DementiaJoe’s Smorgasbord

“It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution

Who’s really in charge of the country?

Biden and the indoctrinated, orthodox, extremists of the radical socialist liberal progressive left are still trying to revive Obama’s failed American Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.” In continued attempts to socialize the American health care system, Obama made an appearance, with the likelihood of many more future appearances at the White House, to clearly demonstrate who’s running the country. It’s obvious Obama was brought in as DementiaJoe’s approval ratings continue to remain under water, currently at 36%⬇️, by focusing on 2024. And let’s not forget about Harris’ poll numbers are worse.

From the nanosecond Obama was introduced, and wildly welcomed by the Democratic elites and fawned over by the bootlicking dregs of the mainstream media, President(?)Biden was shunned as the event spun out of control. Obama began his remarks by addressing Biden as, “Vice President Biden,” and soon after, Biden introduced himself and said, “I’m Joe Biden and I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President”. Obama clearly had insulted Biden and the Office of the President with his words.

When Obama completed his remarks and the “look at me” ceremony ended, number 44 was strutting about like “The Pied Piper,” talking his stuff, with a huge Cheshire Cat smile and shaking hands with his captive audience. However, DementiaJoe was ignored and was left to shuffle about alone with the usual blank look on his face. Biden eventually tried to get Obama’s attention by putting his hand on Obama’s shoulder, but was completely shunned while Obama and Harris continued to greet others. It actually made people feel sad for DementiaJoe. And interestingly, Dr(?) Jill was not in attendance, while Biden’s handlers were nowhere to be found. Elder Abuse? You betcha!

Gee…you think?

For years there was always talk about the “Deep State” and who was really controlling the government. Well, it was quite possible that the question was finally answered right there on the national stage. The big reveal dictates that after watching everyone drool over Obama and shun Biden, DementiaJoe is not calling the shots and is nothing more than a puppet!

And let’s not forget that Obama had stated that he needed a president so he could be president. So, in a nutshell as of Inauguration Day 2021, we were faced with Obama 3.0. Additionally, the Democratic elite and the corporate dolts of the corporate mainstream media see the handwriting on the wall with the collapsing and failing Biden administration and are turning on him. They don’t want this cognitively delinquent failing president to even contemplate running in 2024…while possibly throwing about the idea of employing the 25th Amendment. Harris could be easily controlled and be an utter disaster.

On a side note, the advancements in privatized medicine versus advancements in socialized medicine was best exemplified by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. As an example, he used the advancements and costs in lasik surgery. In 1989, after years of trial and error with microkeratomes in laboratories around the world, ophthalmologist Gholam A. Peyman earned the first U.S. patent for his “flap” method of keratomileusis. Creating a corneal flap, or opening, allowed for localized ablation of corneal tissue. This was essentially the first patent for LASIK. One year after the first patent, Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris performed the first LASIK procedure using a developed version of Jose Barraquer’s microkeratome. The original cost of lasik surgery was $2,500.00 per eye. Thanks to privatized American medicine, lasik is now approximately $250-$375 per eye, which makes it far more affordable to the general public. And the recovery time is days instead of weeks.

Moving on…

Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

With the appointment of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the SCOTUS, Biden stated that, “The first really smart decision I made in this administration. This is not only a sunny day. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. This is going to let so much shine, sun shine on so many young women. So many young black women, so many minorities.” While Justice Jackson was deemed qualified by the Democrats to replace retiring Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, 83, who was confirmed to the bench in 1994, her judicial record regarding sexual predators leaves a lot to be desired. She is lenient and prone to reducing sentences of pedophiles and child pornographers by an average of 60%. Think how the victims must feel…apparently Justice Jackson does not.

Former Florida Attorney Pam Bondi, Chair for the Constitutional Litigation Partnership, and Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice at America First Policy Institute stated, “At a time when our Nation’s founding principles are constantly being challenged, Judge Jackson has failed to protect the safety of our Nation’s children and has failed to uphold American’s most basic Constitutional rights. If confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, Judge Jackson will bring her long history of political activism and weak record of interpreting American’s First Amendment rights.” Well, Judge Jackson was ratified for the lifetime appointment to the SCOTUS.

Judge Jackson has questioned the government’s practice of registering child sex offenders, advocated eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for child porn, and deviated from federal sentencing guidelines in “every single child porn case” researched by Senator Josh Hawley(R-MO.) Interesting!

Another interesting bit of information was investigated by Fox News who reported that Justice Brown Jackson was part of a Harvard University student group that hosted a speaker with a history of anti-Semitic remarks. Jackson was a member of the Black Students Association (BSA) her senior year at Harvard, according to her yearbook, when the Harvard BSA invited Leonard Jeffries, the controversial former City University of New York professor of Black studies and Black studies department head, to speak.Jeffries had been heavily criticized for his past anti-Semitic remarks, and the 1992 Harvard speaking engagement drew robust campus protests. The Harvard University chapters of Jewish advocacy group Hillel, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and College Democrats protested the BSA’s speaking event featuring Jeffries, according to a Feb. 4, 1992, article in the Harvard Crimson.

Furthermore, from his first day DementiaJoe stated that he would nominate a black female judge for the upcoming open seat. By taking that course of action, Biden further confirmed his lifelong racist behavior. He alienated a plethora of many qualified minorities and half the planet with his call for a woman. Again, as for his claim that nominating Jackson was his smartest decision, the complaint was with Biden’s limitations for the position, along with a really long list of piss-poor decisions.

As the appointment ceremony was proceeding, DementiaJoe once again clearly demonstrated his failing cognitive skills on the national stage. The president added it is “a moment of real change in American history.”Biden then said, “America is a nation that can be defined in a single word,” then proceeded to tell a story about being in the Himalayas with xi Jinping. “ I was in the the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him. That’s when we traveled 17,000 miles when I was vice president. I don’t know that for a fact.” Huh!! Just a bit off track, as usual, as he deviated from his prepared words.

Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Turning back the clock almost 20 years to when Biden was a senator, he warned President George W. Bush that if he nominated the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, he would filibuster and kill her nomination. In 2003, Bush nominated Judge Janice Rogers Brown to serve on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The D.C. Circuit is considered the country’s second-most important court, and has produced more Supreme Court Associate Justices than any other federal court. Brown was immediately lauded as a possible SCOTUS nominee. She was highly qualified, having served for seven years as an associate justice of the California Supreme Court, the first Black woman to do so. Judge Brown was eminently qualified, yet was an outspoken Conservative.

So when Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement, Brown was on Bush’s shortlist to replace her. Judge Brown would have been the first Black woman ever nominated to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. However, then Senator Biden appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to alert that if Bush nominated Brown, she would face a filibuster. “I can assure you that would be a very, very, very difficult fight and she probably would be filibustered,” Biden said.

Asked by moderator John Roberts “Wasn’t she just confirmed?,” Biden replied that the Supreme Court is a “totally different ballgame” because “a circuit court judge is bound by stare decisis (a doctrine or policy of following rules or principles laid down in previous judicial decisions unless they contravene the ordinary principles of justice.) They don’t get to make new law.” What Biden threatened to do was unprecedented. There had never been a successful filibuster of a nominee for associate justice in the history of the Constitutional Republic. Biden wanted to make sure that a Black woman would be the first in history to have her nomination killed by filibuster. Bush eventually nominated Samuel A. Alito Jr. And now Biden, ICK!!, calls the filibuster a “relic of the Jim Crow era.” Yet in 2003, he had threatened to use that relic as a tool to block a Black woman who actually lived under Jim Crow off the highest court in the land. Ironically, DementiaJoe wants to get rid of the filibuster, and claim credit for putting the first Black woman on the court. Biden? Lifelong racist!

Meanwhile, Biden, who is also pushing a climate agenda, spent $15 million flying on private jets in 2021 and continues to use Air Force One to travel to Delaware on weekends. To that end, Aviation Director of Transport and Environment Andrew Murphy pointed out that flying on a private jet is “probably one of the worst things you can do for the environment” and yet super polluters are flying around the world like there’s no climate crisis as they chastise everyone else for using fossil fuels.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) has been speaking out detailing how Biden’s policies are hurting Americans’ wallets. Scalise pointed out Biden has been at war with American energy companies six hours after taking office and severely crippled America’s ability to produce oil and gas. He had pointed to reports claiming Biden is begging Canada for oil despite having killed the Keystone Pipeline, which would have transported oil from that country. Biden took the United States from energy independence to energy dependent.

The Canada move came after Biden sought oil imports from authoritarian governments, including from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela. Additionally, the Scalise said Biden’s sketchy energy policies don’t stop there. “It wasn’t just Keystone, Biden hasn’t approved a single new pipeline in America since he’s been president,” stated Scalise. “And it’s not that he’s against all pipelines as my colleagues have pointed out. He approved Russia’s pipeline, the Nord Stream 2 which builds on top of the Nord Stream 1, which was already supplying oil to parts of Europe. We could have been there to provide all the oil and gas that Europe needs. And instead, Joe Biden turned off the spickets here sent leverage to Putin.” And that leverage is funding Putin’s war against The Ukraine.

And there was no time like the present to address the inflation caused by Biden and his administration. The record Consumer Price Index was 8.5%, the highest in 40+ years and now 5.5%. The wholesale price index was as high as 10.5%! Let’s not forget that when President Donald John Trump left office, the inflation rate was 1.9%! To that end, the price of food, gasoline and cars for example, continue to spike.

A smorgasbord happily fills up a plate. This smorgasbord leaves one nauseous.

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