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A banana republic is defined as: A banana republic is a country with an economy of state capitalism, whereby the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive profit of the ruling class. Additionally, high government officials pressure other officials to carry out vendettas against political enemies and to defend their friends. Close your eyes and see what is going on. They are trying to make an example of Donald John Trump for the same things done by other politicians, clear and simple! Please use the link to read my blog:

From the nanosecond then candidate Donald John Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower, the indoctrinated, orthodox, radical extremists of the socialist liberal, progressive left painted a target on his back. During the course of his four years in The White House, the economy was chugging along, inflation was 1.3%, gasoline and home heating oil were very cost effective along with domestic energy independence, record low unemployment numbers and record high employment levels for the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities. The employment rate for women was the highest on record. And peace through strength as President Trump held our NATO “allies” accountable for their share of the treaty’s costs.

Yet, the bootlicking dregs of the corporate mainstream media, as the attack dog for the Democratic Party and the Deep State, went after POTUSDJT like a rabid pack of mad dogs. He was accused of being a drug addict (see April Ryan…CNN),committing treason, committing quid pro quo with the Ukraine (see DementiaJoe on video with the Ukraine) and courtesy of Hillary Clinton’s funding, Trump was accused of being a Russian operative. Well, we know how that turned out…and Hillary got away with having illegal servers on her Chappaqua property.

There are a plethora of other bogus accusations against the former president. I am not saying that Trump was an angel, but as POTUS we were strong domestically with a thriving economy, strong on the world stage and strong militarily. Now with DementiaJoe, each strength is now a glaring weakness.

The Biden DOJ and FBI never bothered to charge him! Why? They got nothing! New York State Attorney General Letitia James ran on the platform of going after Trump. Nothing here either. So, ask yourself why is the testimony of a washed up hooker and a convicted felon being admitted to the criminal justice system through a Soros supported DA, Alvin Bragg. On the local level? Because they think a New York grand jury will indict him. But it’s as weak as the Federal and State levels. Why are they doing this? Because it’s a bloody witch-hunt to keep Trump from 2024! The progressive left is terrified of Trump 2.0!

NYS Governor Kathy Hochul does not have the nerve to fire Bragg as Manhattan is turning into San Francisco!
We know who!!

Curiously, when Bubba Clinton was going through his impeachment for lying to the Congress during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and the Clintons cut an $850,000 check to Paula Jones on January 13, 1999. As part of Jones’ suit against Clinton, her lawyers aimed to present a pattern of behavior carried out by Clinton, suggesting he had become sexually involved with numerous state and government employees. They subpoenaed several women as well as Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Despite lying to The Congress, Clinton was acquitted and was not impeached. Research the list…it’s extensive. It’s a miracle that Bubba got any work done in the first place!


While I cannot condone Trump’s behavior, he did it as a private citizen. Clinton, and Biden, both conducted their predatory behavior while on government time…with can be condemned!

As this story developed, it became quite apparent that the Federal government became weaponized during the Obama administration. Don’t forget that he sent the IRS after conservative and religious groups. He went after the Associated Press and former Fox News reporter James Rosen. And under DementiaJoe, it has picked up where the Obama administration left off.

Along time ago, I heard a very appropriate quote from former Associate Justice Robert Jackson. The quote hits the Trump nail on the head…

Justice Robert Jackson

Robert Houghwout Jackson (February 13, 1892 – October 9, 1954) was an American lawyer, jurist, and politician who served as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1941 until his death in 1954. He had previously served as United States Solicitor General and United States Attorney General, and is the only person to have held all three of those offices. Jackson was also notable for his work as Chief United States Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals following World War II.

Interestingly, Justice Jackson had the perfect quote regarding the political witch-hunt against former President Donald John Trump from the orthodox, radical, progressive liberal, Soros backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. So, Bragg focuses on POTUSDJT instead of the high crime rates in the city because of his weak policies from the district attorney’s office and taking direction from the organization that funded his campaign. Bragg fails to support the finest law enforcement agency on the planet…the NYPD. The same applies to NYAG James, who’s sole platform was to get Trump.

Justice Jackson stated the following:

“With the law books filled with a great assortment of crimes, a prosecutor stands a fair chance of finding at least a technical violation of some act on the part of almost anyone. In such a case, it is not a question of discovering the commission of a crime and then looking for the man who has committed it, it is a question of picking the man and then searching the law books, or putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him.”

Lastly, possible presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis(R-FL) stated the following: “So I have seen rumors swirl. I have not seen any facts yet. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know this, the Manhattan District Attorney is a Soros-funded prosecutor, so he like other Soros-funded prosecutors weaponize their office to impose a political agenda at the expense of the rule of law and public safety. He has downgraded over 50% of the felonies to misdemeanors. He says he doesn’t even want to have jail time for the vast majority of crime. So what we’ve seen in Manhattan is the crime rate go up and citizens become less safe.” The crime rates spiked in each of the Democratic run cities and states!

Governor Ronald DeSantis (R-FL)

DeSantis added: “I don’t know what goes into paying hush-money to a porn star to silence some type of alleged affair. I can’t speak to that, but what I can speak to is that if you have a prosecutor who is ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction and he chooses to go back many, many years ago to use what something about porn star hush-money payments, that’s an example of using a political agenda and weaponizing the office.”

So, the indoctrinated, orthodox radicals of the progressive, socialist, liberal left continue in their attempt to push the Constitutional Republic’s boundaries towards socialism/communism and a banana republic!

As former President Donald John Trump faced a second bogus impeachment attempt, he tweeted out an image containing a seemingly profound message for his supporters, which said: “In reality they’re not after me. They are after you. I’m just in the way.” He couldn’t have been more correct!

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