of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ lies, and obvious botch job, including the methamphetamine and fentanyl trafficking at record numbers with 200+ American deaths per day. The failure at Southern Border was done on purpose with a target on domestic sovereignty. And there are a plethora of other issues that SnarkyJoe is responsible for, yet he lies and denies, while trying to pass the buck.

The future voting base for the Democratic Party.

Additionally, Biden has refused to acknowledge the food shortage crisis he helped create. Thanks to his inability to address the supply chain problems, as well as his actions that contributed to inflation with food prices that are skyrocketing on a daily occurrence. Deny, deny and lie, lie, lie…unreliable Snarky Joe!

And White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre maintains the “company” line that the flow of fentanyl into the United States has slowed thanks to the policies of the president. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan!

There are three very simple reasons why Karine Jean-Pierre is
the White House Press Secretary…and it ain’t for her intelligence and honesty!

Don’t forget about the 13 members of the military who died directly because of the retreat from Afghanistan, which was FUBAR’d right from the start! There’s also 160,000+ Afghan people who assisted our military who were left behind. There’s also the matter of the $85+ billion worth of military supplies that were left behind and are now being used by the Taliban, who have reversed course on their promise to keep women’s rights. So, where are all the women’s rights activists now? Nowhere to be found! And during a recent Congressional hearing regarding Afghanistan, a former Marine, who sacrificed his right arm and a leg, testified that the chain of command failed from the bottom up, without any clearance to eliminate the bomber who was identified and then responsible for the aforementioned 13 deaths…specifically the Department of State. Permission was requested numerous times, but the Marines were ordered to stand down because “leadership did not have the engagement authority.” The same thing happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi when troops were told to stand down by the State Department’s secretary…Hillary Clinton and the White House. And don’t forget Clinton’s infamous words during a Congressional hearing, “What does it matter?”

The Afghanistan debacle was an embarrassment to the United States of America orchestrated by a disastrous administration led by a career failed politician. And let’s not forget Biden checking the time for his next nap…

Dover AFB as the deceased members of the military are brought home…where does he have to be? Is it nap time?

If the country is canvassed, a different word for polling, inflation and the economy are critical issues and that the US could very well soon face a recession. There are multiple concerns about the aforementioned domestic energy policy, while suggesting the nation’s reliance on foreign oil is driving up gas prices, specifically purchasing low grade crude from communist Venezuela and continuing to purchase oil from the USSR in addition to funding The Ukraine’s war effort. OPEC had told Biden a flat no regarding an increase of oil production.

It’s proving to be very interesting with GOP control of The House and has begun the investigations into the dealings of the Biden family and their international “business partners,” that they promised during the 2022 midterms. It’s now accepted by the New York Times and The Washington Post that the New York Post’s Miranda Devine was spot on with her reporting of the evidence in the Hunter Biden laptop that pointed fingers at SnarkyJoe’s son and his business associates in the Ukraine, the USSR and the Communist Chinese Republic. And there’s not one word of apology from the 51 members of the intelligence community who swore up and down that the laptop contained Russian disinformation. The group, all former Obama staffers, included James Clapper, James Comey and John Brennan, who is an avowed Communist.

There are at least eleven cited pieces of evidence that indicate Biden’s involvement with many treasonous activities. ManchurianJoe is involved with Hunter Biden’s illegal overseas activities, including bribery and money laundering. The FBI is investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud, money laundering, violating Federal lobbying laws and possession of an illegal firearm. A plethora of emails and text messages directly implicate Joe Biden, his brother James and his brother in law for getting their beaks wet due to Hunter’s business dealings. As previously stated, SnarkyJoe is referred to as “The Big Guy,” in Hunter’s emails and text messages. This information has been covered up for years by the DOJ, FBI, the radical progressive left big tech and dregs of the mainstream media.

The laptop’s contents were finally confirmed in early 2022, long after it could have influenced the outcome of the 2020 election. As a case in point, a Hunter text message to his daughter clearly stated that Joe “The Big Guy,” gets 50% of the take. He added that unlike “PopJoe,” I won’t ask you for half your salary. Moreover, Hunter traveled numerous times in Air Force Two when his father was Obama’s VPOTUS and introduced “Pop” to his Chinese business associates….especially in the energy industry. While trying to set up a Chinese private equity fund, Hunter Biden traveled to China with his father in 2013, once again aboard Air Force Two. During the trip, Hunter introduced Joe to another Chinese business partner. Ten days later, China issued Hunter’s firm a business license. The Biden firm was then awarded a $1 billion contract. And if the standard 10% was passed on to SnarkyJoe, that’s a tidy $100 million in the Biden coffer.

Furthermore, Hunter’s company received a $1 billion investment from the state owned Bank of China. BHR Partners is a private investment fund founded in 2013 by Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Bank of China Limited along with the aforementioned partnership with Hunter Biden, and whose focus is on mergers and acquisitions, and investment in, and reforms, of state-owned enterprises. In 2019 Hunter introduced his father to CEO Jonathan Li. Then there were meetings and introductions with Mexican business leaders in 2014 in the VPOTUS’ office. And in 2014 the Bidens met with the leaders of Burisma, the Ukrainian state oil company. Somehow Hunter and the sons of Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry were appointed to Burisma’s managing board, with rather hefty salaries, without any experience in the energy industry.

The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It’s really an honor and pleasure,” the email read. An earlier email from May 2014 also shows Pozharskyi, reportedly Burisma’s No. 3 exec, asking Hunter for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf. And whom would Hunter try to influence?

Peter Doocey Fox News: “The President has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. Is that still the case?” Jen Psaki, former WH Press Secretary : “Yes.”

In 2017, Hunter described Joe Biden as one of his “new office mates,” though the White House denies it. But Hunter had a key made for his new office mate. WAPO reported:On Sept. 21, 2017, Hunter Biden wrote to a building manager requesting new office signage to reflect a new family enterprise and a new business relationship: “The Biden Foundation and Hudson West (CEFC-US),” he wrote in emails to the property manager.

In 2017, Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, twice met with Joe Biden to discuss a business deal with China. “I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” he said. Bobulinski said in October 2020 that it was a “blatant lie” when Joe Biden said he had no knowledge of Hunter’s Chinese business dealings and discusses a meeting with Joe Biden he once had to discuss it. Gee, Joe Biden denying and lying? Hard to believe! And the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media have tried to shut down Bobulinski.

And it goes on and on and on…SnarkyJoe’s “pleasant” side comes out when he is questioned about Hunter’s business practices and denies any involvement or wrongdoing…and not surprisingly, DementiaJoe gets real snarky! Don’t forget that if a reporter asks a question that he doesn’t appreciate, or know the answer, he is prone to employing colorful metaphors. Lawyers for the federal government admitted in court to having at least 400 pages of “potentially responsive” documents but are now saying they can “neither confirm nor deny” whether the records exist and will do anything to keep those documents secret.

In an interesting twist of events, the corporate mainstream media has turned on their guy, SnarkyJoe, at least temporarily! During his granddaughter’s wedding, the media was “banned” from White House event. Yet a few days later, the bride & “Dr.” Jill…Dr? What a joke!…were on the cover of Vogue Magazine. And during a presser, WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a plethora of criticism over this. Where were they during each of Biden’s screwups? Like the inflation from the Inflation Reduction Act? Or the Taliban taking over Afghanistan? Or the lies regarding the southern border? And the aforementioned actions of the “smartest” person DementiaJoe knows…Hunter Biden!!

And speaking of “Dr. Jill,” still funny, during a recent interview on the Clown News Network, she made it clear that it was “ridiculous’’ to consider GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley’s call to mandate mental competency tests for politicians over 75, suggesting President Biden would never take one. “Dr. Jill,” still funny, said she and her husband — who at age 80 is the oldest commander in chief in US history and would be 82 at his inauguration if reelected — would “never even discuss something like that. But it was okay for former President Donald John Trump not only receive a cognitive test, but share it with the corporate dregs of the cosmopolitan biased mainstream media. One last thing, it was during a presser that now Representative Ronny Jackson(R-TX), who was the former White House physician to Obama and POTUSDJT and retired US Navy Admiral, was challenged by former CNN shill April Ryan who asked if President Donald John Trump was a drug addict. Bloody stupid!

Doesn’t this just make you shake your head?

During a recent speech, DementiaJoe is now proposing a new Federal budget with tax increases on people making over $400,000…a tax on the money received when you sell your house…a tax on unrealized stock profits…hiring 87,000 IRS armed agents…hiring over 2,000 EPA agents and ONLY 350 CBP officers, with not a single penny going towards sealing the border and stopping the flow of fentanyl and methamphetamine into our country, which is killing over 200 people per day! On the flip side Biden’s budget also includes the hiring and training of additional police officers. But it’s a safe bet that he is clueless to the socialist driven budget put before him.

Under Biden’s budget plan for fiscal 2024, the gross national debt would surge to nearly $51 trillion as of the year 2033 — up from its current level of roughly $31.5 trillion. The federal debt as a share of US gross domestic product (GDP) would swell to a record 110% by 2033, up from 98% this year…shattering a dubious record that has stood since the end of World War II. It’s estimated that by 2033 the deficit will be larger than the Pentagon’s projected budget! This is the furthest DementiaJoe has gone into the socialist agenda and doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he reads off his best friend…the teleprompter.

When Joenochio moved into the White House, he had numerous hissy-fits regarding any indicators that President Donald John Trump was the previous tenant. He was so angry and determined to erase any reminders of POTUSDJT that DementiaJoe also demanded the banishment of the Resolute Desk from the Oval Office, merely because Trump had used it. The famous desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 and was built from the oak timbers of the British Arctic exploration ship HMS Resolute. It was brought back to the Oval Office by John F. Kennedy, and was a West Wing staple for 40 years, but Biden wanted it removed in favor of one belonging to his New Deal hero, the racist and progressive President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Biden wanted FDR’s desk moved to Washington, but the desk “couldn’t be moved from the Roosevelt estate at Hyde Park, NY, so the Resolute Desk remained in place. And for SnarkyJoe, it was one more omnipresent reminder of preceding presidents( Rutherford B. Hayes, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush & Donald John Trump), some were good and some were bad, but #46 will be rated by history as the worst of the worst. Remember, you can’t fix stupid…or snarky!